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McAdams On: TV Stations With No Signal
What if this weren’t a hypothetical question: Can a TV station exist as a local news operation without a signal?
Gearing Up for the 2015 NAB Show
What Tom Said: Hollywood Stays In Control (For Now)
Remembering the Early Days of L.A. Television
Amazon’s Agenda Fits Streaming Expectations From Researchers
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What Tom Said: The Push for Drones
Locating Shows Becomes a Cross-Platform Challenge
McAdams On: Title II Overkill
Broadcast’s Future Depends On Consumer Electronics
The More Things Change
McAdams On: 2015
Archiving: Maintaining Relevance for the Future
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In 2014…
Friday / 10:08 AM
Thomson Video Networks Release MediaFlexSuite
Thomson Video Networks announced the launch of the MediaFlexSuite, which enables digital TV operators to process content from many sources for delivery on a variety of platforms
Friday / 01:00 AM
What Tom Said: Hollywood Stays In Control (For Now)
There was a brief moment recently, when the debate over what would be the future of movie distribution ventured into dangerous territory for Hollywood.
Tuesday / 09:00 AM
Amazon’s Agenda Fits Streaming Expectations From Researchers
Woody Allen. Philip K. Dick. Ridley Scott. The New Yorker.
Wednesday / 04:03 PM
Judge Hands Fox and Dish a Draw
A federal judge has split the sheet on the spat between Fox and Dish over the satellite TV provider’s Hopper time- and place-shifting technologies.
Tuesday / 04:42 PM
FCC Seeks More Input on Closed Captioning
Closed-captioning rules are still being sorted.
Monday / 05:24 PM
University Broadcaster Implements Myers’ ProTrack
Myers announced the implementation of their ProTrack software platform for JSU-TV. JSU-TV, an affiliate of America One network, is owned by Jackson State University in Jackson.
Monday / 05:15 PM
Maxcom Telecomunicaciones Adopts Broadpeak for OTT
Broadpeak announced that Maxcom Telecomunicaciones selected Broadpeak technology for its OTT multiscreen service offering.

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