Monday / 8:29AM
FCC Chair Encourages Broadcasters to Enter Incentive Auction
In a Tuesday address at the 2014 NAB Show, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler refuted claims that he’s the broadcasters enemy, while at the same time encouraging them to participate in the incentive auction,
Monday / 8:09AM
Researchers Demo Gigabit Wireless at 58-63 GHz
Researchers at the University of Bristol have been investigating short-range wireless communication in the millimeter-wave band (58-63 GHz).
Thursday / 9:49AM
FCC Opens New 5 GHz Spectrum for Unlicensed Devices
The FCC has modified rules for operating Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure devices in the 5 GHz band.
Thursday / 8:42AM
FCC Issues Latest Round of Experimental Licenses
The FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology's has issued some new licenses to cover experimental operations.
Wednesday / 8:32AM
Satellite Update for April 3, 2014
A review of the latest FCC actions affecting the satellite industry.
Friday / 10:21AM
KLCS and KJLA Issue Channel-Sharing Report
CTIA–The Wireless Association released this information this morning.
Thursday / 11:28AM
Experiment Raises Possibility of Multiparty Quantum Communication
If you've been following the world of quantum science, you've probably seen the example of quantum entanglement shared between "Alice and Bob."
Monday / 1:24PM
Repacking Report Summary From Fletcher, Heald and Hildreth's Steve Lovelady
Comments on the Widelity Report are due April 21.

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