Audio-Technica announces 6GHz SpectraPulse wireless at InfoComm

The SpectraPulse system offers secure transmission and freedom from interference through the use of its pulse-based transmission system.

At the recent InfoComm show in Anaheim, Audio-Technica introduced SpectraPulse, a pulse-based ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless microphone system. A completely new application of UWB technology, SpectraPulse operates in the 6GHz range, bypassing congested RF environments to deliver clear, intelligible audio without the performance and setup issues associated with conventional wireless systems. Using wireless boundary mics, the system uses up to 14 simultaneous channels without RF competition, frequency hunting/coordination, white space issues or infringement from other wireless systems or radio sources. Audio response is optimized for voice intelligibility.

Audio-Technica partnered with Multispectral Solutions to develop the product. Multispectral has previously developed ultra-wideband systems for communications, radar and geo-positioning. The SpectraPulse system represents one of the first commercial sound implementations of UWB technology, which has recently been licensed for indoor commercial use by the FCC. The technology allows the wireless transmission of data in short-duration pulses over a wide spectrum of frequencies. Operationally, a series of nanosecond pulses, occupying an instantaneous bandwidth of 500MHz within the 6GHz frequency spectrum, arrives at a single receiver in precisely timed sequences. The SpectraPulse system incorporates the technology to decode these pulses, making the system inherently secure and preventing signal interception by other wireless systems. For a higher level of security, Audio-Technica will offer an optional encryption package that meets the AES 128-bit encryption standard developed by the U.S. government.

SpectraPulse components include: the mtu101 microphone transmitter unit; drm141 digital receiver module; aci707 audio control interface; and cei007 charger encryption interface. The mtu101 microphone transmitter unit features a programmable touch-sensitive switch and nine-hour rechargeable battery life. The digital receiver module consists of an integrated UWB antenna and 14 channels of digital wireless transceiving, with power and data carried over a Cat 5 connection. The aci707 audio control interface is in a 1RU package for the demultiplexing and audio output of up to seven channels. Seven distinct line/mic level audio outputs are provided on standard Phoenix-type connectors. A separate charger/encryption unit charges up to seven mtu101s and allows for encrypting of the mtu101 units using optional encryption software.

In operation, the receiver module is connected to an equipment rack via standard shielded Cat 5 cable. In the rack, two audio control interface units can be used to handle 14 separate microphone channels through the single receiver. Each mic transmitter is switched to a separate address and the system is ready to go. Audio-Technica expects to begin shipment during Q4 of this year.

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