Wednesday / 3:43PM
WBU Calls for Preservation of TV Spectrum Worldwide
The World Broadcasting Union is calling on governing bodies around the world to preserve the UHF spectrum for television transmissions.
Tuesday / 2:42PM
Ham Operator Gets $22,000 Fine for Hogging Frequency
A Michigan ham radio operator is being fined $22,000 for frequency hogging.
Friday / 10:44AM
ATBA Petitions for ‘Blanket Extension’ or Waiver of New LPTV Construction Deadlines
Group seeks construction deadline extension for new LPTV stations; flags FCC requirement for premature new facility construction.
Friday / 10:27AM
Presidential Advisory Council Proposes 'Model City' to Test Spectrum Sharing
Council recommends establishment of a public-private partnership to support experimentation and development of policies, technologies and system capabilities for spectrum sharing.
Friday / 10:15AM
N.Y. LPTV Faces Problem With Digital Flash-Cut Proposal
WLNY-TV is experiencing a problem with a planned digital flash-cut for its Channel 17 LPTV operation.
Monday / 4:01PM
Feds Launch Spectrum-Sharing Model City Project
The federal agencies in charge of managing radio frequency spectrum are launching a project to develop a test bed for dynamic spectrum sharing.
Thursday / 2:27PM
Latest FCC Broadcast Station Totals Shows Increase in Class A TV Stations
One surprise was the number of Class A UHF stations actually grew from 379 to 384.
Thursday / 2:22PM
DARPA Wants to Create Jam-resistant Comm System With 10 GHz Bandwidth
DARPA is soliciting for innovative research proposals to explore the feasibility of a wideband spread-spectrum RF communications system with greater than 10 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth in its Hyper-wideband Enabled RF Messaging effort.

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