CNBC Pakistan installs Pebble Beach automation

The new CNBC newsroom in Pakistan has installed a Neptune automation system

Pebble Beach Systems installed its multichannel Neptune system at the new CNBC facility in Karachi, Pakistan. This system will provide the playout capabilities for two new news studios, which are due on air later this year.

Pakistani company VNTV, which is supported by NBC-Universal-owned CNBC, and will have full access to the CNBC global program network, owns CNBC Pakistan. When it goes to air later this year, the channel will broadcast a 24-hour mixture of locally sourced and international business television programs in both Urdu and English.

At CNBC Pakistan, the Pebble Beach Neptune automation system will control a seven-port Omneon video server, five VTRs and an NVision master control switcher. The system also interfaces to ENPS using the MOS protocol. This MOS interface supports rundown imports from ENPS and dynamic updates. They are also user-definable fields enabling important information to be transferred from the newsroom system to the automation system. The CNBC Pakistan system will start as a two-channel unit but has been designed to expand to control other channels if the need arises.

Television Systems designed and integrated the new facility.

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