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DTV marketplace, part 2

In part 2 of our DTV marketplace we preview more products to be unveiled at NAB2002.
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In part 2 of our DTV marketplace we preview more products to be unveiled at NAB2002.

Nonlinear editors


Pinnacle Systems silver:

Bridges analog and digital domains; includes a scaleable MPEG-2 compression (5 to 50 MBytes/s); includes real-time workflow, InTime processing and open network capability. 650-526-1600; www.pinnaclesys.com
Booth: L10623


Quantel Version 9 for Editbox:

Boosts performance in primary editing, audio management and multi-layer compositing; features tail-free desk editing; new in, out and viewer “tuck” marking; includes folded view editing for faster shot reordering. +44 01635 48222; fax: +44 01635 815815; www.quantel.com
Booth: L8424


Laird Telemedia Dvora:

Professional, real-time turnkey hardware systems, integrated and optimized for your video edit software of choice by Avid, Adobe, AIST, Canopus, DPS, Matrox or Pinnacle; Exact Pentium processor compatibility; all aluminum non-magnetic silver cabinet with advanced air handling system; full tower and rackmounts available. 800-898-0759; fax: 845-339-0231; www.lairdtelemedia.com
Booth: L13818


Inscriber Technology TitleMotion Pro:

Plug-in for Inscriber TitleMotion to add functionality with new 3D text and effects; animated textures over time, animated kerning over time and the ability to apply 3D effects to text and graphic objects over time; graphics plug-in for leading Windows-based nonlinear editors. 519-570-9111; fax: 519-570-9140; www.insriber.comBooth: S3937


Leitch dpsVelocity 8.0:

New version of the dpsVelocity dual-stream real-time nonlinear editing system with real-time Webstreaming directly from the timeline; available as a fully integrated turnkey system or as hardware/software bundle for installation in a Windows 2000 computer; includes multi-camera editing, real-time garbage mattes, interface enhancements and multiple timeline support. 757-548-2300; www.dps.com
Booth: L19511


Avid NewsCutter v3:

Features interoperability with iNews products, new Web publishing features and XP model support for DV 50. 978-640-6789; fax: 978-640-1366; www.avid.com
Booth: L13200


Accom Affinity NLE:

Features Dimension 8.2 software; offers 30 new features including enhancements to the key frame editor, improved EDL support and improved processing speed. 650-328-3818; fax: 650-327-2511; www.accom.com
Booth: S3904


Avid Xpress DV v3:

Offers more than 100 customizable real-time effects, such as dissolves, titles or color effects; features eight video tracks with unlimited nesting for multi-layered compositions, low-cost DVD burner support, and five times faster MPEG encoding. 978-640-6789; fax: 978-640-1366; www.avid.com
Booth: L13200



Editor offers variable frame rate support for Panasonic’s AJ-HDC27V HD Cinema camera; features 10-bit and eight-bit YUV and eight-bit RGB support; system supports all HD and SD formats, including 16:9 aspect ratios and 2K film resolution. 512-835-0400; fax: 512-835-0434; www.boxxtech.com
Booth: S2329


Matrox DigiSuite MAX:

Delivers maximum editing power and creative freedom with more real-time features; analog and digital inputs and outputs is supported to enable users to work in their formats of choice; users deliver in record time on tape, CD and DVD. 514-822-6000; 514-822-6292; www.matrox.com
Booth: S4427


Pinnacle Systems blue:

Delivers editing support for every video format; allows users to mix formats within the same timeline and mix format editing without compromise; eliminats transcoding and the degrading effects of recompression; features real-time primary color correction. 650-526-1600; www.pinnaclesys.com
Booth: L10623

Production switchers, video effects, keyers


Teranex StarFilm:

Incorporates advanced algorithms for grain removal, dirt concealment and noise reduction for SD and HD material; allows the user to work with either NTSC or PAL material, or HD 1080p 23-, 24- or 25-frame film-based material in the same platform. 407-858-6000; fax: 407-858-6001; www.teranex.com
Booth: L5847


Miranda Technologies ARC-101i:

Converts SDI signals from 4:3 to 16:9 and 16:9 to 4:3; features advanced 3D de-interlacing with edge detection; includes a built-in noise reducer and detail enhancer and programmable picture positions. 514-333-1772; fax: 514-333-9828; www.miranda.com
Booth: L10611


Ultimatte matte extraction tools:

Designed for Adobe, Avid, Discreet and other effects and NLE products; provide an intuitive UI design filled with features such as separate shadow channel, smart matte sizing, image decompression and dynamic screen correction. 818-993-8007; fax: 818-993-3762; www.ultimatte.com
Booth: S3914


Teranex Xantus-one:

Offers a cost-effective upgrade path to HDTV in a 3RU unit; features include colorspace conversion, 3:2 telecine, detail enhancement, scene change detection and aspect ratio conversion. 407-858-6000; fax: 407-858-6001; www.teranex.com
Booth: L5847

PIP video inserter

Keywest Technology Big VooDoo:

Affordable broadcast-quality picture-in-picture inserter with digital comb filter and full-time base correction; delivers an easy way to overlay a foreground video image on background video, graphics or text; gives users control over the size and placement of foreground video. 913-492-4666; 913-895-7496; www.keywesttechnology.com
Booth: L11416

