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Evertz Is Perfect Fit in GC’s ‘RiverHawk’

July 24, 2014
HUDSON, N.H.—Game Creek Video is a mobile television production company that specializes in remote sports and high-end events. We have a fleet of 19 mobile production units, and in the course of a year cover numerous sporting events throughout the United States and Canada. Some of these include the World Series, Super Bowl and the Daytona 500.

During the past 21 years, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest television networks, production companies and news organizations to provide the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art mobile production solutions.

For several years, we’ve aggressively developed new facilities to ensure that our trucks are equipped with the most advanced cutting-edge technology. As signal routing is crucial to what we do, our production vehicles have one very important component in common: Evertz routing systems backed up by Evertz infrastructure components. To date, we have installed 14 Evertz EQX high-density video routers in our fleet.

The interior of Game Creek’s RiverHawk truck showing the Evertz EQX high-density routing system.
The robust and reliable nature of Evertz signal routing platforms is second to none and this has led us to equip all our fleet vehicles constructed since 2010 with Evertz routers—as well as the company’s modular and control solutions. These installations include our latest vehicle, the “RiverHawk,”— which just rolled out this June and will be used for CBS NFL broadcasts this fall—and also our soon-to-be-released “Spirit” mobile production facility.

The Evertz equipment package in RiverHawk includes a 576 x 1152 EQX core video routing system, Evertz EMR 4096 x 4096 audio router, Evertz Magnum unified control system, and a wide array of Evertz modular gear. And we’re also using Evertz’ VistaLINK SNMP monitoring system to keep tabs on everything.

The EQX router delivers high-quality broadcast signal routing with support for signals ranging from 3 Mbps all the way up to 3 Gbps and is contained in a compact 26RU frame. The system has significantly reduced the amount of cabling in our trucks, resulting in less weight, more space and lower installation and operating costs. The Evertz routing system has become a standard component in our production facilities.

With Evertz’ routing and control systems at the core, we are extremely confident in the operation and reliability of our mobile units. Evertz’ EQX, EMR and Magnum routing products are among the most powerful production tools in the new RiverHawk and we expect to rely on them heavily.

With Evertz routing systems and modular gear support systems built into our trucks, we know that we are consistently delivering the most advanced, state-of-the-art fleet of mobile production units possible, and that we are working with an accomplished and reliable team of experts to help ensure that the some of the biggest events happening in the world are going to be televised flawlessly.

Paul Bonar is vice president of engineering at Game Creek Video. He may be contacted at

For additional information, contact Evertz at 877-995-3700877-995-3700 or visit

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