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Monday / 05:09 PM
Sonnet Introduces New Optical Thunderbolt Cables
Sonnet Technologies introduced a new line of optical Thunderbolt cables designed to connect computers and devices over longer distances in a variety of production environments.
Monday / 04:44 PM
Avid Resumes Trading on NASDAQ
Avid announced that it has received approval to list its common stock on The NASDAQ Stock Market, LLC effective with the open of trading on Monday, Dec. 8, 2014. The company will continue to trade under the symbol AVID.
Tuesday / 05:28 PM
Sonnet Announces Ultra-High-Performance PCI Express SSD Card
Sonnet Technologies announced the Tempo PCIe SSD PCI Express solid state drive card with a 512 GB SSD module, as the newest member of the Sonnet Tempo family of storage cards.
Wednesday / 12:59 PM
Matrox VS4 Quad HD Capture Card Supports Telestream Wirecast 6.0
Matrox Video announced the immediate availability of support for Telestream Wirecast 6.0 for Windows with the Matrox VS4 quad HD capture card.
Tuesday / 12:13 AM
Sonnet Announces Thunderbolt Pro P2 Memory Card Reader
Sonnet Technologies announced its new single-slot P2 memory card reader with a Thunderbolt interface.
Monday / 02:45 AM
Creating Different Concepts Of Reality Through Editing
Editors rejoice. Every year the Creative Arts Awards given out by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences heralds the greatest achievement in our craft.
Wednesday / 02:00 PM
Discovery Launches New Audio Edit Suites
As Discovery Communications launches more feeds around the globe, the volume of audio work at the Discovery Creative and Technology Center in Silver Spring, Md. is increasing
Friday / 02:00 PM
‘Drunk History’ Revives Oral Storytelling
Toward the beginning of “Honolulu” when Rodrigues was joshing with Waters about doing another whiskey shot and we heard his voice say, “Laugh with me.

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