HD/SD switchers

FOR-A Corporation of America Hanabi:

Three new versions of the HVS-3000S: the HVS-3000S16, the HVS-3000S24 and the HVS-3000S28; three new versions of the HVS-3000HD: the HVS-3000HD16, the HVS-3000HD24 and the HVS-3000HD28; 3RU high and is suited for remote trucks and live applications. 352-371-1505; fax: 352-378-5320; www.for-a.com
Booth: L10019


FOR-A Corporation of America DSK-50:

Digital IO provides high signal quality with no deterioration; compact enough to carry for productions when additional key layers are required; can be controlled either locally or remotely; accepts two serial digital component inputs; input can be synchronized to either external reference or main line input. 352-371-1505; fax: 352-378-5320; www.for-a.com
Booth: L10019


Snell & Wilcox HD 2524:

Features 24-input, 2.5M/E HD production switcher; can receive more inputs by assignment using external router support; includes 1.5 Gbit/s true HD serial digital operation; features five keyers (two on each M/E and one DSK). 408-260-1000; fax: 408-260-2800; www.snellwilcox.com
Booth: L9837

Satellite equipment


GMPCS Personal Communications TT Capsat Mobile Messenger: Offers rates up to 64 kbits/s; fully automatic tracking antenna with different moving options; 10-32V DC power supply, transceiver and handset cradle plus cables; standard Mini-M voice, fax and data operation at 2.4 kbits/s. 954-973-3100; fax: 954-973-4800; www.gmpcs-us.com
Booth: S9943


Intelsat broadcast video services: Global satellite system provides broadcasters with dedicated television capacity for applications including satellite news gathering and special event and studio-to-studio transmission. 202-944-6864; fax: 202-944-7982; www.intelsat.com
Booth: S9033


Comtech Antenna Systems quick deployable antenna: Antenna offered in either 1.2 meter or 1.8 meter apertures; features easy assembly; case with transmit and receive systems provides a stable base for the Elevation over Azimuth mount. 407-892-6111; fax: 407-892-0994; www.comtechantenna.com
Booth: S9319


Scientific-Atlanta PowerVu D9390: DVB-compliant, QPSK-, 8PSK- and 16QAM-capable modulator designed for single-channel or multichannel satellite transmission; programmer can increase bit rate and add more Mbytes/s. 770-236-6190; 770-236-6464; www.scienticatlanta.com
Booth: S4522



Sony Electronics DNW-A25WS: Enables playback of pictures in 16:9 aspect ratio on an LCD monitor without squeezing the images to handle content in widescreen mode; maintains output capability of the standard 4:3 aspect ratio; includes double deck editing and playback of Betacam and Betacam SP format recordings. 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752; www.sony.com/professional
Booth: L18207, L515


Panasonic iDVR-100 and iDVR-200: Internet-enabled HD MPEG server with built-in DVD-RAM drives; can play back both 24-frame and 60-frame progressive HD images plus stereo or optional 5.1 channel surround sound; plays approximately 30 minutes of MPEG-2 HD encoded video. 800-528-8601; www.panasonic.com/broadcast
Booth: L7214


Panasonic AJ-YA152: Facilitates serial digital input and output of both DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO; supports embedded audio and is compatible with AES/EBU audio; capable of writing and reading VBI signals and LTC I/O. 800-528-8601;www.panasonic.com/broadcast
Booth: L7214


Doremi Labs V1-MP2.HD: Uses MPEG-2 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 compression (up to 300 Mbits/s) for recording and playback of high-definition video; ideal as a playback device for digital cinema and as a drop-in replacement for any high-definition tape machine. 818-562-1101; 818-562-1109; www.doremilabs.com
Booth: L12539


Sony Electronics VSR-2000A: Supports 24 Mbits/s MP@HL high-definition video with up to eight channels of PCM audio; enables a single VSR-2000A to store and play back more than 20 hours of HD video material. 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752; www.sony.com/professional
Booth: L18207, L515


SGI (Silicon Graphics) Media Server: Facilitates simultaneous ingest, data network-based file transfers to the server; features a versatile solution for centralcasting; server can interface with browsing and asset management systems – streamlining the process of re-purposing content for the Web. 800-800-7441; www.sgi.com
Booth: S5418


Masstech Group MassStore: An end-to-end advanced near-line, archive and asset management hardware and system software; provides 1000 to 100,000+ hours of nonlinear audio/video storage; supports long-form and short-form programming. 905-886-1833; fax: 905-886-2155; www.masstechgroup.com
Booth: L20069


Ciprico DiMeda 2400: NAS performance levels exceeding 75 Mbits/s aggregate bandwidth is delivered through a single node; features fault-tolerant dual-node architecture. 763-551-4000; fax: 763-551-4002; www.ciprico.com
Booth: S5733


Avid Unity MediaNet: Networking system offers support for the Avid|DS HD system; increases the number of editors that can work on the same project in real time; decreases file duplications and bandwidth limitations. 978-640-6789; fax: 978-640-1366; www.avid.comBooth: L13200


