Hot new products from NAB 2012

Even after four days and miles of walking, it's impossible to see everything on the NAB exhibit floor. There isn't enough time to see it all.

Even after four days and miles of walking, it's impossible to see everything on the NAB exhibit floor. There isn't enough time to see it all.

Readers tell us that their top reason to attend the NAB Show is to research products for possible purchase. But as the show grows ever larger, it becomes even more difficult to find what you're looking for. And, if you can't attend the exhibition, it's even harder to discover the new ideas and solutions that were introduced at the show.

To help you unearth the technology gems from the more than 1600 exhibitors in the 3.2 million sq-ft exhibit hall, Broadcast Engineering brings our team of editors and consultants to cover the event. Combined, these experts travel to all the booths and see all the products so you don't have to. We then pool our knowledge in this special Broadcast Engineering product guide. It's full of new products and services you may have missed or simply need more information about.

So, read on, because whether or not you attended the 2012 NAB Show, hundreds of new discoveries are just pages away.

Linear Acoustic AERO.1000

Metadata-based transmission audio loudness controller; 1RU unit can house eight AEROMAX audio processing engines; supports up to 64 channels of encoded or baseband audio via AES, SDI, analog or optional DVB-ASI; each processing core includes UPMAX upmixing algorithm and compensating video delay; options include Dolby decoders/encoders and Nielsen watermark encoders.

Akamai TV Everywhere system

Enables broadcasters to rapidly bring TV Everywhere services to market by providing a common framework for implementing proprietary operator-programmer relationships; scalable to handle broadcast-size audiences; provides secure authentication and authorization identity services based on open standards; can be paired with the Akamai HD Network for scalable, high-quality and secure streaming with audience analytics.

Alcorn McBride SetPlayer SP8000

Provides eight channels of on-demand, flash-based video to multiple monitors in a compact package; stores video clips on CompactFlash; features component, HDMI, HD-SDI outputs, SD monitor outputs for each channel and unbalanced, balanced and digital AES/EBU audio inputs; accepts black burst, composite and trilevel sync reference inputs; stereo and Dolby audio can be multiplexed with the video and output as digital bit streams; responds to contact closures, RS-232/RS-422, MIDI and Ethernet; can be controlled by existing transport controllers via VDCP.

Aveco ASTRA Studio 2

Automation system lets a single operator produce a complex live newscast or studio program; controls recording devices for re-recording portions and splicing new content into final program; file-based workflows enabled with a rules-based transfer engine; supports both centralized and hub-and-spoke operations; online expansion and upgrades with no or minimal downtime.

Avid ISIS 2000

A cost-effective 64-bit self-balancing, distributed near-line file system that works with Avid Interplay to provide enterprisewide search, browse, access and management of media; enables quick access to nearline files from any workstation; incorporates 84 hard disk drive (HDD) slots populated with 82 3TB SAS drives.

Harris Inscriber G8

Provides high-end, real-time graphics production support through uncompressed imagery, and graphics and animation capabilities; handles complex 3D graphics and animations; uses an Intel Xeon E5 processor and NVIDIA Quadro 4000 GPU to significantly reduce channel hardware density for a greatly reduced footprint (2RU), lower power consumption, and improved performance and clip playback scalability.

Ikegami HDK-97C

3G field production camera employs next-generation CMOS sensors; supports 1080i/720p and 3G signals such as 1080p60 4:2:2 and 1080p30 4:4:4; allows easy change over between fiber and triax adapters using CCU-970, which is capable of supporting both cable types with simple front-panel switch selection.

Azden FMX-32A

Offers improved signal-to-noise ratio and wider frequency response designed for professional videographers; battery-operated; can attach directly to a camera; three XLR inputs each with two level settings, individual input level controls, master level control, and switchable phantom power and limiters.

Blackmagic Design Teranex

Provides extremely high-quality de-interlacing, upconversion, downconversion, SD and HD crossconversion, automatic cadence detection and removal; noise reduction, adjustable scaling and aspect ratio conversion; all with full timecode and multi-channel audio conversion; includes 3-D dual-channel conversion, 3-D simulation and 3-D camera rig alignment.

Boxx Communications Meridian Lite

Affordable, entry-level RF HD camera system with zero-delay transmission for live broadcast and videography; features a lightweight, wireless transmitter; supports full 4:2:2 video, including all formats up to 1080p30; delivers uncompressed, artifact-free broadcast video and sound in sync.

