Pay-TV Market Shakeup Or Shakedown?
Will 2015 mark the death of the pay-TV bundle? Probably not, but events of the past few weeks have suggested that it may be on life support.
Cord-Cutter Gear: Three Antennas and a Pre-amp
Programmatic Ad Technology Proliferates
What Tom Said: About Richard Friedel
Closing FCC Field Offices Could Lead to ‘RF Anarchy’
NAB 2015: Notes From the Floor on Three-Sensor 4K Cameras
McAdams On: The Ongoing Transition
What to Expect at 2015 NAB
McAdams On: TV Stations With No Signal
Gearing Up for the 2015 NAB Show
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500 MHz
What Tom Said: The Push for Drones
Friday / 02:00 PM
NAB 2015 Drone Review
With news departments chomping at the bit to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to augment their news coverage, the 2015 NAB Show featured the largest gathering of professional drone manufacturers yet.
Monday / 10:00 AM
Delivering Live (Very) Remotes
The operation is based out of Churchill, Manitoba, and we employ a rather unique vehicle supplied by Frontier North Adventures that’s referred to as a “tundra buggy.”
Thursday / 03:21 PM
ENG Trucks: A Conversation With AMT’s Tom Jennings
There has been a revolution in television acquisition gear in the past 10 years, as equipment has gotten smaller, faster and more capable.
Thursday / 02:36 PM
Q&A: Ron Futrell on ArrowData’s ENG Drone Waiver
TV Technology queried Ron Futrell of ArrowData about the company’s pilot and its intended deployments.
Thursday / 02:04 PM
Drone ENG Approved for Las Vegas
Drone-based electronic newsgathering is official in Las Vegas. The Federal Aviation Administration granted a commercial drone waiver to ArrowData,
Tuesday / 05:37 PM
Drone Rules Tweaks Sought for Night Flight, Over Bystanders, Beyond VLOS
News organizations need to fly drones at night, over bystanders and beyond an operator’s visual line of sight, among other things.
Tuesday / 09:49 AM
Panel Discussions Focus on Future of Drones in Cinema, Production and Business
The use of drones in cinematography, commercial production, and more than 300 identified commercial market applications will be addressed in detail by a panel and speakers participating in a daylong series of seminars taking place this Thursday, April 23, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan.
Tuesday / 09:31 AM
NAB 2015: DJI and TVU Deliver ENG Drone Pack
TVU Networks and DJI announced the release the Aerial Newsgathering Pack.

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