Panasonic AJ-HD 1600 VTR: Records for up to 124 minutes on a single cassette; can play back all DV-based cassettes; offers eight 16-bit PCM audio channels to accommodate 5.1 surround sound plus stereo sound mixes. 800-528-8601; www.panasonic.com/broadcast
Booth: L7214


Omneon Video Networks Networked Content Server: Maximizes transport of video over high-speed IP networks; channel density has been leveraged through additional interface ports; uses the Extended File System and multiple Directors (servers); configurations provide fault tolerant systems for redundancy. 408-585-5000; fax: 408-585-5099; www.omneon.com
Booth: S20402


SeaChange International BMC 16XX series: Contains 16 drives per cluster node to scale to more than 8200 hours of online storage with up to 56 inputs and outputs; ensures 100 percent fault-resilience from a single media file. 978-897-0100; fax: 978-897-0132; www.schange.com
Booth: L19564


SeaChange International Broadcast MediaServers: Stand-alone video servers use RAID5 storage to scale to 490 hours of storage; handle 4:2:2/4:2:0 MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 media files. 978-897-0100; fax: 978-897-0132; www.schange.com
Booth: L19564


Maxell Professional Media Magnet: Media family includes digital products such as Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, DVCPRO, HD CAM, D-5, D-2 and D-3. 201-794-5900; fax: 201-796-8790; www.maxell.com
Booth: L8964

Studio, facility support, systems integration


Sony Electronics e-Services: Offers customers integrated audio-visual and information technology consulting with comprehensive on-site and online service and support, remote equipment monitoring and training. 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752; www.sony.com/professional
Booth: L18207, L515


Chief Manufacturing 2000 series: Series includes pitch-adjustable wall mount, static mount-portrait/landscape and static wall mount; low-profile flat-panel display mounts with Q-Latch. 952-894-6280; fax: 952-894-6918; www.chiefmfg.com
Booth: L15242


AZCAR systems integration services: Experienced in design and construction of production facilities, program origination centers and SD and HD mobile units, as well as broadcast stations; Distributed Broadcasting solution reduces capital and operating costs for centralization. 724-873-0800; fax: 724-873-4770; www.azcar.com
Booth: L18372


Masterclock TC0100: Generates 30 fps SMPTE and 25 fps EBU time codes; internal precision crystal oscillator provides accuracy of +/-1 minute per year; all functions can be controlled via RS-232. 800-940-2248; fax: 636-724-3776; www.masterclock.com
Booth: L21700


Wohler Technologies VAMP-1: Composite video and two channel analog audio monitor offers the ability to monitor both audio and video from a single analog source; contained in a 2U unit; monitors video in either NTSC or PAL. 650-589-5676; fax: 650-589-1355; www.wohler.com
Booth L11257


Thomson/Grass Valley Group Netcentral: Software monitors the health of SNMP-compliant devices; warns users via e-mail pager, phone or GUI. 530-478-3000; fax: 530-478-3755; www.grassvalleygroup.com
Booth: L19524


Kay Industries Phasemaster MA: General-purpose rotary phase converter provides true three-phase power at its output terminals with each phase shifted 120°; features automatic controls for remote monitoring, surge protectors, transformers and outdoor enclosures for weather protection. 219-236-6220; fax: 219-289-5932; www.kayindustries.com
Booth: L3001


Ward-Beck Systems VMS4: Low-cost system provides four-color LCD video screens in two rack units of space; available with analog inputs or serial digital inputs. 866-771-2556; fax: 503-222-9651; www.ward-beck.com
Booth: L2815


Thomson Multimedia Broadlinx: Designed for Media Networking and Control broadcast products; provides secure monitoring through any Web browser connected to the Internet or a facility’s intranet; provides the means for multiple users; standard on all Trinix routing switchers. 818-729-7700; fax: 818-729-7710; www.thomsonbroadcast.com
Booth: L19524


Videoframe VTECS: Event logging stores signal problems in a database of log messages; flexible configuration allows each customer to decide which parameters to monitor; offers high-speed data connection via Ethernet; features video, audio and GPI signal interfaces. 530-477-2000; www.videoframesystems.com
Booth: L20377


I-Bus/Phoenix IBC 2800 series: Includes the IBC 2801 CompactPCI system master and the IBC 2802 CompactPCI peripheral master; delivers symmetric multi-processing performance with dual low voltage Pentium III processors; fully CPSB PICMG 2.16 compatible to support Ethernet switched fabric backplane architectures. 858-503-3000; fax: 858-503-3005; www.ibus.com
Booth: L17109



Kona-SD is a 10-bit uncompressed SDI video capture and output card with QuickTime compatibility; the Kona-HD is a high-definition video capture and output card; both capture and output video with one channel I/O; features a robust audio system with AES inputs for six channel asynchronous audio at 32 to 96 kHz. 530-274-2048; fax: 530-274-9442; www.aja.com
Booth: L12257


Faraday Technology SDI-002: Interface card accepts D1 serial digits and provides all the necessary filtered analog signals required for eight-bit monitoring on a PCB mounting module; separate mixed syncs; auto 625/525 operation; reclocked SD outputs available. +44 1782 661501; fax: +44 1782 630101; www.faradaytech.co.uk
Booth: L19675


