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This is directed to anyone thinking about selling their TV spectrum based on the $45 billion in auction proceeds projected by the FCC.
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Wednesday / 01:00 PM
Hitachi’s Z-HD6000 HDTV Production Camera
Studio-configuration cameras have advanced technologically a great deal in the last few years, and Hitachi is a strong contender in this area.
Wednesday / 01:10 AM
Panasonic Introduces AW-HE130 3MOS HD Integrated Camera
Atomos said is has completed its first production run of the 4K Shogun, and will be shipping soon. Atomos rolled out the shipping version of Shogun at IBC in September.
Monday / 12:58 AM
ARRI Rental Atlanta is Open for Business
ARRI announced that Vice President Ed Stamm will oversee the new ARRI Rental office in Atlanta, which is open for business as of today, Monday, Nov. 3.
Thursday / 09:52 PM
What’s New in Large Format Sensor Cameras
Large-format single-sensor cameras have today taken over a significant part of the professional camera market, especially for 4K production.
Monday / 09:04 AM
REDucation Workshop in London
The goal of the REDucation effort is for professional working cinematographers to gain a hands-on knowledge with practical training and teaching of the RED EPIC (MYSTERIUM-X and DRAGON) and SCARLET camera systems for both on set practices and postproduction practices from other working cinematographers.
Thursday / 01:56 PM
Bexel Picks Up More Grass Valley LDX XtremeSpeed Cameras and K2 Dynos
Grass Valley is expandling camera sales to Bexel with 10 LDX XtremeSpeed 6X ultra-slow-motion cameras as well as eight K2 Dyno Replay Systems.
Wednesday / 01:53 PM
Panasonic Ships New VariCam Cameras with Docking Recorder
Panasonic is introducing two VariCam models to cover the range of high-end applications from live broadcasting to film and episodic TV production.
Tuesday / 11:00 AM
Panasonic’s AJ-PX270 Micro P2 Camcorder
Panasonic has now released VariCam technology in a much smaller, less expensive package.

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