Furman announces three new power management rack-mount solutions for AV professionals

The new voltage regulation, balanced power and battery backup solutions are specifically designed for use with AV equipment
Furman’s new UPS features advanced nonsacrificial surge/spike protection.

Furman has introduced the newest additions to its rack-mount Prestige Series of advanced power management solutions: the P-2400 AR voltage regulator/power conditioner and the P-2400 IT balanced power conditioner. Additionally, the company launched a new battery backup solution, the F1500.

Succeeding Furman's AR-20 II, the P-2400 AR is ideal for providing power to AV equipment in high-current applications, with voltage regulation, power protection and noise filtration at 20A capacity. The unit accepts input voltages from 97V to 137V and converts them to a steady, stable output of 120V (±5V). Voltages approximately ±10 percent beyond that range may be converted to usable levels, depending on the requirements of the equipment.

A successor to Furman's IT-20 II, the P-2400 IT balanced power conditioner is ideal for mission-critical AV installations such as recording, broadcasting and mastering studios, or anywhere that pristine, ultra-low-noise power is necessary. The unit features greater than 80dB of linear common-mode noise reduction provided by an 85lb center-tapped, symmetrically balanced isolation transformer and is GFCI protected with a ground lift switch for 100 percent isolation from line, neutral and ground.

The F1500-UPS provides 1500VA battery backup to prevent data loss and allow orderly shutdown of connected equipment in the event of a power outage. Featuring Furman's advanced nonsacrificial SMP surge/spike protection circuit, Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) and Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), the F1500-UPS provides professional-level protection, filtration and backup with several features engineered specifically for the needs of AV systems. The F1500-UPS is ideal for installed sound systems, DAW workstations and any electronics that risk data corruption or equipment damage in the event of power loss.