Logitek Electronic Systems Numix Selector Wedge: Advanced control system for the company’s Audio Engine, a digital mixer/router, used for control, tailback and source selection; features a large LCD panel with full color graphics, improved intercom functions and programmable buttons for executing custom commands. 713-664-4470; fax: 713-664-4479; www.logitekaudio.com
Booth: L2937


Evertz HD9155: Designed to facilitate the creation of offline videotapes from field-acquired HD masters; downconverts the HD input video to SDI and analog standard-definition video; can be easily configured using 9150 Configware software utility supplied with the unit. 905-335-3700; fax: 905-335-3573; www.evertz.com
Booth: L11443


Forecast Consoles ImageMaster series: Pre-engineered line of consoles can be used in linear, nonlinear, multimedia and graphics applications. 631-253-9000; fax: 631-253-0277 www.forecast-consoles.com
Booth: L12265


Eyeheight MD-2: Accepts data from any module in the system and uses icons burnt into the SDI picture to warn an operator of a potential problem; can handle up to 50 discrete channels and is configurable to individual customer requirements. +44 1923 256 000; fax: +44 1923 256 100; www.eyeheight.com
Booth: L18263


Image Video RDU-1519: Seventeen-inch display with four channels of audio metering; 0.9” deep; available with 19” rack mounting hardware or a variety of hinged mounting adapters for mounting in front of monitor controls; single and dual display available; analog video VU bargraph meter features 17 segments of resolution; adjustable 0 dB reference point. 416-750-8872; fax: 416-750-8015; www.imagevideo.com
Booth: L4927


Winsted Model T2802: Moves laterally on ADA-recognized anti-tip racks with a patent anti-tip bracket; five-cabinet system holds up to 2940 ¾-inch Umatic or 3500 large Betacam tapes in their cases; the individual shelves are adjustable on 1-1/2-inch increments. 952-944-9050; fax: 952-944-1546; www.winsted.com
Booth: L19520

SDI monitoring card

Evertz Quattro 7765AVM-4: Increases signal monitoring capacity and confidence by analyzing and displaying video, audio and data status information and fault condition alerts for four video inputs simultaneously in a 2x2-matrix format; up to seven Quattro processors in one 3RU frame. 905-335-3700; fax: 905-335-3573; www.evertz.com
Booth: L11443


Broadcast Video Systems VC-1: Enables broadcasters to insert program content data without a full captioning system; inserts data into line 21 of a composite NTSC video source; control via desktop or rack-mounted remote panel, or through RS-232/RS-422. 905-764-1584; fax: 905-764-7438; www.bvs.com
Booth: L20007


A.F. Associates consultation services: Firm engineers and builds advanced systems for centralcasting, video-over-IP, asset management and storage area networks, including a scalable solution for multichannel broadcasting. 201-767-1200; fax: 201-784-8637; www.afassoc.com
Booth: L9116


BBC Technology Broadcast Solutions: Division offers communication, consultancy and broadcast engineering experience; New Media Solutions division provides consultation services for operators and content producers of new platforms. +44 208 6249468; www.bbctechnology.com
Booth: S3952


Marshall Electronics V-R82P-SDI: Rack-mountable LCD monitor features two 8.4-inch active matrix LCD panels; panel contains composite video, SDI and XGA inputs and a three-color tally system; panels have an integral scaler that accepts several resolutions. 310-336-0606; fax: 310-333-0688; www.mars-cam.com
Booth: S3669


Panasonic BT-LH1800 and BT-LH1500: Wide-viewing monitors feature LCD display technology; are NTSC/PAL selectable and standard inputs are composite BNC and S-video; three optional input boards are available. 800-528-8601; www.panasonic.com/broadcast
Booth: L7214

TBCs, frame syncs


DK Audio PT 5201: Compact VariTime sync generator includes all basic features for sync, timing and test signals in one half-rack sized box; configuration is based on a Windows interface making it easy to manage all the timing, test signals and audio features on one screen; modification from factory preset can be saved as a file on a PC hard disk or uploaded to the PT5201 as a setup. +45 4453 0255; fax: +45 4485 0250; www.dk-audio.com
Booth: L21827


Snell & Wilcox Alchemist Platinum: Upgrade features high-definition (2 x HD-SDI) and standard-definition (2 x SDI) outputs; includes a 12-bit 4:4:4 internal processor; has a signal-to-noise ratio less than 72 dB; features a proprietary 46-point interpolation, a CleanCut interpolation, and Genlock, 2 x SDl references. 408-260-1000; fax: 408-260-2800; www.snellwilcox.com
Booth: L9837


HORITA BSG-50: Multiple-output blackburst, sync pulse and audio tone generator; six user-configurable BNC video/pulse outputs; sync signals may be set individually as composite sync, composite blanking, H drive or V drive; also features a separate buffer for each output. 949-489-0240; fax: 949-489-0242; www.horita.com
Booth: L11961

AV synchronizer

Fortel DTV FS-414A: Provides superior analog decoding and digital synchronizing technology; modular design for compact installation, with remote control via Ethernet and is NTSC and PAL switchable; has audio embedding, including video legalizer and color corrector. 770-806-0234; fax: 770-806-0244; www.forteldtv.com
Booth: L21306


