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Thursday / 10:05 AM
NAB Requests Expedited Review of Spectrum Auction Lawsuit
The National Association of Broadcasters is asking an appeals court to expedite consideration of a lawsuit the association filed earlier this month against certain portions of the FCC’s plan to auction broadcast spectrum in 2015.
Thursday / 11:22 AM
NAB Files Petition Challenging FCC's TVStudy Methodology
The National Association of Broadcasters this week filed a petition for review with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit challenging certain elements of the FCC's broadcast spectrum incentive auction order.
Monday / 05:46 PM
Petitions to Reconsider Incentive Auction Rules Due Sept. 15
The FCC’s spectrum incentive auction rules will become official Oct. 14, according to publication in the Federal Register, which also triggers the deadline for official challenges like the one filed Monday by the NAB.
Monday / 05:26 PM
NAB Sues FCC Over Incentive Auction Rules
The broadcast lobby has asked a federal court to enjoin the Federal Communications Commission’s post-incentive auction TV station repacking methodology.
Friday / 09:05 AM
L-3 to Evaluate VHF Broadband Technology
Should VHF TV stations be worried about wireless carriers going after their spectrum?
Monday / 06:34 PM
Vendor View, Rich Redmond, GatesAir
Broadcasters are looking for highly efficient transmission solutions that have low total cost of ownership, with software upgradability to allow for 4/8k transmission on their timetables
Friday / 09:24 AM
No-Power Wi-Fi Uses Backscatter to Exchange Data
Regular readers of RF Report will know that Wi-Fi signals have been used to locate people in a house and that devices have been built that can harvest RF energy in the air from high-power broadcast transmitters
Friday / 02:43 AM
How Will IBI Affect DTV Reception After Repacking?
Last month, we discussed third-order intermodulation products seldom covered in the technical literature: 2Fa + Fb, and 2Fb + Fa. We started with spectrum plots for two unmodulated carriers at the center of Ch. 9 (189 MHz) and Ch. 11 (201 MHz).

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