Echolab Introduces Powerful Overture Series Production Switchers

Overture1™ and Overture2™ Offer Unique Combination of Power, Flexibility, and Ease of Use in Creating Visually Stunning Live Productions BILLERICA, Mass. -- Feb. 25, 2008 -- Echolab Corporation, a leading provider of professional video production ...
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Overture1™ and Overture2™ Offer Unique Combination of Power, Flexibility, and Ease of Use in Creating Visually Stunning Live Productions

BILLERICA, Mass. -- Feb. 25, 2008 -- Echolab Corporation, a leading provider of professional video production switchers and broadcast tools, today announced the release of the high-performance 1-M/E Overture1™ and 2-M/E Overture2™ production switchers, available in standard definition (SD) and multidefinition (MD) models. Both of these innovative systems combine internal conversion and synchronization with powerful key layering and special effects to provide simple control over complex production tasks and, in turn, streamline creation of a sophisticated on-air look.

“The Overture series builds on the success of our popular Opera dual-format production switchers, supporting flexible and reliable live production while introducing additional keyers and rich new transition, layering, and keying features that enable easy application of stunning effects,” said Echolab President Nigel Spratling. “Internal conversion, synchronization, and still stores eliminate the need for external systems, further streamlining the workflow and reducing expenses associated with external equipment.”

In addition to four ME keys and two downstream keyers, which enable title keying for graphics, logos, and bugs, the Overture family features unique SuperSource™ crosspoint keys that make it easy to achieve expert transitions with minimal effort. Rather than tie up existing switcher keyers, the SuperSource feature adds three new keyers that allow the operator to build a custom layout, which can consist of up to three sources using three keyers, available through a crosspoint button. With this keying capacity, SuperSource also makes it easy for the operator to transition in and out of a two-box shot.

A DVE key in each “take block” enables instant transition effects, and the MD Overture systems offer as many as four channels of DVE with warp and lighting effects. Robust DVE capabilities are complemented by as many as 34 internal graphics/still stores.

The Overture systems also feature the unique new Stinger™ transition, a special “take block” keyer with combined mix/wipe and graphic control that reduces complex animated transitions to a single button press. While this type of transition can be very difficult to set up, the Stinger feature keeps it simple by managing timing issues and ensuring successful execution of the transition. Like the SuperSource feature, the Stinger transition leaves existing keyers free for other uses.

Echolab designed the Overture series for ease of use, and customizable features come standard with each switcher. Overture1 and Overture2 include user-customizable RGB mnemonics, typically an expensive switcher option for other systems, and user-definable graphic macro keys. Overture2 boasts 10 macro buttons that can be programmed to execute any task.

Overture switchers accept up to 32 multiformat analog and digital signals and provide as many as 16 multiformat outputs. Internal frame synchronization helps to ensure the quality of effects, and integrated up/crossconversion within MD models streamlines switching of video in multiple formats. By eliminating the need for genlocked sources and external A-to-D converters when working with sources such as DVD players, satellite, remote studios, and microwave links, the Overture systems simplify installation and significantly reduce overall system costs.

Internal frame stores allow unused inputs to be loaded with often-used stills. This frame store option provides easy access to graphics and can even replace a dedicated clip/still store in some applications. Because frame stores can be assigned to any input, they offer tremendous flexibility within a streamlined workflow and help minimize the need to reconfigure wiring. Stills can be captured from any input or loaded via PC, CG, or other device. An FX pack adds DVEs, linear and chroma keyers, and extended clean-feed and DSK functions to the switcher‘s functionality.

Built on the same award-winning System on Chip (SoC) technology used in Echolab‘s Opera™ switchers, the Overture1 and Overture 2 accept and deliver both digital and analog signals without the need for external analog-to-digital converters. Users can choose between analog or digital input modules to customize the switcher for each production environment. Simultaneous dual-format output is standard on every system, allowing the switcher to be integrated into analog facilities without the need for additional gear. Both systems are available with either of Echolab‘s award-winning Opera (SD) or OvationMD™ (MD) video production switchers, giving users the flexibility needed for fluid, cost-effective growth.

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