Bridge Technologies VB330

Based on Bridge Technologies' new 10GigE architecture; designed to offer highest performance-to-form-factor ratio available; three blades fit in a single 1RU chassis; with each probe having two 10GigE interfaces, can deliver 60Gb/s monitoring capability.

Bright Technologies Triton

New edition of BrightDrive G2 server; occupies a single rack unit; supports StorNet 4.2; eco-friendly design lowers cooling requirement and reduces power costs; agnostic architecture allow seamless interfacing with users' preferred applications, protocol, resolution and formats.

Broadcast Pix Mica 2000

Largest member of the Mica family, has 16 PixButtons per row to access more sources quickly, six key layer buttons, and a dedicated row of 16 Fluent-macro PixButtons; also features an expanded device control section with dedicated selectors for each of Mica's seven banks of internal devices, plus four additional wildcard devices.

Riedel Communications AVB series

Series of products includes the AVB-108 G2 Client, the Connect AVB and Connect AVBx8 panel interfaces; allow professional intercom users to connect intercom panels in IP-based LAN environments in real time; offers intercom applications over LAN infrastructures such as matrix-to-control panel connections, audio distribution, matrix-to-matrix trunking connections or distribution of digital partylines.

Newtek 3Play 425

Four-input, two-output slow-motion system supports the simultaneous display, recording and instant replay of all channels; designed to give users an affordable option to deliver instant replay and slow motion for broadcast, webcast, arena scoreboard displays and more, without sacrificing quality; existing customers of the NewTek TriCaster can incorporate 3Play 425 into their programming over Ethernet, freeing up the live video inputs for cameras.

PlayBox Technology Multi Playout Manager

Fully assignable monitoring and control system with rights management for multiple AirBox playout channels from one or more Internet-connected PCs locally or from anywhere in the world via IP; allows multichannel playout centers to monitor and control all channels locally and assign full or restricted rights for any of the TV channels to one or more people to remotely monitor and/or control the TV channels from a remote PC, iPad, mobile phone, etc.

Broadpeak +screensCDN

Delivers high-quality content to multiple screens; includes the BkM100 CDN Mediator, which models network topology and provisions video POP according to content popularity in order to optimize backbone bandwidth usage; also includes the BkS100 TS streaming servers and BkS300 multiformat servers, as well as the BkS200 and BkS300 multiformat servers, which provide optimized content delivery to PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Chyron Channel Box2

The v. 4.6 Channel Box2 features 2D/3D design with data acquisition toolset; allows users to access any data and publish it on-air anywhere, anytime; new features include locking scenes and copy/paste/reverse functionality, all of which can be coupled with a scene list allowing groups of scenes to be created and stylized.

Civolution NexGuard OMD

Online Media Delivery with video watermarking technology runs on Windows cloud-based Azure Media Services; enables secure delivery of digital media assets processed through the cloud; allows content aggregators to use the cloud to organize online screening for professionals or deliver OTT VOD to consumers, both with video watermarking capability.

Coherent Logix HyperX hx3100

A system-on-a-chip solution composed of an array of 100 processing elements (PEs), each of which is a fully capable 500MHz DSP/GPP processor core with 4Kb program memory; PEs support 8-bit and 16-bit, extended precision integer and 32-bit single-precision floating-point processing; capable of 50,000MIPS (50GMACs) performance or 25GFLOPS.

Day Sequerra M2DTV

Accepts 5.1 surround, stereo and EAS/CAP inputs; features DTS Neural Surround DownMix; offers two channels of DTS Eclipse codec pre-processing; designed for optimum HE AAC v2 operation at less than 48kb/s; reduces artifacts from lossy compression and low-bit rate transmission; optional HD/SDI input for eight de-embedded audio channels.

Digital Nirvana MonitorIQ

Latest version provides compliance logging, aircheck, signal analysis and diagnostics, and content repurposing; records at full SD and HD broadcast quality; based upon an open API platform; provides access to the entire transport stream for analysis and diagnostics, as well as IP multicast to enable IPTV inside the facility.

AJA Ki Pro Quad

Stores high-quality edit-ready files in formats including 4K (4096 × 2160), Quad HD (3840 × 2160), 2K (2048 × 1080), and HD (1920 × 1080) in 10-bit 4:4:4 or 10-bit 4:2:2 color; performs de-Bayer processing of the RAW data that can be used to produce on-board Apple ProRes recordings to SSD media; a scaled or cropped output is also simultaneously available for 2K or HD monitoring via dedicated SDI and HDMI connections.

