McAdams On: TV Stations With No Signal
What if this weren’t a hypothetical question: Can a TV station exist as a local news operation without a signal?
Gearing Up for the 2015 NAB Show
What Tom Said: Hollywood Stays In Control (For Now)
Remembering the Early Days of L.A. Television
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Locating Shows Becomes a Cross-Platform Challenge
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In 2014…
Thursday / 05:18 PM
NAB Petitions FCC to Shut Down White Space Database
That whole white space database honor system is just not working out.
Thursday / 05:10 PM
Google White Space Database Registered Fixed Devices
These parties had registered unlicensed devices for use in TV white spaces as of March 19, 2015, according to Google.
Tuesday / 04:50 PM
FCC Repack Protection Application Deadline is Official
The Federal Communications Commission’s May 29 deadline for TV license applications became official this week on publication in the Federal Register.
Monday / 03:16 PM
WABC-TV Files Interference Complaint Against Verizon
WABC-TV, Disney’s flagship ABC station, is asking federal regulators to enforce interference protection measures against Verizon.
Friday / 10:00 AM
DTV Interference, Repacking and the FCC
Heading for bad reception?
Tuesday / 01:00 PM
AT&T Tests LTE Broadcast Tech at College Football Playoff
Ohio State University may have won the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship, but mobile carrier AT&T scored big as well by offering the first demonstration of its LTE Broadcast technology during the game at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
Tuesday / 06:00 AM
Eleven FCC Scenarios for The 600 MHz Band Plan
In its recent Report and Order, the FCC revealed 11 scenarios under consideration for a 600 MHz Band Plan following the spectrum auctions.
Monday / 05:22 PM
FCC Proposes Top Station Opening Bids Totaling $39 Billion
The FCC is shooting to open the TV spectrum incentive auction with bids for just the top station in each market totaling more than $39 billion.

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