Panasonic AJ-FRC27: Converts variable frame rate progressive scan footage captured by Panasonic’s AJ-HDC72 HD Cinema camera; is equipped with both HD-SDI and analog composite outputs; features a front-panel VTR-type control panel. 800-528-8601; www.panasonic.com/broadcast
Booth: L7214

HD test signal generator

Ensemble Designs Avenue 7405: Provides four HD serial digital outputs and genlocks to tri-level sync or composite video; offers a wide variety of test signals that are user selectable; supports 1080i, 1080p, 720p and 1080sf; modules can be updated with current software as new formats and test signals are added. 530-478-1830; fax: 530-478-1832; www.endes.com
Booth: L18351


Leitch ARC-6001: Dual standard (525/626) serial digital 270 Mbits/s aspect ratio converter supported in the Genesis platform; allows conversion from ratios such as 4:3, 14:9, 16:9, and 21:9 to 4:3, 14:9, 16:9, and 21:9 and will perform picture aspect ratio conversion on a video signal under GPI control or automatically. 800-231-9673; fax: 757-548-0019; www.leitch.com
Booth: L19511


Leitch NEO Prism: Provides synchronization, processing, and multiplexing and demultiplexing of both video and audio signals on a single module; includes composite video encoder synchronizers, video decoder synchronizer products, audio/video routing and distribution for signal transfer, and Diamond Audio compression. 800-231-9673; fax: 757-548-0019; www.leitch.com
Booth: L19511


Pixel Instruments VS5200: Features a 10-bit frame synchronizer; includes a built-in TBC with auto mode select; transcodes from any selected input to all outputs simultaneously; has a wide range output timing and digital proc amp. 408-871-1975; fax: 408-871-1976; www.pixelinstruments.com
Booth: L20744


Prime Image Model Digital 50 III: Includes full proc amp control on all inputs; features freeze control for either field or a frame, and full-time or selectable composite color bar generator. 408-867-6519; fax: 408-926-7294 www.primeimageinc.com
Booth: L12253


Adrienne Electronics AEC-BOX-8: LTC generator with video sync input; generates DF/NDF play speed LTC locked to the video input (if present). 702-896-1858; fax: 702-896-3034; www.adrielec.com
Booth: L5950


Axon Digital Design Synapse: Allows for embedding and de-embedding in frame synchronizers, video A/D and D/A converters; features a minimum of four relocked outputs, the ability to swap channels in embedded audio and a jitter-trap in its cards with SDI I/O. +31 13 511 6666; fax: +31 13 511 4151; www.axon.tv
Booth: L19277


Cobalt Digital Model 4035: 4:2:2 serial digital input to analog component, composite, S-video and two SDI outputs; features auto NTSC/PAL detection and configuration, external configuration switches and a built-in color bar generator. 217-344-1243; fax: 217-344-1245; www.cobaltdigital.com
Booth: L12070


Ross Video ADC-8032A: NTSC/PAL to 4:2:2 decoder employs Faroudja decoding technology and advanced signal processing; handles all types of signals, including satellite and microwave feeds; features five-line adaptive comb filter. 613-652-4886; fax: 613-652-4425; www.rossvideo.com
Booth: L11429

Test and measurement


Acterna Optical Network Management System (ONMS): Offers operators significant commercial advantage through increased productivity, reduced network down time and easier, faster network provisioning; monitors the physical and optical layers of the fiber network from a single, stand-alone Remote Test Unit; Web-enabled. 301-353-1550; fax: 301-353-9080; www.acterna.com
Booth: S8863


Magni Systems AVM-510A: Waveform monitor and vectorscope with four-channel audio level mastering and automated measurement screens; includes Incidental Carrier Phase Modulation, Differential Gain and Differential Phase monitoring features. 503-615-1900; fax: 503-615-1999; www.magnisystems.com
Booth: L10853


ESE ES-229: Allows for aligning monitors, tape leader or for checking the signal fidelity of a color system; generates RS-170A full-field bars or black burst via a BNC composite output and one S-video output; front panel dip switches allow selection of auto-black, color bars/black, interlace/progressive, NTSC pedestal on/off, Chroma on/off and PAL mode. 310-322-2136; fax: 310-322-8127; www.ese-web.com
Booth: L5327


Pixelmetrix DVStation-Q: Features four hot-swappable port version of DVStation for remote applications; compact, rack-mountable device is only 2RU high; includes two hot-swappable redundant power supplies. 954-472-5445; fax: 954-472-6989; www.pixelmetrix.com
Booth: L10643


Hamlet Video Digi Scope: Provides the same high level of functionality and ease of integration but without the integral screen, displaying on any external monitor (SDI, component YUV or RGB, composite or SVGA) wherever the measurement display is required. +44 1494 793 763; fax: +44 1494 791 283; www.hamlet.co.uk
Booth: L12500


Tektronix AD920: Battery-powered unit identifies faults and reduces downtime; ensures reliability in networks that distribute video, audio and data in digital formats; designed for broadcast installation, maintenance and field service. 800-835-9433; www.tektronix.com
Booth: L8411


Tektronix MTX100: Captures and plays out MPEG-2 data streams at the high data rates needed to verify and troubleshoot designs for high-performance consumer and professional video products and systems. 800-835-9433; www.tektronix.com
Booth: L8411


