Yamaha upgrades M7CL with Version 3.01 software release

The M7CL digital console adds new functionality.
Caption: Yamaha’s new Version 3.01 software expands the capabilities of its popular M7CL digital console.

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems has made available Version 3.01 software for its M7CL digital audio console. The software supports all M7CL models, including the recently launched M7CL-48ES. The new software can be downloaded free.

Major additions to M7CLv3.01 software include a channel-select/sends-on fader option as well as the addition of a conversion button to the system setup dialog box. The channel-select/sends-on fader will specify whether the channel selection and sends-on Fader operation are linked between the M7CL and the editor. The colors of the faders will turn gray when the input channels are off to show the input status of the channels.

M7CLv3.01 software also includes recall safe parameters (input patch, output patch, direct out patch, insert out patch) and inclusion of VCM effects (Comp 276/276s, Comp 260/260s, Open Deck, EQ601). Additionally, omni in Channels 1-8 can be used for talkback.

The M7CL v3 Editor is for use with Studio Manager v2 Host and Network Driver using the latest versions of both the Studio Manager v2 Host and Network Driver. Full instructions to ensure compatibility are available on Yamaha’s download page.