Linear Industries AT71-500-11

4RU × 19in × 26in drawer size reduces installation footprint; nine temperature-controlled cooling fans provide optimal pwerformance and longer life for critical components; features include scheduler software to run corrections/measurements at scheduled times, internal GPS receiver, selectable timebase reference and proprietary bandwidth reduction technology; operates in VHF and UHF.

DTS Express

Proven, high-quality, low-bit-rate audio codec used for Blu-ray secondary audio, BD Live and other similar applications; features constant bit rates from 48kb/s to 512kb/s; fully compatible with electronics devices via a DTS Digital Surround real-time transcoder; uses exclusive “Fit-To-Stream” technology for digital delivery.


New 2U chassis provides solution to growing demands for smaller systems in limited space; offers RAID-6 protected drives, two or four channels for ingest, and playout and transcoding; optional internal media storage up to 9TB raw capacity; uses USB 3.0 interface for fast media backup to portable drives.

Elemental Server

File-based processing system delivers simultaneous, faster-than-real-time conversion of multiple HD and SD video streams on devices including TVs, PCs, tablets and mobile phones; ideal for producers and distributors with large-scale transcoding and video on demand applications.

Envivio Muse iTV

Transcoder for broadcast and OTT applications; has improved compression efficiency providing more Internet renditions per RU, as well as HD, SD and mobile outputs; provides source time code information in different multiscreen output formats for highlight editing and manipulation; SCTE 35/104 ad insertion for TV Everywhere and Internet TV applications; supports Apple iOS 5 functionality.


Twelve-channel GPS receiver provides master clock and TC generator signals; receiver tracks up to 12 satellites simultaneously, although reception of only one is required for accurate time data to be output; accuracy better than 10ns, and is entirely self-setting; automatic DST correction; provides one PPS output and a nine-digit LED display.

Evertz 3480ENC

Supports multiple combinations of HD-SDI and SD-SDI inputs; uses high-quality MPEG-2 distribution profile video encoder and Dolby AC-3 for audio encoding packaged in a 1RU form factor; includes built-in stat mux for outputting MPTS over IP; provides input frame syncing, loudness control, automatic input failover, and internal audio and video monitoring.

Eyeheight LE-3D

Allows video legalization parameters for left and right video channels to be adjusted quickly and precisely from a single operating panel; LCD pushbuttons with backlit legends guide operators quickly through the legalizer's various control modes, which include RGB, YUV or composite mode selection, clipping level, soft clipping knee, luma and chroma gain, black level, and hue rotation; six user memories are available to store group settings.

Fast Forward Video sideKick HD Studio

New, rackmountable version of sideKick camera-mounted DVR occupies only a half RU in width and 2RU in height; directly compatible with sideKick HD, which allows direct transfer of field footage stored on the unit's 2.5in SSD; easy integration with NLE systems and other content sources allows for fast and seamless editing playback to air; industry-standard RS-422 control; includes standard analog and AES I/O, as well as GigE port for uploading and downloading of content.

Matrox Avio F120

Extends two single-link DVI video, KVM, audio and USB devices from the host system out to 6562ft over a single duplex LC-LC fiber-optic cable; uncompressed FO transmission maintains graphics performance and full frame-rate HD video with no latency; system-agnostic design and wide OS compatibility facilitate plug-and-play deployment.

Solid State Logic C100 HDS V5

Implements dual operator mode, which provides two operators the ability to have independent physical controls and access to shared audio assets through a single console processing engine, routing and I/O configuration; allows for an unlimited number of consecutive eight-channel fader bays to be assigned to a second operator; bays can be located at either end of a C100 console, or separated and installed in a remote location such as a production gallery.

Haivision HyperStream

Simplifies and automates media distribution through cloud transcoding and CDN connectivity for delivering high-quality, adaptive, live HD video OTT to Internet viewers; available as both a user-controlled SaaS and as a fully managed service; designed to bring together the power of cloud-based transcoding on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and easy connectivity to Akamai's SOLA Media Solutions for global delivery, security and analystics.