Videotek VTM-420HD/SD: Monitors and measures picture, waveform, vector and audio on a single high-resolution XGA monitor; adds 601 processing to the existing inputs, Ethernet connectivity, closed-caption monitoring, auto-detect of HD or SDI, and expandability of up to 24 inputs. 610-327-2292; fax: 610-327-9295; www.videotek.com
Booth: L10631


Videotek VTM-150: Offers a VGA monitor output for the simultaneous viewing of all the information needed for sophisticated monitoring and measuring of waveform, vector, audio and other information superimposed over black or picture. 610-327-2292; fax: 610-327-9295; www.videotek.com
Booth: L10631


Sencore TMS1780: Offers both 8-VSB RF and MPEG-2 transport stream monitoring and video/audio decoding in one package; inputs allow users to analyze both the input to the DTV transmitter and the RF output. 605-339-0100; www.sencore.com
Booth: L20035

SDI Monitor

Leader Instruments LV 5700: Rasterizer; XGA TFT color LCD tilt panel; total digital processing; 20 HD+SD-SDI 525/625; Ethernet; digital audio de-embedded displays surround; bargraphs; hex readout all data; AC/DC operation standard; optional auto-HD eye. 800-645-5104; fax: 714-527-7490; www.leaderusa.com
Booth: L6145


Sencore TS1692: Offers up to four inputs and four outputs; user can specify ASI, SMPTE 310M, DVB-Parallel, DHEI or any two combinations; allows up to 200 Mbits/s to or from the storage hard drive; plays transport streams continuously. 605-339-0100; www.sencore.com
Booth: L20035

TV transmitters, antennas, RF products


Modulation Sciences msi 189: Provides simultaneous all-mode reception for SAP, stereo and monaural audio via balanced, line-level KLR connectors; features a stable synthesized tuner; uses dual antennas inputs; operating channel is selected by jumpers inside the receiver. 800-826-2603; fax: 732-302-2060; www.modsci.com
Booth: L5210


Motorola, Broadband Communications Sector SE-1000: Compact MPEG-2 encoder with front panel controls; ATSC and DVB compliant; designed to optimize for low-bit-rate applications. 215-323-1880; fax: 215-323-0245; www.motorola.com/broadband
Booth: S5412


Teracom Components RF systems: RF systems for TV and DTV; complete range of components, including filters, combiners, antennas, connectors, rigid line and engineering software. 207-627-7474; fax: 207-627-7473; www.teracom-c.com
Booth: L1515


Radyne ComStream/Tiernan THE-1: Supports both broadcast and distribution applications; provides compliant ATSC or MPEG-2 transport streams as well as stand-alone PSIP support with programmable parameters; when operating under the MPEG-2 profile transport stream, data rates of up to 108 Mbits/s are available. 602-437-9620; 602-437-4811; www.radynecomstream.com
Booth: S8020


Northrop Grumman Electron Devices L-4200 series: Next generation of high-power broadcast tubes for the UHF television industry; operates at peak powers up to 130 kW; offers a 50 percent improvement in efficiency compared with a standard IOT when operated in digital service. 570-326-3561; fax: 570-326-2903; www.littonedd.com
Booth: L6256


Andrew RingFlare: Connectors now available for LDF5-50B, 7/8" HELIAX coaxial cable; fewer parts than standard connectors to simplify attachment; connectors feature unique expandable spring clamping ring, which automatically flares the cable’s outer conductor as the connector is tightened. 708-349-3300; fax: 708-873-8574; www.andrew.com
Booth: L9111, S8433


Radio Frequency Systems Broadband Omnislot UHF Antenna: Covers up to 120 MHz and powers up to 120 kW TPO; ideal for stacked arrangements; extends the capability of stacked broadband solutions when mounted on top of a broadband UHF panel array. 203-630-3311; fax: 203-239-9260; www.rfsworld.com
Booth: L9337


Harris Ranger series: Specifically developed with medium-and small-market broadcasters in mind; available in 460W or 900W power output ratings; offer functionality not previously available in a low-power transmitters; can be outfitted with Harris’ CD-Eye 8-VSB monitoring software and real-time adaptive correction. 513-459-3400; fax: 513-701-5323; www.harris.comBooth: L5414


EMCEE Broadcast Products TTU1000CQ: 1000W UHF, portable, worldwide agile TV transmitter with instantaneous front panel tuning and multiple frequency conversion; color standards NTSC, PAL, SECAM; transmission systems M/N, B/G, D/K, K1, I; fully broadband from 470 through 806 MHz; LDMOS circuitry; frequency agile synthesizer. 570-443-9575; fax: 570-443-9257; www.emceebrd.com
Booth: L6522


Eimac K2D150W and K2100W: IOT has a peak power output of 150 kW with 37 kW average power for DTV service; provides 100 kW peak-of-sync output (visual only) or common mode output of 84 kW peak-of-sync visual combined with 8.4 kW aural. 650-594-4004; fax: 650-952-9988; www.eimac.com
Booth: L6517

Dualband Antenna

Dielectric Communications TUV-M and TUV-L: New additions for the low- and mid-band (Channels 2-6) VHF broadcaster who has a UHF DTV channel with limited tower capacity or aperture; super-turnstile antenna for VHF service. 207-655-8152; fax: 207-655-7120; www.dielectric.com
Booth: L2915, L8442


