Friday / 3:21PM
PWS Coordinates Frequencies for Univision Awards Show
Professional Wireless Systems was backstage with a custom RF entertainment and intercom package to manage frequency coordination for the10th annual Premios Juventud awards show on July 17 at the BankUnited Center in Miami.
Friday / 1:42AM
House Committee Hears Testimony on LPTV and Translator Protection Act
Act may not fully protect LPTV and translator interests.
Wednesday / 3:43PM
WBU Calls for Preservation of TV Spectrum Worldwide
The World Broadcasting Union is calling on governing bodies around the world to preserve the UHF spectrum for television transmissions.
Tuesday / 2:42PM
Ham Operator Gets $22,000 Fine for Hogging Frequency
A Michigan ham radio operator is being fined $22,000 for frequency hogging.
Monday / 3:34AM
McAdams On: LPTVs
Low-power broadcast licensees powerful friends on Capitol Hill, for all the good it does them.
Friday / 11:36AM
EIBASS FCC Filing Flags Interference Problems in 2 GHz BAS Bands
The impact of TLPS and AWS-5 services on two BAS channels may have been underestimated or ignored.
Friday / 11:04AM
FCC Outlines Rules for AWS-3 Federal Spectrum Use By Non-Feds
Successful bidders for AWS-3 spectrum will have to coordinate use with federal incumbents.
Friday / 10:44AM
ATBA Petitions for ‘Blanket Extension’ or Waiver of New LPTV Construction Deadlines
Group seeks construction deadline extension for new LPTV stations; flags FCC requirement for premature new facility construction.

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