Florical Acuitas

Uses off-the-shelf, IT-based components to provide up to two HD/SD channels with graphics and effects; provides multiple scene transitions; integrated graphics and animation; text crawls EAS/Amber alerts; provides SD-to-HD and HD-to-SD signal conversion on playout; supports MPEG-2, AVI, to 50Mb/s or 100Mb/s I-Frame; 4:2:2 or 4:2:0.


Storage appliance uses a linear tape file system (LTFS), which records video on tape as files and enables the reading and writing of files from a PC via FTP; can create original and duplicate copies with the installation of an external LTO drive; can be controlled through the company's LTR Browser software, and another optional proxy generator can be configured to automatically create low-res proxy files and thumbnails when archiving MXF files.

Primestream XDCAM support

Now integrates with the Sony XCDAM Station family of professional media recorders; XDCAM Station users can now easily import content into FORK's media asset management software using the FORK Ingest module; in addition, users can now use FORK to control the XDCAM Station in both recording and playout modes, in effect adding master control playout and production automation capabilities to the XDCAM Station.

Front Porch DIVAdirector V5.0

Cost-effective MAM enables operators to search, locate and retrieve stored media directly from desktops via Web browsers; HTTP-based adaptive streaming allows browsers to seamlessly and dynamically switch between different A/V bit rates depending on network conditions and CPU power; provides reliable, consistent playback without stutter or buffering; supports both Windows 7, Mac OS and most browsers.

Grass Valley Trinix NXT

Can be added as an option to all Trinix frames; enhancements include on-screen mouse and cursor functionality to expand individual tiles to full screen, powerful signal monitoring, status, alarming functions, and the ability to easily import presets.

Harmonic Spectrum channelPort

Integrated channel playout device for Spectrum media server; combines channel branding and master control switching with clip playout; supports four SD/HD channels per RU with up/down/crossconversion; includes EAS support; fits seamlessly into existing production and playout infrastructures, reducing complexity and the time it takes to launch new services.

Harris Selenio

New features include MDX2 multiplexer module to reduce video headend infrastructure for DTV broadcasters, as well as a built-in DVB-T2 gateway that can combine up to eight physical layer pipes within a single output stream enabling delivery of multiple tiers of digital services; MDX2 also features a built-in SFN adaptation for signal distribution across large over-the-air DTV networks — ideal for DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-Tb standards.

Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Pro

Solid-state recorder with four channels of 3Gb/s SDI I/O, Thunderbolt I/O, and full HDMI and analog I/O with XLR connectors for audio and time code; supports full 4K playback using Apple ProRes; user-friendly VTR-style design with function buttons and jog wheel; external RS-422 control; high-resolution LCD screen displays time code and transport information plus full color thumbnail of the current clip.


Bus-powered device uses Thunderbolt connectivity to provide high-quality 10-bit SD, HD and 2K output through SDI and HDMI connections; adapter enables a simple, unobtrusive means of moving professional video and audio out of any Thunderbolt-enabled Mac system; supports SD, HD, 2K and 3-D 10-bit video over HDMI and 8-channel embedded audio.

Avid Interplay Sphere

Real-time system enables broadcast news crews to acquire, access, edit and finish stories from any location; leverages a cloud-based architecture supporting a distributed environment that spans multiple locations and time zones; automatically manages the transcode, upload and check-in to any connected Avid Interplay system; pre-defined output processes provide one-button simplicity.

Ikegami Hi-Motion II

Uses a three-CMOS-sensor camera head with 96GB of built-in memory to deliver greater than 10X speed for ultra-slow-motion playback of HD sports action; dual-format 1080i/720p system provides simultaneous output of live normal-speed video and ultra-slow-motion replay video; can be used as both a traditional HD portable/field camera and an ultramotion HD camera that can work side-by-side with other HD cameras on production trucks.

Inmarsat BGAN X-Stream

Offers guaranteed, on-demand streaming data rates from a minimum of 384kb/s up to approximately 450kb/s; no external or additional hardware required; higher bandwidth allows camera operators to pan in for close-ups and pan out for panoramic views, or capture action as it unfolds behind the reporter.

Kramer VS-3232D

High-performance DVI and HDMI matrix switcher chassis; modular and populated from 4 × 4 to 32 × 32 in increments of four inputs and/or four outputs; flexible infrastructure; inputs support copper, fiber or twisted pair and all can be used at the same time; maximum data rate 3.2Gb/s per graphics channel up to 10.4Gb/s total.