Rohde & Schwarz NM 7010: 1 kW VHF transmitter: medium-power transmitters in the range of 500W to 2 kW; features a digital exciter, a MOSFET amplifier, power supply and air cooling; includes a channel and harmonic filter. 410-910-7832; fax: 410-910-7801; www.rohdeschwarz.com
Booth: L5510


Jampro Antennas/RF Systems JTW: High-power traveling wave UHF slot antenna for DTV applications; horizontal, elliptical or circular polarization; top- or side-mounted; standard and custom directional patterns; beam tilt and null fill available; smooth elevation pattern. 916-383-1177; fax: 916-383-1182; www.jampro.com
Booth: L6127


Bird Electronic BPM series: Series comprises true average-responding sensors that attach to a multifunction power meter or directly to a PC via an RS-232 cable; true average responses with a minimum of 10 dB operating headroom for stable and accurate power indications. 440-248-1200; fax: 440-248-5426; www.bird-electronic.com
Booth: L1742


Larcan MAGNUM: Scalable on site from 2.5 kW to 20 kW; “hot pluggable” broadband RF modules for any frequency, no tuning required; patented 2X power PA circuitry, LDMOS technology; remote monitoring and control; redundant amplifiers and power supplies; built-in diagnostics; flexible air cooling distribution system. 905-564-9222; fax: 905-564-9244; www.larcan.com
Booth: L9122


SpectraSite Broadcast Group community broadcast facility: Allows multiple broadcasters to use a common transmission site in order to shorten project timelines and preserve capital; SpectraSite obtains the site, gets zoning approval, and builds and manages the facility. 888-468-0112; www.spectrasite.com
Booth: L6841


Ai (formerly Acrodyne Industries) Quantum QEXD1: Remote parameter monitoring available; alternative to going low power in NTSC or DTV, QEXD1 offers a budget-conscious version of high-power Quantum in a single-cabinet, single tube system. 410-568-2105; fax: 410-568-1546; www.acrodyne.com
Booth: L8457


Thales Broadcast & Multimedia Affinity: Designed to be frequency-agile; available from 10W to 400W average output power; fully compatible with the DVB-T and ATSC standards; features an advanced embedded software for alignment and system management. 413-569-0116; fax: 413-569-0679; www.thales-bm.com
Booth: L8700


Marconi EEV klystrons: Range of EEV klystrons fits most transmitter types; extends from the older unpulsed tubes to modern wideband types; includes the latest Energy Saving Collector klystrons. 914-592-6050; fax: 914-592-5148; www.marconitech.com
Booth: L11118, L1628


Thales Broadcast & Multimedia DCX Millennium: An enhanced version of Thales’ DCX; offers a dual DSP system that continuously analyzes the transmitter’s power output, a wide range of VSWR foldback and ultra-linear 8-VSB average power detection. 413-569-0116; fax: 413-569-0679; www.thales-bm.com
Booth: L8700


Ai (formerly Acrodyne Industries) Quantum Convertible: Transmitter features Quantum technology without the IOT, cavity and related power supplies; can be configured from 250W to 1 kW average DTV power; available with wraparound correction. 610-917-1300; fax: 610-917-8148; www.acrodyne.com
Booth: L8457


Axcera Innovator DT VHF: VHF version of the Innovator DT solid-state transmitter; updated with MOSFET transistors; works with DT2B ATSC modulator for high efficiency; uses ADE linear and nonlinear adaptive correction. 724-873-8100; fax: 724-873-8105 www.axcera.com
Booth: L9353

Video routing


Utah Scientific UTAH-400: Expands seamlessly from 64x64 to 1000x1000 and beyond; product line includes HD and SD digital video switchers and a digital audio switcher; all SD switchers are fully upgradable to HD operation by means of an I/O board exchange. 801-575-8801; fax: 801-537-3099; www.utahscientific.com
Booth: L15254

A/V switcher

Folsom Research PresentationMASTER: Designed specifically for systems integrators; supports true seamless switching and superior scaling technology for professional A/V presentations; features eight universal A/V inputs that accept composite (NTSC/PAL), S-video, component, computer and HD video. 916-859-2505; fax: 916-859-2515; www.folsom.com
Booth: L14824


PESA Switching Systems 3500Plus: Available as a single or dual controller; includes one RS-422 and two RS-232 ports for remote communications; compatible with all existing RCP series control panels; supports “truck link” applications. 800-328-1008; fax: 631-845-5023; www.pesa.com
Booth: L8449


Extron Electronics ISS 408: Provides seamless, glitch-free switching between inputs; fully configurable for all video types; offers eight inputs, dual outputs and a built-in scaler; has 33 scaled output rates including HD. 714-491-1500; fax: 714-491-1517; www.extron.com
Booth: L13218

Master Control SWITCHER

Quartz QMC: Includes an internal, dual-channel 10-bit built-in DVE; controllable through the automation system; offers cleaner signal path; features HD signal chassis; allows any combination of panel applications to interoperate. 888-638-8745; www.quartzus.com
Booth: L22419


