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DTV marketplace, Part 2

In Part 2 of our DTV marketplace, NAB2002 unveils an array of new products from nonlinear editors to TBCs and frame syncs. Also featured in this section are: production switchers, video effects, keyers, satellite equipment, studio, facility support, systems integration, test and measurement, TV transmitters, antennas, RF products, video routing and wire, cable and connectors.
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NAB is about the technology, plain and simple. If you aren't looking at it on the show floor, you're learning about it in any of a hundred sessions.

An advanced look at what is available is a step toward finding the perfect solution for your facility. To give you that advanced look, Broadcast Engineering once again presents DTV Marketplace, your resource for the facts about NAB's new technology.

It's about the technology, plain and simple.



Provide SD to HD migration solutions with HD 1080-24p universal mastering; offers real-time native MPEG IMX 50Mb/s and HDCAM I/O for storage capacity; systems share the same software and hardware platform/interface; features include support for SD PAL, NTSC and HD1080-50i/60i/24 signals, as well as external control panels, which provide a linear feel to transport, audio, effects and media parameter manipulation.
800-686-SONY; 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752; www.sony.com/professional
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production switchers, video effects, keyers


Chyron Duet HD:

Also available as a standard definition system, this platform supports 56 simultaneous, full bandwidth video streams along with an object-oriented 2D/3D graphics engine that is scalable to support all DTV/HDTV resolutions and scan rates; also features the Chyron Abstraction Layer (CAL), a network interface API that provides hardware independence and a high-level programming environment for development of third party applications to interact with Chyron hardware platforms.
631-845-2000; fax 631-845-3867; www.chyron.com
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Intelligent Paradigm Primatte Explorer RT/HD:

HD native product allows production and post production matting to be accomplished in real-time; software is based on IMAGICA's research and development in blue screen matting processes and color processing; core is the Video Explorer 2 video processing system.
408-725-3810; fax: 408-725-3819; www.intelligentparadigm.com.
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Digital Vision AGR-IV:

Grain and noise reduction system for film, videotape restoration and MPEG pre-processing; features advanced motion processing and adaptive 3D filters; system is based on the DVNR real-time processing engine; available in SD and HD formats.
888-914-5200; 310-914-5200; fax: 310-914-0011; www.digitalvision.se
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AJA Video Systems HD-NTV

Features two channels of HD-SDI I/O; can key HD-Stills from memory over live video, capture to print HD images, capture and output HD stills; offers mixer/keyer functions, split screen and genlock; offers Photoshop and PowerCG plug-ins
530-913-7767; 800-251-4224; www.aja.com
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Discreet Logic 3dsmax 4:

New effects system features stable and predictable history independent IK solver, revolutionary skinning tools and render elements, which offer integration with combustion; advanced dynamics solver plug-in available
800-869-3504; 514-272-0525; fax: 800-305-6442; www.discreet.com
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Oxtel Imagestore:

New configuration of the Imagestore master control and channel branding system; features Easytext automated CG and the Squeezy DVE; multiple units can be used together for enhanced output.
877-44OXTEL; fax: 973-683-1157; www.oxtel.com
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Accom Abekas Dveous/HD:

New high-definition system features identical control interface to the industry standard Dveous; will be available as an upgrade to existing Dveous Systems; will have an identical feature set to the Dveous; can be configured as a single twin or dual twin channel system.
650-328-3818; fax: 650-327-2511; www.accom.com
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e-StudioLive ECHOlab5000 SuperSwitcher series:

Series includes three new models and two new options, DV and Webcasting; feature an integrated NT workstation and control panel; Webcasting option streams switcher's output to the Internet; switchers feature illuminated source names, reassignable inputs, 2.5M/Es with full re-entry and six keyers.
978-250-3334; fax: 978-250-3335; www.e-studiolive.com
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Pinnacle Systems DekoCast:

Features integrated CG, DVEs, 24-track audio mixer and two-channel video and audio clip server; two live video inputs, any video clip and individual graphic objects can be independently and simultaneously controlled by the DVE; audio controls include 24-input patch control and attenuation functions.
650-526-1600; fax: 650-526-1601; www.pinnaclesys.com
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Inscriber Technology CG-FX

Post-production tool for live-to-air broadcast incorporates a broadcast-quality CG, real-time motion effects, alpha-aware logo creation, an event sequencer and a timesaving template utility; real-time 3D effects including twists, curls and shatters.
800-363-3400; 519-570-9111; fax: 519-570-9140; www.inscriber.com
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Advanced Rendering Technology RenderPipe for Maya interface:

Integrates RenderDrive rendering appliances into Alias/Wavefront's modeling and animation application; available for WindowsNT; Linux and Irix platforms.
650-254-7610; fax 650-254-7615; www.art-render.com
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Silicon Graphics Octane2 Visual Workstation:

New option for the Octane2 supports HD and SD video I/O; features uncompressed HD eight-bit RGB 4:4:4 option will be bundled with Octane2, Vpro V12 graphics and Video Breakout Box.
650-960-1980; 800-800-7441 fax: 650-933-0819; www.sgi.com/go/broadband
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AVS StillBank:

PC-based system will be shipped as a complete solution, including PC, output card and software; produces full broadcast-quality (32-bit) pictures in bitmap format; compositing is performed in real time and image importation is possible; offers an In and Out GPI trigger to be used with ManuScript 2000 Series CGs.
801-975-9799; fax: 801-975-0970; www.avsgmedia.com
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satellite equipment


Scientific-Atlanta Compact multichannel encoding system:

Designed specifically for cable headends and contribution satellite transmission applications; allows satellite and cable operators to deliver signals using the PowerVu Plus Originator Encoding system architecture.
770-903-5000; fax: 770-903-4617; www.sciatl.com
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Scientific-Atlanta PowerVu BitMizer:

Offers high-density grooming and MQAM modulator; provides end-to-end solution for cable headends.
770-903-5000; fax: 770-903-4617; www.sciatl.com
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Doremi Labs V1-MP2:

Uses MPEG-2 compression; features simultaneous record and playback for time delay and instant replay of live video feeds; can be used as a drop-in replacement for video tape recorders and a playback device for video presentations; available with a full-function front panel, digital and analog video inputs and outputs and up to eight digital or analog audio channels.
818-562-1101; fax: 818-562-1109; www.doremilabs.com
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DSP Media Vmotion:

Integral component in the Postation II; also available as a stand-alone unit controlled from a high-resolution screen; can interface with mixing consoles or sequencer/DAWs via nine-pin machine control and LTC; powerful ADR routines allow the system to import cue lists with timecode positions, auto cue light and audio beep cue.
818-487-5656; fax: 818-487-5660; www.dspmedia.com
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Pinnacle Systems MediaStream NS:

System brings a shared storage architecture to the MediaStream Server family; offers backward compatibility with existing MediaStream 700 and 1600 servers.
650-526-1600; fax: 650-526-1601; www.pinnaclesys.com
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Storage Concepts FibreBlock Extreme:

Full-featured RAID 3 Fibre Channel storage solution developed in conjunction with Trimm Technologies; designed to provide large volume Internet and video content users with a high-capacity, high-speed storage solution; combines FibreBlock controllers with Trimm's enclosure to offer optimized throughput and fault-tolerant performance as part of the F.A.S.T Technologies' StrongBox series.
949-852-8511; 800-525-9217; fax: 949-852-8930; www.storageconcepts.com
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Sony HDW-2000 Series:

Supports HDCAM format and 60i/50i frame rate; provides four-channel audio; features auto format detection and built-in up- and downconversion; other features include pre-read editing, which allows direct insertion of titles, and audio cross-fade.
800-686-SONY; 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752; www.sony.com/professional
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Sony MAV-777:

Based on HDCAM compression technology; combines VTR-like control panel function with disk recorder functions to allow for linear and nonlinear editing capability; features flexible multiple-HD I/Os, an internal downconverter and smooth scene search capability; records incoming feeds and allows editing simultaneously, as well as providing the ability to air content while editing and playback files while still recording.
800-686-SONY; 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752; www.sony.com/professional
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Rohde & Schwarz DVRG:

Universal recorder/playback platform for MPEG-2 and SDI; seamless looping of program segment materials through the use of RAM-based playback with continuously calculated PCR values; streams can be recorded from or stored to CD-R drive, as well as read from a DVD disk.
301-459-8800; fax: 301-459-2810; www.rohde-schwarz.com
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Panasonic AJ-HD130DC:

Half-rack VTR operates on 120V AC or 12V DC power; offers 46 minutes of 1080×1920 interlace scan or 1280×720 progressive scan HD recording at 100Mb/s; offers eight 16-bit 48kHz digital audio channels for multichannel applications and a 1.5GB/s SMPTE 292M HD serial digital interface.
800-528-8601; fax: 323-436-3660; www.panasonic.com/broadcast
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EVS Live Slow Motion System:

Offers configurations for production applications and for integration in automated contribution and distribution systems; operator control is offered through intuitive Windows-based programs or by means of dedicated consoles if instant access is required; various remote control protocols are established enabling third-party automation; features Super Split, a tool for Barker channels offering full-color graphics and dynamic display scheduling.
+32 41 22.00.70; fax: +32 42 22 22 98; www.evs.tv
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Leitch VR Technology family:

Display four to 40 plus channels of video with all the software application values that are included in each server; at will access means a tapeless, digital solution without transferring files, copying video or managing multiple storage sites.
800-231-9673; fax: 757-548-4088; www.leitch.com
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Omneon Extended File System:

Infrastructure supports a wide range of third-part control and transmission, archive, media management and collaborative production applications; scalable, data-type independent infrastructure enables simultaneous content repurposing for any type of distribution.
408-585-5000; fax: 408-585-5090; www.omneon.com
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Grass Valley Group Media Area Network:

Real time-shared storage offering simultaneously provides users access to tools that reside on standard Windows NT-based networks, such as editors and gateways, and access to broadcast-quality video record and playout from Profile devices.
800-824-5127; fax: 530-487-3755; www.grassvalleygroup.com
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Silicon Graphics SGI Media Server:

New MPEG-2 model of SGI's media server serves as an integrated solution for serving video, audio and data; system manages video as data and distributes it over data networks; high throughput allows unit to ingest multiple channels simultaneously and the transfer of data files over a range of data networks; open system architecture allows upgrade of video formats and network protocols.
800-800-7441 fax: 650-933-0819; www.sgi.com/go/broadband
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studio, facility support


Broadcast Video Systems (BVS) DSA-100:

Inserts any combination of 4:3, 16:9, 14:9 safe title, safe action, center cross into SDI picture; displays letterbox, side panels and stores 10 user-defined patterns.
905-764-1584; fax: 905-764-7438; www.bvs.ca
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Miranda DV-Bridge series:

Bi-directional video+audio to DV on IEEE-1394 converters; new models in the series provide support for machine control and timecode support while another model provides analog video interfaces.
514-333-1772; fax: 514-333-9828; www.miranda.com
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Grass Valley Group NetCentral:

SNMP-based software's feature set includes Internet access, schedule-based notification and predictive failure analysis; the application's design allows device types to be supported as plug-ins to a common NetCentral application network GVG plans to extend that support to its next-gen servers, production switchers, routers and modular gear.
800-824-5127; fax: 530-487-3755; www.grassvalleygroup.com
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Miranda Kaleido G2:

New software version offers improved graphical treatment, multiple undermonitor Ids per window, countdown timers and advanced status and alarm reporting.
514-333-1772; fax: 514-333-9828; www.miranda.com
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Forecast Consoles Image Master Edit Consoles:

Pre-engineered fop nonlinear, multimedia and graphics applications.
800-735-2070; fax: 631-253-0277; www.forecast-consoles.com
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Accom AFFINITY/san

Solution for facilities with a need for more than one non-linear edit suite; offers real-time, simultaneous high-bandwith access for multiple users; works in an environment where several non-linear editing systems, Windows NT graphic workstations and audio suites share footage and filles at the same time.
650-328-3818; fax: 650-327-2511; www.accom.com
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Data Check Six Pack Series 26000 monitors:

Allows viewing of six independent serial digital or composite signals using a backlit 2.5-inch LCD display in 2RU; displays are mounted in an adjustable vertical tilt panel; unit offers front panel controls for color, brightness, contrast, selectable blue field and color kill on/off modes, as well as an LED tally light; hot-swappable modules and custom configurations are available.
619-578-0101; fax: 619-578-9215; www.datacheck.com
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Sony MSB-2000:

Provides a bridge between devices supporting SDTI, SDI and DVB-ASI interfaces, including MPEG VTRs and A/V servers; features varied control protocol support for flexible network operation; control panel with LCD display enables quick configuration of equipment to accommodate different field installations.
800-686-SONY; 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752; www.sony.com/professional
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Aspen Electronics VS-100:

New color monitor with TFT 4-inch active matrix LCD technology; features built-in battery compartment, audio amplifier, external four-pin XLR power input and universal video inputs, as well as an industry-standard BNC video input; system is NTSC and PAL compatible, with 234×480 resolution; universal mount system allows the unit to become a studio viewfinder.
714-379-2515; fax: 714-379-2517; www.aspenelectronics.com
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Miranda Tango:

High-quality quad-display processor with many of the enriched display features of the Kaleido; can display up to four images at full resolution in a single computer display.
514-333-1772; fax: 514-333-9828; www.miranda.com
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Horita SVS-50:

Self-contained video system outputs standby full/SMPTE color bars with a source ID video overlay whenever a loss of normal video is detected; video overlay can be up to nine liens of 20 characters each and can include a time and date display.
949-489-0240; fax: 949-489-0242; www.horita.com
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Evertz 7700DA10/7700ADA:

Amplifiers allow for distribution of SMPTE 259M serial digital signals; feature one auto-equalized input with four reclocked outputs; the 7700DA10 is designed primarily as a re-clocking SMPTE 259M DA, but can also be used for SMPTE 310 or DVB-ASI signals.
905-335-3700; fax: 905-335-3573; www.evertz.com
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Geffen ex-tend-it ADC-100S/R:

Extends DVI and ADC connection monitor signals up to 330 ft from a computer equipped with appropriate video cards; extension, fiber optics and CAT-5 cables may be used for the extension.
800-545-6900; www.gefen.com
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Multidyne VAGC-100:

Automatically maintains video level at 1V peak to peak with 100 IRE maximum luminance peak; provides automatic flatness equalization for more than 3500ft of Belden 8281 and more than 3000ft of RG59U with =/- 0.5db at 5MHz.
800-4TV-TEST; fax: 516-671-3362; www.multidyne.com
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Magni Systems SDM-560M:

Provides efficient monitoring of 601, composite video/audio; features routable displays, embedded audio decoding and metering, auto measurement, alarming, reporting and complete remote control.
800-237-5964; fax: 503-615-1999; www.magnisystems.com
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Evertz Microsytems 7750TG2-HD:

Provides a continuous 4:2:2 black signal on two outputs in single link mode; two other outputs provide whichever test signal has been selected; dual link mode, the generator provides 4:4:4 test signals; four channels of embedded audio.
905-335-3700; fax: 905-335-3573; www.evertz.com
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Boeckeler Instruments Pointmaker PVI 64:

Generates an SDI key signal from any markings made by the presenter, after which a broadcast switcher cuts the SDI video and fills the marked area with a generated color matte; provides marking and drawing features during live broadcasts, including sports, weather and news for marking of details in complex images.
520-745-0001; fax: 520-745-0004; www.boeckeler.com
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Hannay Reels AV-1 Series:

Specifically designed for broadcast, the AV-1 series features welded channels for stacking that promotes maximum transport and storage efficiency; a removable side-mounted connector panel allows for complete customization of XLR and/or BNC connector patterns.
877-GO-REELS; fax: 800-REELING; www.hannay.com
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Hamlet Video International Monitor Scope and Digi Scope:

Compact, low-power on-screen display, SDI analog video and audio signal monitor; Monitor Scope offers a built-in LCD display; both are capable of serial digital video analysis measurement and monitoring, and with additional options also handle component analog video, YcrCb, GBR, composite video and audio in embedded AES/EBU and analog formats.
+44 0500 625 525; fax: +44 1494 791 283; www.hamlet.co.uk
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Panasonic 10, 15 and 18-inch monitors:

Thin and lightweight, the new series are designed for HD, SD and computer applications; 18-inch version offers a 5:4 aspect ratio, 1280×1024 SXGA resolution, high brightness and a 170 degree viewing angle; displays 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i.
800-528-8601; fax: 323-436-3660; www.panasonic.com/broadcast
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Axon Synapse:

System is high density, offering 18 cards in 4RU; offers flexible remote control capabilities, Ethernet-based remote control interface; is Internet enabled and receives updates of firmware through Internet connection; allows full monitoring of all parameters, audio level control and channel swapping.
+31 13511 6666; fax: +31 13 511 4151; www.axon.nl
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Wohler VAMP-3 SDI:

Allows users to monitor audio and video from two selectable SDI digital and one composite analog video source; also includes four auxiliary AES inputs and eight analog audio inputs; features built-in 7-inch widescreen color LCD for confidence monitoring.
888-596-4537; 650-589-5676; fax: 650-589-1355; www.wohler.com
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Leitch DPS-475:

Multifunction analog/digital video synchronizer is a strong choice for broadcasters making their digital transition; available in video only and audio/video configuration, synchronizer provides an ideal bridge from analog video signals, such as satellite and microwave feeds, to digital production facilities
800-231-9673; fax: 757-548-4088; www.leitch.com
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Astro Systems DM-3000:

Bright LCD with either HS SDI or analog YpbPr I/F; 14 HD formats including 10801, 720p, 24sf, 25, 30 supported; offers graticules overlay, gamma/brightness/contrast adjustment.
818-244-1806; fax: 818-244-1878; www.astro-systems.com
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TBCs, frame syncs, conversion equipment


Snell & Wilcox HD Prefix:

Incorporates proprietary noise reduction algorithms to remove film grain and electronic noise prior to compression; system supports all current HD formats.
408-260-1000; fax: 408-260-2800; www.snellwilcox.com.
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Teranex StarStream:

Turnkey post-production encoding tool builds upon Starfront to encode at broadband speed, from 56K to T1/cable/DSL speeds; system integrates the pre-compression processor with the encoding PC and automates a majority of the encoding process; platform combines the high-end noise reduction filtering of the Starfront with Teranex's StreamConnect driver, which passes critical information to the encoding PC.
407-517-1086; fax: 407-517-1101; www.teranex.com
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Ensemble Designs Avenue:

Provides conversion, distribution, frame synchronization, routing and test signal generation for audio and video; features several new modules and frames.
530-478-1830; fax: 530-478-1832; www.ensembledesigns.com
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Brainstorm Electronics SR-3R:

Specifically designed timecode reader/generator repairs drop outs, reduces jitter and corrects timecode to phase align with video; housed in a small half-rack enclosure, its front panel features a large timecode reader and LEDs to identify format and video phase; can also be used as a timecode generator to create new code.
323-845-1155; fax: 323-245-1170; www.brainstormtime.com
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Intelvideo INR2000:

Features multidimensional, intelligent adaptive logic to identify power line impulse noise and multidimensional video reconstruction circuits to generate the video needed to replace the impulse noise with no visible impairments.
203-348-9229; fax; 203-348-9266; www.intelvideo.com
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Snell & Wilcox Mach 1:

Provides multiformat conversion with a new motion compensation technology, Motion Science; offers 10-bit serial digital and composite video inputs and outputs, in addition to providing aspect ratio conversion and linear conversion using 4-field and 4-line aperture.
408-260-1000; fax: 408-260-2800; www.snellwilcox.com.
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Hotronic Digital Proc Amp:

Provides strong video correction in non-ideal camera environments such as field news event recording; fully compatible with digital cameras to ensure correct video level, color saturation and hue when recording; automatically recognizes and accepts either NTSC or PAL serial video.
408-378-3883; fax: 408-378-3888; www.hotronics.com
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Snell & Wilcox ARC 20:20:

Offers input and output blanking to allow operators to clean the edges of a picture, for example, when 4:3 material is being displayed on a widescreen set; background color is fully selectable.
408-260-1000; fax: 408-260-2800; www.snellwilcox.com.
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Teranex Xantus:

Performs more than 50 different conversions, including support for DTV, standards conversion, HD standards conversion and 50Hz HD formats; use of the Video Computer platform enables combinations of functions to be run simultaneously.
407-517-1086; fax: 407-517-1101; www.teranex.com
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Snell & Wilcox Mosalina:

Running on Windows '95, '98 or NT computers, Mosalina works faster than real-time to analyze standard definition MPEG video (high definition video analysis is also available); the software is available in Basic, Advanced and Expert versions; provides automated quality assurance during all phases of video production, including creative DVD authoring, streaming, post production, broadcast and archiving.
408-260-1000; fax: 408-260-2800; www.snellwilcox.com.
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YEM HDC-2000 and HDC-3000 HD

HDC-2000 converts from HD analog signals to SD-SDI 4:2:2 signals and SD analog composite signals; output is 1080/25 (sF) in PAL and NTSC; features include 2:3 pulldown processing at p (sF) input and squeeze, letterbox, edge crop aspect ratio conversion modes; the HDC-3000 is exclusively for digital signal conversions: HD-SDI to SD-SDI 4:2:2 and HD SDI; both units respond to four input signal formats: 1080/23.976p (sF), 1080/29.97p (sF), 1080/59.92i and 1080/25.00 (sF).
310-544-9343; fax: 310-544-9363; www.yem.com
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MedioStream MediaPro:

MPEG-2 encoding system provides digital only input from either IEEE 1394 (Firewire) or 10/100base T Ethernet; upgrades will soon be available to allow the real-time transcoding of MPEG-2 encoded content to popular video streaming formats such as windows Media, Real G2 and Quicktime.
408-452-5500; fax: 408-452-5522; www.mediostream.com
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Vela CineCast HD/1 and CineCast HD/2:

Single and dual-channel SCSI-based high-definition 4:2:0 MPEG-2 decoders support all 18 ATSC formats, including standard HDTV resolutions; decode DVB and ARIB compliant transport streams, receiving command and media data through an Ultra SCSI-2 LVDS interface; systems also provide dual-channel stereo decoding of MPEG layer audio, Dolby Digital (AC-3) or AAC audio.
727-507-5300; fax: 727-507-5311; www.vela.com
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RGB Spectrum RGB/Videolink 1690:

Accepts inputs up to 1600×1200 resolution and outputs NTSC/PAL composite video, S-Video or component analog video; SMPTE 259M digital output is available as an option; processing circuitry eliminates interlace flicker and offers zoom, autosync and multiple levels of flicker filtering.
510-814-7000; fax: 510-814-7026; www.rgb.com
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Extron VSC 75:

Uses exclusive digital processing to convert high-resolution computer video images from as high as 1280×1024 at 60Hz down to NTSC or PAL video for use in video recording, video conferencing or viewing applications; offers an internal color bar generator, two user-selectable levels of vertical filtering, extensive picture adjustment controls, RS-232 control and a rack-mountable enclosure.
800-633-9876; 714-491-1517; www.extron.com
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Vistek V1667:

Modular analog to digital converter decodes NTSC/PAL to SDI; offers the features of the V1663 in a 12-bit environment; works with the 1668 encoder, it allows users to cascade conversion to accommodate analog.
+44 1628 531221; fax: +44 1628 5309 80; www.vistek.co.uk
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Avica FilmStore:

Employs Avica's Digital Media Platform featuring compression and encryption independent hardware and software; can be used as a standalone playback device or in a server configuration; load-in, playlist creation, management and maintenance functions, including disk drive replacement can all be accomplished without interrupting playback.
800-706-0077; fax: 310-450-5353; www.avitech.com
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test & measurement


Videotek VTM-200:

New version of multiformat on-screen monitor includes composite display output; allows users to monitor and measure 601 and ES digital and composite analog (NTSC or PAL) video and audio signals; output display includes video picture, waveform, vector or optional audio.
800-800-5719; 610-327-2292; fax: 610-327-9295; www.videotek.com
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Triveni Digital StreamScope MT-20:

Allows users to monitor, measure, record and analyze properties of an ATSC DTV broadcast stream using a graphical interface.
609-716-3505; fax: 609-716-3503; www.TriveniDigital.com
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Acterna DTS-100

Offers extensive, real-time analysis and capture in an easily portable package; developed for in-field analysis of MPEG-2 DVB/ATSC transport streams; runs from a small, lightweight box that connects to a laptop computer via the PCMCIA interface; standard and advanced variations tailor the product to meet the specific requirements of the user.
858-715-7073; fax: 858-627-0146; www.acterna.com
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Leader Instruments LV 5170D:

Multiformat unit with dual CRTs features the ability to handle 14 HDTV formats, as well as optional D1 SDI and 480p analog; also features automatic format selection and colorimetry for selected system; offers detection and logging of video, audio, ancillary and color gamut errors, along with selectable alarms.
800-645-5104; 714-527-9300; fax: 714-527-7490; www.leaderusa.com
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Tektronix TG700:

Multiformat test signal platform with HD module; provides quality test signals in all major TV formats to measure and maintain performance of signal paths; generates up to 1.485Gb/s serial digital tests signals for 1080 at 24p, 1080i and 720p at 50Hz, 59.94Hz and 60Hz, and 1080 at 48 segmented frames.
800-835-9433; 503-627-7111; fax: 503-222-1542; www.tektronix.com
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Videotek SQM:

Multiformat audio/video system offers custom configuration and interface flexibility; input cards measure and analyze video and audio from multiple sources including composite analog video, serial digital video, analog and AES/EBU audio, MPEG and all HD formats; instantly reports errors to a master control point; system offers real-time alarms with logging.
800-800-5719; 610-327-2292; fax: 610-327-9295; www.videotek.com
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Adherent AD974

Designed to be flexible and scaleable with the capability of monitoring up to eight streams in a 4U package; a web-based Graphical User Interface enables the status of the broadcast to be monitored from anywhere in the world
+44 (0) 1223 20070; fax: +44 (0) 1223 20070; www.adherent.com
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ASACA/Shibasoku AM70A Analyzer:

Audio analyzer can deliver test results in less than 100ms; provides precise measurements of a broad range of audio signal output characteristics (signal level, distortion etc) for all types of audio devises.
303-278-1111; fax: 303-278-0303; www.asaca.com
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DSC Laboratories CamAlign Maxi test chart:

Precise patters enable users to optimize the performance of broadcast and professional video cameras; can be used to evaluate and service video cameras in operations, studio and field applications; patterns include standard crossed grayscales, vector colors, hyperbolics, multibursts, flare and monitor resolution tests; charts measure 40"×24" or 36"×24"; available in combined 16:9/4:3 formats respectively.
800-267-5227; 905-673-3211; fax: 905-673-0929; www.dsclabs.com
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Videotek STM-350:

Allows users to monitor multiple transmitter sites and multiple stations from a central location; provides full confidence video and audio streaming for live motion image and stereo audio from Videotek's VTM-300 and VTM400HD systems; offers increased ability to view real-time waveforms, vector, video and audio displays using standard LAN, WAN or Internet connections.
610-327-2292; fax: 610-327-9295; www.videotek.com
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Tektronix AVDC100:

Provides in-service monitoring and correction of A/V delay errors that occur during compression or other processing; allows user to reliably deliver video of definable quality; uses digital watermarking technology to embed audio time reference signals into video programming near the point of audio/video content creation, so lip-sync error can later be detected and corrected by analyzing the watermark later in the distribution chain and corrected by adjusting the audio delay.
800-835-9433; 503-627-7111; fax: 503-222-1542; www.tektronix.com
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Videotek VTM-330E:

Eye Pattern Display is now on screen simultaneously with waveform, vector, audio, alarms and picture; features new Gamut display for encoded and RGB Gamut limit indications; accepts two composite analog inputs, either NTSC or PAL, with the second composite input configurable as a single CAV input; other features include closed caption detection and decoding with on-screen display and display of input signal strengths.
800-800-5719; 610-327-2292; fax: 610-327-9295; www.videotek.com
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TV transmitters


Litton Electronic Devices L-4299 Constant Efficiency Applifier:

Next-gen high-power tubes for UHF; operates at peak powers up to 120kW, offers high efficiency in comparison to standard IOT when operated in digital services.
800-861-1UHF; fax: 570-326-2903; www.littonedd.com
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Harris Corporation Push and Interactive Services:

Demonstrations will be given for unidirectional push services that enable broadcasters to deliver Internet content to personal computers equipped with RF cards or personal storage devices in the home, as well as interactive TV services that enable the viewer to access data directly from the TV set by activating an icon on the screen.
800-622-0022; fax: 513-459-3890; www.harris.com
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Dielectric dualband antenna:

Allows a combination of UHF and high band VHF into one common pylon antenna; can be used to combine NTSC and DTV signals into one antenna; designed to fit in the aperture limitations of the existing NTSC antenna for simple DTV transition.
800-341-9678; 207-655-4555; fax: 207-655-7120; www.dielectric.com
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Modulation Sciences Stereo/SAP Receiver:

Simultaneously recovers both the main channel stereo program and the SAP channel; each audio output is balance line level signal; tunes channels 2 through 69 and decodes any DTMF signal added to the SAP channel.
800-826-2603; fax: 732-302-0206; www.modsci.com
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Kathrein Master Transmit Antennas:

Features include broadcast operation and constant HRP for eight channels, constant beam tilt and null fill; can withstand wind velocities of up to 254mph as well as harsh winter conditions; RF power rating of 115kW average.
541-779-6500; www.kathrein.com
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Dielectric TFU-TC antenna:

Allows broadcasters to combine two UHF stations separated by one channel; designed for top and side mount configurations and for use with NTSC service, DTV service, or both.
800-341-9678; 207-655-4555; fax: 207-655-7120; www.dielectric.com
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Acrodyne Quantum IOT Based Transmitter

Can serve both analog and digital applications with power levels up to 280kW analog and 120kW digital; designed for high reliability and appropriate use of advanced technologies; created to fully exploit the latest generation of IOTs
610-917-1300; 800-523-2596; fax:610-917-8148; www.acrodyne.com
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Gorman-Redlich EAS-1CG:

Unit offers a built-in dedicated CG programmed to generate EAS system messages and complies with all FCC and EAS requirements; the unit can be completely programmed through the front key panel keypad or by downloading from a computer; the keypad can be used to set the position of the crawl on screen, the interval between crawl repeats and the selection of character and background colors.
740-593-3150; fax: 740-592-3898; www.gorman-redlich.com
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DMT (Digital Multimedia Technologies) Digital Ready UHF transmitters:

Series of analog transmitters in digital ready configuration; feature solid-state LDMOS technology and operation over the full UHF band.
+39-039-7398.1; fax: +39-039-7398.440; dmtonline.com
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Ktech Communications VSB-ENC-200:

Modulates an MPEG-2 transport stream into an 8VSB signal using linear and nonlinear pre-correction techniques; accepts SMPTE 310M or DVB-ASI @ 19.392MB/s transport stream inputs and produces a 44MHz IF 8VSB signal at its output; a 23 stage PN generator is built into the unit and is used to test BER conditions to the transmitter receiver chain.
818-361-2248; fax: 818-270-2010; www.ktechtelecom.com
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ADC Broadcast Visionary DT:

Offers new LDMOS driver amplifiers utilizing LDMOS transistors and Marconi's newest plug-in style IOTs; provides DTV power levels up to 180kW average; uses ADC's DSP-based DT2B modulator, with Adaptive Digital Equalization, which automatically and continually tracks and corrects for both linear and non-linear distortions.
800-215-2614; 724-941-1500; fax: 724-941-4603; www.adc.com/broadcast
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CPI Wireless Solutions — Eimac Division Eimac K2D130:

Newest of the K2 family; produces 130KW peak, 32KW average for DTV; advanced cavity features all water plumbing below the high voltage.
650-592-1221; fax: 650-592-9988; www.eimac.com
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Marconi Stellar TWT:

Cover Ku-band for individual unit powers up to 180 watts and DBS bands as well as multiband applications; rugged for outdoor operation; feature remote gain control facilities and integral upconverters.
800-342-5338; 914-592-6050; fax: 914-592-5148; www.marconitech.com
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Irdeto Access CypherCast:

IP/Internet digital conditional access solution allows the broadcast of up to 1000 individual multicast streams arrayed in up to 100 distinct program services for as many as 250,000 subscribers in a local viewing area; on the receive end, content can be accessed and decrypted through secure smartcard technology.
+31 23 556 2222; fax: +31 23 556 2240; www.irdetoaccess.com
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SpectraSite Broadcast Group Community Broadcast Facility:

Allows multiple broadcasters to utilize a common transmission site in order to shorten project timelines and preserve capital; SpectraSite obtains the site, gets zoning approval, and builds and manages the facility.
972-550-9500; fax: 972-550-9595; www.spectrasite.com
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Itelco 50kW UHF:

Features an exclusive exciter system, a patented Switch Mode Beam Power Supply and the Itelco Supervisory System for remote monitoring and control; will accept IOT output devices from any major manufacturer; very small footprint.
303-464-8000; fax: 303-464-8770; www.itelco-usa.com
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Richland Towers broadcast towers:

Richland offers custom-designed tower lease programs and multi-tenant tower projects to provide broadcasters with the highest allowable FAA tower heights and maximum FCC antenna CORs.
813-286-4140; fax: 813-286-4130; www.richlandtowers.com
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Burk Technology ARCPlus:

Provides fast response, more sites and an enhanced feature set; up to 60× faster for instantaneous updates while still providing you with the ability to connect more sites than ever before; available with dial-up, full-time and multi-site configurations; flexible and expandable with the ability to control from the front panel as well as options of telephone access and computer control for walk-away operations.
978-486-0086; fax: 978-486-0081; www.burk.com
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RFS Broadcast RD Series:

Designed for the digital NTSC/DTV market; wideband (100MHz), low VSWR, low wind load; allows use of a single UHF TV antenna for multichannel NTSC/DTV applications; features include single or dual option, power rating up to 200kW NTSC and top-or-side-mount configuration.
203-239-3311; 203-239-9260; www.rfsamericas.com
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Rohde & Schwarz SFQ:

Frequency agile test transmitter modulates MPEG-2 transport streams to international RF standards including ATSC/8VSB, ITU-T/J.83B, DVB S/C and DVB-T; precise amounts of gaussan noise can be added for establishing receiver C/N specifications; multiple ensembles up to 12 fading paths can be inserted.
301-459-8800; fax: 301-459-2810; www.rohde-schwarz.com
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video routing


Sigma Electronics SigMatrix:

New control software is Windows-based; supports all models of Sigma's matrix routing switchers; supports SDX system and Emergency Alert System with visual status alerts; communication is via modem or direct serial port (RS-232 or RS-422).
717-569-2681; fax: 717-569-4056; www.sigmaelectronics.com
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Miranda Network:

Features a complete range of models for signal formats that include analog and digital video, analog and digital audio, HD SDI (SMPTE 292M), RS-422, and the popular datacom formats.
514-333-1772; fax: 514-333-9828; www.miranda.com
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PESA Cheetah:

Four frame sizes are offered: 64×64 5RU, 128×128 8RU, 256×256 16RU and 512×512 in 38RU; engineered to handle HD requirements, SDI-only configurations are also available; offers a choice of copper or fiber inputs and outputs; companion audio switcher is also available.
800-328-1008; fax; 631-845-5023; www.pesa.com
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Grass Valley Group Concerto, Tempo and Bravo routers:

Each series offers a flexible, future proof design for a variety of applications — from multiscreen presentations to video and audio over broadband networks to traditional television-related uses; Concerto series features FlexFrame technology to enable format mixing within a single frame while supporting SD and HD video signals, AES/EBU digital audio; Tempo series offers FlexPoint technology that lets users configure 34 ports as I/Os; Bravo series provides entry-level series of fixed configuration utility routers.
800-824-5127; fax: 530-487-3755; www.grassvalleygroup.com
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Leitch Integrator:

32×32 to 512×512 router systems accommodate multiple standards and formats featuring expanded features and control; includes Leitch's new Tie-Line Management Software Application, SNMP support and full control and moinitoring from its Command Control System.
800-231-9673; fax: 757-548-4088; www.leitch.com
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Utah Scientific UTAH-300:

Offers several frame sizes to provide for modular growth and space-efficient rack planning; features reasonable cross-point densities and allows analog and serial digital signals in the same frame; efficient 32×32 building block provides a balance between frame density and modularity.
801-524-9999; fax: 801-524-0555; www.utahscientific.com
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Stagetec Nexus Star:

Features 100MHz twin-switch fabric design; can be configured for up to 4096 inputs and 4096 outputs; uses 16 I/O cards, each handling 256 inputs and 256 outputs; in distributed system, additional base devices can be added and connected to the Nexus Star as needed; provides sample rate conversion over a range of 26K to 52K; fully synchronous system.
+49 951 972 25 25; fax: +49 951 972 25 32; www.stagetec.com
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Philips Broadcast Seraph:

Includes full range switchers from one mix effects band up to four; HD formats include 1080i, 720p, and 24p.
800-962-4287; fax: 818-729-7710; www.broadcast.philips.com
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Philips Broadcast DD35:

Now has HD/SD SimulCast networking production; simultaneous SD and HD production from a single switcher panel; up to eight M/Es with intelligent access; interna DVE and RAM storage capability including 2D DVE effects in 3D space as well as up to 32 seconds of video clip storage and/or still store applications.
800-962-4287; fax: 818-729-7710; www.broadcast.philips.com
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Sierra Video Systems Shasta 1616HD:

Offers 1.5Gb/s serial digital HDTV routing of 16 inputs and 16 outputs; local RS-232/RS-422 ports provide a terminal and machine control interface; local control panel option enables the entire system to fit in 1RU; inputs accept NTSC, PAL, composite sync, V drive and HD tri-level sync, as well two non-standard composite sync signals.
530-478-1000; fax: 530-478-1105; www.sierravideo.com
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Grass Valley Group Encore:

An open, scalable solution for facility control provides centralized and distributed router and machine control, remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities and signal-integrity analysis to expand the capabilities of their LAN, Wan and video networks, thus maximizing signal management infrastructure investments; design will enable tighter integration with automation systems, third-party routers and other equipment, system promotes greater inter- and intra-facility integration.
800-824-5127; fax: 530-487-3755; www.grassvalleygroup.com
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wire, cable, connectors


Telecast Fiber Systems CopperHead:

Fiber optic multiplexer can be mounted on ENG and SNG cameras for remote television production; single optical fiber carries bi-directional signals to and from the camera, including program video and audio, return video and audio, intercom, black burst, tally and camera control data; lightweight tactical fiber increases camera-to-vehicle distance and eliminates grounding problems and signal interference.
508-754-4858; fax: 508-752-1520; www.telecast-fiber.com
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Neutrik BNC75:

Offers a push-pull version that makes assembly quick and simple and requires a standard center contact crimp die after cable preparation; includes screw lock cable retention with superior pull strength provided by the jacket.
732-901-9488; fax: 732-901-9608; www.neutrikusa.com
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