Broadcast’s Future Depends On Consumer Electronics
As the 2015 International CES was winding down, there was enough news out of the show indicated that—when it comes to gaining a foothold with millennials who disdain the concept of “television”—broadcast television has its work cut out for it.
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Monday / 01:23 PM
FCC Comments Urge Allocation of Spectrum Above 24 GHz for 5G And More
There’s a lot of interest in 5G from just about every segment of the communications industry, except broadcast and public safety/land mobile.
Monday / 01:09 PM
Ofcom Consults on 5G Mobile Technology for the U.K.
Ofcom's time line shows commercial deployment of 5G technology beginning in the early 2020s.
Monday / 01:06 PM
Ericsson Granted License for 15 GHz Testing in Plano, Texas
Experiment will use two experimental 5G base stations and one piece of experimental 5G mobile user equipment.
Monday / 12:52 PM
Beartooth Adds VHF and UHF Voice and Data Communication Capability to Smartphones
Beartooth is software-defined radio that interfaces with supported iOS and Android devices and includes a battery to double smartphone battery life.
Tuesday / 01:00 PM
FCC Reveals 600 MHz Band Plan
Previous versions by the FCC had a guard band between the lower end of the 700 MHz band and the data in the 600 MHz band.
Monday / 10:03 AM
2015 CES: Qualcomm, Ericsson Show Shorter Wavelength, Faster Data Solutions
Ericsson's exhibit focused on the Internet of Things and increased wireless speeds via 5G, while Qualcomm showed unlicensed LTE technology using 5 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum.
Monday / 09:53 AM
Ofcom Updates U.K. Position on WRC-15 Issues, Will Seek to Protect UHF TV
U.K. telecom regulator Ofcom released an update on UK preparations for the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15) taking place Nov. 2-27 in Geneva.
Sunday / 07:00 PM
An Inexpensive Setup for Rapid DTV Field Measurements
In my column a few months ago (“Using ASTER for More Accurate Coverage Studies,” Oct. 1), I described how the ASTER terrain database with its 1 second resolution and rough heights of manmade structures could be used with John Magliacane’s SPLAT propagation software to estimate TV coverage in urban areas

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