Remembering the Early Days of L.A. Television
For most of us, it’s difficult to imagine a world devoid of television, or for that matter, a world where there were only one or two channel choices and television service was limited to just a few hours per day.
Amazon’s Agenda Fits Streaming Expectations From Researchers
500 MHz
What Tom Said: The Push for Drones
Locating Shows Becomes a Cross-Platform Challenge
McAdams On: Title II Overkill
Broadcast’s Future Depends On Consumer Electronics
The More Things Change
McAdams On: 2015
Archiving: Maintaining Relevance for the Future
Education Episodes Are Made For Multiplatform Release
2014: A Year Not Unlike Others
In 2014…
McAdams On: FCC Schism and its Impact on the Auction
Is ATSC 3.0 for Real?
McAdams On: Our Clunky Tech
Friday / 10:00 AM
DTV Interference, Repacking and the FCC
Heading for bad reception?
Tuesday / 01:00 PM
AT&T Tests LTE Broadcast Tech at College Football Playoff
Ohio State University may have won the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship, but mobile carrier AT&T scored big as well by offering the first demonstration of its LTE Broadcast technology during the game at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
Tuesday / 06:00 AM
Eleven FCC Scenarios for The 600 MHz Band Plan
In its recent Report and Order, the FCC revealed 11 scenarios under consideration for a 600 MHz Band Plan following the spectrum auctions.
Monday / 05:22 PM
FCC Proposes Top Station Opening Bids Totaling $39 Billion
The FCC is shooting to open the TV spectrum incentive auction with bids for just the top station in each market totaling more than $39 billion.
Monday / 01:23 PM
FCC Comments Urge Allocation of Spectrum Above 24 GHz for 5G And More
There’s a lot of interest in 5G from just about every segment of the communications industry, except broadcast and public safety/land mobile.
Monday / 01:09 PM
Ofcom Consults on 5G Mobile Technology for the U.K.
Ofcom's time line shows commercial deployment of 5G technology beginning in the early 2020s.
Monday / 01:06 PM
Ericsson Granted License for 15 GHz Testing in Plano, Texas
Experiment will use two experimental 5G base stations and one piece of experimental 5G mobile user equipment.
Monday / 12:52 PM
Beartooth Adds VHF and UHF Voice and Data Communication Capability to Smartphones
Beartooth is software-defined radio that interfaces with supported iOS and Android devices and includes a battery to double smartphone battery life.

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