Linear Acoustic AERO.lite

Two-channel loudness controller in 1RU package; offers HD/SD-SDI, AES, and analog inputs and outputs; audio is extracted from any HD/SD-SDI path for processing; audio can be re-embedded into any or all SDI pairs; GPI/O alarms and controls; options include integrated ITU-R BS.1770 loudness meter, SNMP and external redundant power supply.

Linear Industries LEX2000

Generates an ASI or SMPTE-310 output from multiple audio, video and metadata sources; MPEG-2 encoder uses intelligent scene analysis, adaptive decision logic and nonlinear quantization to achieve excellent quality video, even with multiple video programs and bandwidth constraints; its statistical multiplexer applies multilayer control algorithms to optimize encoding rates of multiple MPEG-2 streams.

Listec PromptWare series

Ideal for a wide range of scenarios, including field contribution; PW-04 model turns an iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone into a professional teleprompter; tablet-adapted PW-10 offers an adjustable cradle clip, supporting a wide range of tablets including iPad 1, 2, the recently released iPad 3 and various Android 10in tablets; PromptWare Plus software application works with Apple iPod/iPhone iOS 3.2 and above, and Android 2.2 and above.

LiveU LU70

Features One-Touch-Live (OTL) mode with automatic adjustment of video and point-to-multipoint distribution, whereby a single device can broadcast live to multiple, varied destinations concurrently; internal antennas support a larger number of frequencies, ensuring enhanced signal performance with long-range reception and increased uplink capability; new external antenna array provides additional resiliency for extreme scenarios, such as heavily crowded locations; supports up to 14 cellular links simultaneously.

Marquis Broadcast Medway 2.6

Unifies multivendor systems; new version 2.6 includes Pre-Flight Check to verify transfer before commencement; adds enhanced Audio Matrixing with Panning, which allows for detailed control over how the input channels are mapped to the output channels; conforms EDLs into single clips; adds support for Avid Media Composer 6 on Windows and Mac platforms; supports closed captioning.

MAYAH Communications Flashman II

Adds ability to record while transmitting audio back to studio; records to SD cards or USB sticks; supports WLAN, UMTS/3G and Ethernet IP connections; adds MPEG-4 HEv2 and MPEG-4 AAC ELD audio formats; two XLR inputs and two line-out/headphone jacks.

Microwave Video Systems PortaQAM MVS-4101-P, MVS-5108-P

Sends ATSC 19.39Mb/s data streams over new or existing analog radios in frequencies from 2GHz to 40GHz; DVB standard channel encoding; real-time code stream monitoring; PCR correction; compliant with DVB-C and MPEG-2 standards.

Myers Media Asset Management Module

For the ProTrack TV broadcast management system; designed to provide an effective and affordable system for management media assets; confirms to traffic/scheduling personnel whether a media asset is available and if so, move it to where it's required, in advance of when it's needed; automatically triggers the movement of media assets to/from playback and archive, based on what's being inserted in the ProTrack TV schedule environment.

Nevion Ventura VS902

Transports secure ASI/SD/HD/3G signals over a common unified platform for access to virtually any environment; features Streaming Intelligent Packet Switching (SIPS) for video-over-IP protection switching using dual network feeds, virtual element management for full network monitoring, new 10GigE interface and SMPTE 2022-6 video encapsulation.

Newtek TriCaster series

Three new systems utilize a completely re-engineered platform and introduce new capabilities; TriCaster 8000 is designed for large, complex events; provides full integration of social media production tools, virtually limitless scalability with third-party router support, recordable macros, extensive effects and graphics capabilities with eight M/E rows; other models include the TriCaster 855 with 24-channel switching and the TriCaster 455, which is targeted to mobile producers and supports 14-channel switching.


Enables seamless and fast accessibility of the graphics and image processing power for NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla GPUs; offers ultra-low-latency input and output across a wide range of I/O devices; eliminates delays of as many as 10 frames by enabling synchronized communications between I/O and GPU.

Harmonic ProStream 1000 with ACE

Capable of transcoding up to 20 HD streams and 80 adaptive streaming profiles in a single, power-efficient 1RU appliance; supports any-to-any and any-to-many video/audio transcoding with automatic audio level adjustment; statistical multiplexing and scrambling and descrambling; simultaneously transcodes video content for both broadcast and OTT mobile and Web applications.

