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The pace of industry consolidation as well as our industry’s move towards IP were never more evident than at last month’s IBC Show in Amsterdam.
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Monday / 08:42 AM
FCC Proposes Delaying LPTV Digital Transition
It seems clear that there won't be enough spectrum available after repacking to accommodate LPTV and TV translator stations.
Monday / 08:29 AM
Qualcomm Granted Licenses to Test 3.6 GHz LTE in Three States
List includes experimental licenses for operation in amateur radio VHF and UHF bands.
Monday / 08:21 AM
Samsung Unveils Plans for 4.6 Gbps Wi-Fi
At these speeds, a 1 GB movie will take less than three seconds to transfer between devices and uncompressed HD videos can be streamed directly from mobile devices to TVs in real-time.
Monday / 11:07 AM
WLIG-LP Waiver Could Open More Spectrum for LPTV
The engineering work done by WLNY and accepted by the FCC in the waiver request could possibly be used by other LPTV operators looking for displacement channels in or near markets where there are land-mobile operations on channels 14-20
Monday / 11:05 AM
NIST Uses Quantum Properties of Atoms to Measure Field Strength
Potential applications include measuring and optimizing densely packed electronics, including radar and wireless communications
Monday / 11:02 AM
ViaSat Delivers 1 Mbps Throughput Next-gen L-band Terminals
ViaSat achieved the 1 Mbps rate by efficiently balancing power and bandwidth over the LightSquared satellite
Monday / 10:54 AM
Ethertronics Claims RF Chip Provides 30 Percent Spectral Efficiency Improvement
LTE network operators now have a way boost data bandwidth and reliability without adding new spectrum. Ethertronics says its new EtherChip EC459 “Plug and Play” RF chip improves spectral efficiency by 30 percent
Monday / 10:51 AM
DVB-T2/HEVC Trial Begins in Berlin
Media Broadcast has launched a large-scale trial to evaluate digital terrestrial TV distribution system DVB-T2 in combination with the new compression standard HEVC/H.265 in Berlin

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