Leitch Opus: Includes 8:4:4 video processing, which provides 2X over-sampling of the video signal; features full program and preset bus transitions, including mix, vee, fade-out and cut-fade as standard; can be configured in a multi-panel, multi-frame network and has optional two-channel effects and also key borders. 800-231-9673; fax: 757-548-0019; www.leitch.com
Booth: L19511


Sigma Electronics ADX: Offers return loss of -15 dB min. 5 MHz to 270 MHz, data rate of 400 Mbits/s, overshoot of 10 percent maximum and BNC connectors. 717-569-2681; fax: 717-569-4056; www.sigmaelectronics.com
Booth: L10669

High-Definition serial digital video routing switcher

Datatek D3000: Accommodates all data rates from 3 Mbits/s to 1.5 Gbits/s in a compact rack mounting frame; fully equipped for 128x128 HD serial digital video; two outputs per destination are included, reducing the need for distribution amplifiers; the D3000 can be used for both HD and SDI. 908-654-8100; fax: 908-232-6381; www.dataeknj.com
Booth: L6727


Thomson Multimedia Trinix 512x512: Fits into a small 32RU chassis footprint without the need for external wiring or distribution amplifiers; expanding from 256x256 to 512x512 or from SD to HD in 32 I/O increments required just plugging in additional circuit modules. 818-729-7700; fax: 818-729-7710; www.thomsonbroadcast.com
Booth: L19524


Thomson/Grass Valley Group Concerto series: Compact router features FlexFram platform; allows users to mix formats within a single frame; users can change a 32x32 system to a 64x64 configuration with a single card, and take advantage of an optional TDM backbone for audio data. 530-478-3000; fax: 530-478-3755; www.grassvalleygroup.com
Booth: L19524


ParkerVision XSWITCH: Provides complete system control and redundancy for the PVTV News line of live production automation systems; gradually switches to live production from traditional live news operations; consolidates all switching and routing requirements. 800-532-8034; 904-731-0958; www.parkervision.com
Booth: L5503


PESA Switching Systems Cheetah: Handles any signal from 3 Mbits/s up to 1.5 Gbits/s; features four standard frame sizes; build I/O modules in groups of 16; single or dual outputs are available. 800-328-1008; fax: 631-845-5023; www.pesa.com
Booth: L8449


Ross Video Talia series: Includes matrix sizes from 16x16 to 256x256; allows for flexible and full HD bandwidth routing; provides intuitive and comprehensive configuration; optional integrated tally available. 613-652-4886; fax: 613-652-4425; www.rossvideo.com
Booth: L11429

Router Gateway

Leitch CCS: Shallow, 1RU protocol translator that provides Ethernet and/or SNMP connectivity to any Leitch routing system over most standard LAN, MAN or WAN connections; applications include Ethernet connectivity to a Leitch router system for RouterMAPPER, RouterWORKS, Ethernet-based control panels and Leitch’s CCS. 800-231-9673; fax: 757-548-0019; www.leitch.com
Booth: L19511


Chyron Pro-Bel Mistral: Features built-in analog and digital signal conversion for video and audio; different formats can be mixed and matched within the same frames; supports up to 128x128. 631-845-2000; fax: 631-845-3888; www.chyron.com
Booth: L12200


Crystal Vision SW808: SDI 8x8 crosspoint routing switcher; 100 mm x 266 mm module; DVB-ASI compatible; timing information is provided by either SDI or analog references; inputs and outputs can be named for ease of use. +44 1223 506515; fax: +44 1223 506514; www.crystalvision.tv
Booth: L23006


Sierra Video Systems G.R.I.P.: Uses a Windows-based, standard routing interface GUI with basic router commands; allows system configurations to be programmed and stored; features programming and launching salvos directly from your computer. 530-478-1000; fax: 530-478-1105; www.sierravideo.com
Booth: L8937

Wire, cable, connectors


Belden Electronics 1505F: New version of the 1505A RG-59 precision digital video coax for use in patch panels and jumpers; features a stranded center conductor and a double braid shield; mates with all 1505A BNC connectors. 765-983-5200; fax: 765-983-5294; www.belden.com
Booth: L6445


Switchcraft SWC MVP AND SWC VAP: New line of mid-size video jacks, patchcords and patchbays, including the SWC MVP and SWC VAP. 773-792-2700; fax: 773-792-2129; www.switchcraft.com
Booth: L5649

Flat Cable

Extron Electronics BNC-6 RC: Rugged, flexible low-profile cable designed to lie flat under carpet and in areas with a substantial amount of foot traffic; comprised of six color-coded coax conductors with 75V BNC connectors for an RGBHV signal; a sixth conductor is included for composite video or as a spare. 714-491-1500; fax: 714-491-1517; www.extron.com
Booth: L13218

10-channel high-definition video snake

Gepco VS10230: Thin-profile, extra-flexible remote video snake that utilizes Gepco’s high- definition miniature 23 AWG coax; ideal for remote production applications in standard or HD digital video formats; provides a convenient and rugged way of transmitting digital video signals within a single cable. 847-795-9555; fax: 847-795-8770; www.gepco.com
Booth: L4929


Trompeter Electronics 250: Allows for 40 percent greater connector density in a given area; designed for high-frequency digital applications; features 75V impedance throughout the entire HD frequency range. 800-982-2629; www.trompeter.com
Booth: L6731