Evertz Mediator

New features include automatic join-in-progress with content dead roll, live break insertion without altering the automation list for breaks in live events, a new graphics workflow with integrated template tools, and new configuration tools to customize workflows, tasks, and playtime templates; cost-effectively scales services across multiple linear and nonlinear channels.


Can be switched between motion compensation and linear conversions to deliver optimal results for various source material; built-in up/down/crossconverters deliver SD to HD, HD to SD, and 1080i to 720p conversions; supports 1080i59.94, 1080i50, 1080PsF23.98, 720p59.94, 720p50, 525/60 and 625/50; includes HD/SD-SDI and analog composite I/O; 1RU high and 1/2RU wide.

Screen Service Broadcasting ARK ECHO ATSC

Available in 1RU for 15W or 2RU for 30W and 125W; has the ability to receive an off-air DTV signal to amplify and downconvert it to an intermediate frequency, which after a filtering and equalization process, is ready to be upconverted on the same frequency and with the same data as the original signal.

Panasonic AG-HPX600

P2 HD camcorder provides 10-bit, 4:2:2 AVC-Intra recording with a newly-developed 2/3-type MOS sensor; uses a new series of memory cards called microP2 card, which have an SD card form factor; both camcorder and cards will support Panasonic's newest video compression platform, AVC-ULTRA; options include wireless metadata input, proxy recording and variable frame rates (available this fall).

Miranda iTX MC

Integrates Miranda's iTX integrated playout platform with its master control system; combines playout automation with live event functionality; includes an automation system with roll-under and join-in-progress features; integrated HD/SD video server; input signal switching and processing; able to seamlessly switch between multiple HD or SD sources with a mix of stereo or 5.1, PCM or Dolby E audio; supports rich branding of logos, in-show promos, junctions and live data tickers.

PESA Cattrax Web

Uses most common Web browsers as the client interface to monitor and control routers in locations around the world; ideal for monitoring, post production or any networked remote location; compatible with the full line of PESA routers; can control matrix sizes from 16 × 16 to 1024 × 1024; operates over Ethernet via TCP/IP; communicates directly with the PESA PERC2000 router control system.

Petrol Deca PS614

Roomy main compartment fully padded to safeguard delicate equipment; removable internal divider is sized to fit and help secure a Zaxcom Nomad mixer/recorder while offering access to the unit's XLR connectors; extra divider is supplied to accommodate a Sound Devices 788 mixer with CL8 controller attached; exterior front accessories pocket features detachable frame that holds up to six wireless receivers and transmitters; transparent top window allows easy viewing of controls.

XDT Catapult

Updated server includes new powerful syncing options, custom transfer filters and notifications; handles high-speed LAN and WAN data transfers, up to 114MB/s per standard Gigabit connection and 1GB/s per 10GigE connection; capable of saturating any network interconnect; available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Pixel Power ChannelMaster

Fully integrated, scalable channel playout system provides cost-effective, reliable approach to deploying new channels; integrates storage, graphics, DVE, audio, subtitling, master control, live feed and long-form video playout within a single dedicated hardware platform; capable of integrating with any automation or MAM system by way of an open XML protocol; delivers a single complex channel or two simpler channels within 3RU; media may be ingested from live HD-SDI or SD-SDI using the system itself; supports file-based delivery under the control of a third-party MAM system.

Primestream FORK 3.0

Manages and automates Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony XDCAM and Harmonic ChannelPort broadcast workflows; enables larger installations to quickly and more efficiently build workflows for multiscreen delivery; system includes FORK Xchange Suite, a new application Web portal into the FORK environment, giving broadcasters and media enterprises instant access to content from any Web browser.

Xytech MediaPulse

Offers out-of-the-box automation for the entire production ecosystem; provides rapid integration to any MAM, delivery system, transcoder or file management system in the supply chain; features a completely configurable user interface; horizontally and vertically scalable; comprehensive offering of modules and options meets future growth and expansion requirements.

Prism Sound dScope Series III

Measurement system designed for analog and digital audio generation and analysis, including digintal audio carrier parameters, acoustic transducers and Windows sound devices; provides controlled degradation and analysis of AES3 and S/PDIF carriers; measurement ranges from a few microvolts to more than 150V RMS, and less than 1Hz to more than 90kHz.

