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For most of us, it’s difficult to imagine a world devoid of television, or for that matter, a world where there were only one or two channel choices and television service was limited to just a few hours per day.
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Monday / 09:00 AM
Audio Innovations From 2015 CES, NAMM
With CES and NAMM behind us we’re successfully through the first couple of industry-related trade shows of 2015.
Friday / 03:56 PM
AES Conference to Target Immersive Audio
Top audio engineers will come together in Hollywood next week to hammer out the steps necessary to deliver immersive audio, in which discrete sounds come at a listener from nearly any part of the room or auditorium.
Thursday / 02:27 PM
Video Clarity Shipping RTM, ClearView With Optional Dolby Digital+
Video Clarity Inc., is now shipping its RTM real-time audio and video monitoring and ClearView line of video quality analyzers with optional built-in decoding of Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus audio in SDI or IP video streams and files.
Sunday / 06:00 PM
Is Audio Quality a Thing of the Past?
One of the most eye-opening and simultaneously disheartening experiences I’ve ever had as an audio engineer happened during an AES Atlanta student workshop where I was volunteering.
Monday / 04:00 AM
Pro Audio Boards Continue to Evolve
Demands placed on audio engineers who work in the television industry continue to escalate, and the vendors who serve their needs continue to refine their products.
Friday / 02:03 PM
Telos Announces Audio Systems as Omnia Rep in Egypt
The Telos Alliance has appointed Audio Systems as the exclusive Omnia Audio distributor in Egypt. Audio Systems SAE operates out of Cairo.
Tuesday / 11:00 AM
Acoustic Design for Multichannel Audio Control Rooms
As the shift to 5.1 and beyond surround sound mixing rooms continues—with the potential for immersive audio on the horizon—there have been some new thoughts on the internal acoustical design.

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