Digital Alert Systems' New VIDS, DASDEC Gear on the Way

(Image credit: Digital Alert Systems)

Digital Alert Systems will have a handful of new products to showcase this spring, plus a couple of programs that are designed to boost customer experience.

Highlighting DAS’ offering at the show will be Visually Integrated Display Symbology, which was developed in collaboration with DigIt Signage Technologies/ChyTV. The goal of this VIDS technology is to improve the visual presentation of emergency alerting information on video displays, with the system guiding the implementation of emergency warning graphic interfaces, including the addition of dynamic elements. When used with DAS’ EAS-Net communications protocol, VIDS displays both a text crawl and symbolic element corresponding with the current alert state. In addition, icons for specific type of alerts can remain after the text has completed its required display cycle.

DAS also has a new version of its DASDEC software, v4.2, that it will display at the show. The upgrade is for the system to meet advanced Emergency Alert Systems/Common Alerting Protocol compliance. The latest features of this upgrade include new tools for managing digital security certificates, as well as expanding two additional secure interfaces under EAS-Net.

The latest version of the HALO specialized management system is also part of DAS’ plans. HALO combines engineering, operations and compliance functions into a single user interface and now features the Advanced Authentication Module, which supports integration with several single sign-on systems for monitoring EAS device status, gathering consolidated alert reporting and maintaining insight and control of an EAS infrastructure.

DAS will also tout a pair of customer service plans for attendees, a Software Assurance Plan and the UP-TRADE Program. The Software Assurance Plan provides all software updates in exchange for an annual fee ($200 per unit), as well as discounts on repairs and any software license keys. The UP-TRADE program, meanwhile, enables customers to upgrade their existing hardware at standard cost while transferring all license keys, configurations files, hardware options and EAS logs to a new platform for a labor charge.

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