Quantel QTube

New multisite working capability enables users to access and seamlessly combine content from anywhere to anywhere; users can work with media held on servers in multiple locations anywhere in the world and produce a finished edit over IP incorporating clips from different sites; Remote Effects feature opens up new creative options for users, such as enabling dissolves and wipes to be added between clips wherever they are held.

Riedel Communications MediorNet Compact

Provides a network bandwidth of 50Gb/s — enough capacity for bidirectional transport of 12 HD-SDI signals, dozens of MADI streams or GigE signals, and hundreds of audio channels or intercom ports; provides connectivity for four analog audio I/Os with mic preamps and a dynamic range of 117dB; also features an interface for Riedel RockNet digital audio networks, two DisplayPort outputs, three GigE ports, and connections for serial data and GPIs.

Ross Video MC1

Full-function master control switcher on a single openGear card; includes mixing, keying, onboard logo storage, relay program bypass protection, EAS and Amber Alert crawl generation; dedicated, hardware-based system offers robustness and reliability; designed to be integrated with a plant routing system; offers easy integration with the user's choice of automation system.

Schneider Optics iPro

System is built to enable pro-quality imagery with the iPhone 4 and 4S; adds benefit of interchangeable wide-angle, fisheye and telephoto lenses in every shot; lenses use a bayonet mount to securely fasten onto the custom iPhone case; also gives users option of attaching the handle on the left or right side; handle enables the phone to be attached to a tripod.

Screen Service Broadcasting ENC 333

High-definition system encodes multiple HD and SD formats; H.264 and MPEG-2 video encoding technique guarantees low output bit rate with flexible ranges from 2Mb/s to 25Mb/s; audio stream is coded using MPEG-1 Layer II, AAC-HE and AAC-LC, or Dolby Digital Pro; A/V elementary streams multiplexed in an MPEG-2 transport stream for output over an ASI link; next to PAT and PMT, PSIP support includes MGT, TVCT and CVCT, while SI support includes NIT, SDT, CAT and TDT.

PlayBox Technology TitleBox Dashboard

Provides remote control of TitleBox objects arranged in a playlist with hierarchical structure, ideal for known events, and full flexibility to add and change events needed in live programs.

SeaChange MSV1200XD

Flash memory-based video server; at 3RU, provides 2.4TB or 4.8TB of RAID 6-protected storage; supports SD and 1080i and 720p HD over dozens of video formats; I/O signals are SMPTE 259M or SMPTE 292M-compliant with up to eight embedded AES pairs and various modes for VBI and ANC; VITC and LTC supported on each SDI I/O.

Shure FP Wireless

Supported with intuitive, flexible components; includes portable receivers and XLR plug-on transmitters; quick setup with just two presses of a button — the first to find a clear frequency and the second to sync with the transmitter; compatible with up to 20 systems simultaneously; XLR and 3.5mm cable receiver output options, single transmitter and dual transmitter system options.

Sierra Video SierraView

Cost-effective way to combine and display multiple images on a single or dual monitors; available in sizes up to 16 inputs in 1RU, or up to 64 inputs in 3RU with a dual multiviewer configuration; ideal for use in control rooms, studios, small broadcast applications and pro AV environments.

Signiant Media Shuttle

Unlike services that store content in the public cloud, provides easy-to-use interface in the cloud but maintains content within the secure control of the enterprise network; easily configured within minutes by media professionals; tools allow work group leaders to brand their own file-sharing site with custom graphics and logos, and to configure notifications and language settings; provides centralized visibility of transfers, including job status, bandwidth usage and user activity.

Small Tree ST10G-28Cat6

24-port 10GigE switch offers video editors the ability to support 10GigE networks without needing expensive optics and cabling; features Layer 2 switching, IP v4/v6 routing, QoS support and management capabilities; built for superior flexibility; enables video editors to edit Pro Res 4444, uncompressed and 2K over affordable, ubiquitous Ethernet.

Wohler AMP1-16M

Monitors embedded audio in 3G/HD or SD-SDI streams; 1RU high; clear display of levels and critical information via 2.4in LED-backlit LCD displays; one-touch monitoring and summing of any selected pair(s) via built-in speakers, headphones or XLR balanced outputs.

Solid State Logic Live-Record

System connects via standard optical MADI, so it can connect directly to MADI-equipped digital mixing consoles, venue audio distribution infrastructure or broadcast routers; presents cost saving opportunities when compared to hard disk recorders or other DAW recorder systems; can record up to 128 channels at 24-bit/48kHz or 64 channels at 24-bit/96kHz.

