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Apantac Launches New 4K Multiviewer at NAB 2013

Apantac will launch its new TAHOMA ULTRA 4K Multiviewer at NAB 2013, booth N4613.


TAHOMA ULTRA-4K Multiviewer boasts four outputs for driving a single ultra hi-res monitor with 4K resolution (3840x2160 pixels). This offers outstanding high quality resolution for multi-image display processing and monitoring.  It is ideal for high-end applications that use 4K monitors or a 2x2 video wall consisting of four 1920x1080 displays. 


The TAHOMA ULTRA-4K is based on the TAHOMA DE, LE, and DL platforms.  TAHOMA DE platform supports the “universal” family of multiviewers that accept both computer and broadcast signals - 4-16 HDMI,DVI, VGA, YPbPr, YC , Composite as well as 3G/HD/SD-SDI sources for multi-image display.  The TAHOMA LE platform supports composite inputs all the way to 3G inputs. The TAHOMA DL supports a mix of both multimedia and broadcast types of inputs.


As with all TAHOMA Multiviewers, the TAHOMA ULTRA-4K includes an integrated CATx extender for extending video and computer sources up to 115 feet.    


TAHOMA DE-ULTRA and DL-ULTRA are compatible with TAHOMA Cynergy, a software option that lets users control all computer inputs on one or multiple TAHOMA Multiviewers with a single mouse and keyboard.    It features a seamless interface between a single mouse and keyboard with all computers that are part of the TAHOMA Multiviewer system. For example; users can move the mouse across all windows on a single display or multiple displays, as well as copy and paste information betweenc onnected computers. 


The entire Apantac TAHOMA platform utilizes a skin technology that allows users to customize their on-screen display of graphics including; borders, labels, fonts, tally LEDs, clock faces, logos, embedded audio, discrete audio meters and audio / video alarms.  Video windows on the display may include multiple labels, and support UMD, OMD, IMD and standalone labels. 


The entire series of Apantac TAHOMA Multiviewers offer a robust and cost-effective solution for virtually any multi-image display processing application whether in government applications, education & distance learning, corporate or medical, and traditional control room or broadcast and professional AVe nvironments. TAHOMA Multiviewers hardware offers a sleek and attractive unit with redundant power and several control methods: via the front panel buttons, a simple preset panel, the Apantac ASCII protocol, via a Control Module with GPI inputs assigned to presets, and the Apantac Director software - a configuration and control application. 


Apantac will be at NAB 2013, N4613.


About Apantac LLC

ApantacLLC ( is a leading designer and developer of high quality, cost effective image and multiviewers, video walls, and signal processing equipment. The Apantac product line has been specifically designed to provide users with a flexible and innovative technology solution for signal extension andprocessing.


The Apantac product line includes; Multiviewers, video walls, extenders, switches, splitters, matrices, fiber optic extenders, HDBase-T solutions, RS232 converters and accessories and compact DA’s, converters and embedders.  These products are sold globally through direct selling channels, a growing network of dealers, system integrators, OEM’s and various other partners.


Apantac was founded in 2008 and is a privately held company with its headquarters located in Portland, Oregon, USA. 

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