Sony BVM F250

Reference OLED monitor; delivers outstanding black performance and quick response with virtually no motion blur; has wide color gamut; all-new 12-bit output digital DSP engine provides nonlinear cubic conversion color management for precise color reproduction, picture uniformity; HDMI inputs support up to 1920 × 1080; four option decoder slots for analog, composite, Y/C, components, RGB and digital 3G/HD/SD-SDI.

Telestream Vantage Transcode HE Server

Accelerates transcoding and packaging for multiscreen delivery, including OTT, Web, mobile and IPTV; uses new Telestream LightSpeed technology to produce high-quality images quickly using parallel GPUs, including AMD and NVIDIA, and multicore CPUs, including AMD and Intel; addresses the unique requirements of adaptive bit rate (ABR) workflows to streamline the entire process of source file decoding, video processing, parallelized H.264 encoding, packaging, encryption, quality control and delivery.

Thinklogical MX48

Compact, 6.22Gb/s high-bandwidth system providing complete, end-to-end routing of video and peripheral signals over multimode or single-mode fiber-optic cable; protocol-agnostic router supports DVI, dual-link DVI, 3G, HD, SD-SDI, dual-link SDI, USB HID, USB 2.0 at 480Mb/s, FireWire 800, serial and bidirectional audio; scalable from 16 to 48 ports.

TV Logic LVM series

New LVM-174W and LVM-212W monitors are designed for broadcast OB, TV studio and QC racks; both feature A/B 3G-SDI inputs, as well as HDMI and DVI inputs and closed captioning support; LVM-247W is designed for broadcast QC, production and post production; shares all features of the LVM-174W and LVM-212W, as well as color critical features like a built-in 3-D LUT.


ASI to IP switch enables operators to migrate from ASI to IP transmission without loss in quality or reliability; affords benefits in flexibility and with lower OPEX; provides intelligent redundancy switch-over between MPEG transport streams; ensures reliable transmission by continuously monitoring all inputs and switching seamlessly to the back-up stream if errors are detected or a signal is lost.

Visionary Solutions AVN443

Enables encoding of HD and SD video via an HDMI/DVI-D or SDI input; suitable for all applications requiring cost-effective, low-bit-rate video distribution over IP networks; base model includes 480i SD encoding with closed captioning support; optional modules enable FEC and support for image resolutions of 720p, 1080i or full 1080p60 in an H.264 stream.

WideOrbit Native BXF

Live log integration between WideOrbit's traffic system and its master control system; provides a fully integrated IT and DTV MC system; two-way, real-time information exchange enables electronic logs and immediate dubbing; provides content status, management of outdated assets and purging capabilities; increases reconciliation accuracy; streamlines last-minute log edit and updates segment timings.

Yamaha CL series

A Dante network-based series of three consoles featuring remote I/O; CL5 offers 72 mono + eight stereo inputs with 34 faders; CL3 is a 64 mono input system, with eight stereo inputs, and 26 faders; CL1 console supports 48-mono + eight stereo inputs, with 16 faders plus two master faders.

Canon HJ17ex6.2B

HD lens delivers a broad focal length range from 6.2mm to 106mm (212mm with built-in 2X extender) and a M.O.D. of 0.4m (shortened by approximately 30 percent compared to previous models) for close shooting in news situations.

Vizrt Viz Content Pilot

Now fully integrated with the Viz Media Engine video production system; journalists in the newsroom can search for video clips, edit and save them, and then add them to the story — either as video or as video in graphics from their desktop PCs in the newsroom; for last-minute editing, video clips, images and text can also be edited by the Viz Content Pilot operator in the control room.

Wheatstone D-5.2

Intended for major market live news; each input fader strip includes seven alpha displays for quick visual feedback of current source, alternate page source, A and B presets, bus-minus destination, channel mode and gain setting; features comprehensive IFB capability; includes 18 dedicated mix-minus buses with confidence feeds plus direct mix-minus (bus minus) feeds from every input channel; can be configured from 12 to 128 input faders.


Encodes SD or HD AVC/H.264 content up to 1080p resolution at 30fps; is a full hardware system that does not consume valuable CPU resources because it is based on the VM-4400 ASIC, which offers dedicated AVC/H.264 video and AAC-LC audio codecs; included Imager software enables users to preview, control and schedule their video recordings.