Friday / 2:58AM
Trilogy to Show Virtual Comms Control at IBC
Trilogy Communications' new, redesigned virtual control panel is now available for PCs, laptops, phones and tablets in either wired or wireless configurations, so no matter how a user wants their comms to work, everyone can join the conversation.
Thursday / 11:54PM
Call for Comment: Best IBC SWAG
Yes, stuff. We all get it at trade shows, whether you’re a trade press editor begging for food or a real customer trying to figure out the exact status of a product set for delivery ‘real soon now,’ you’ve likely received SWAG.
Thursday / 11:29AM
Vendor View, David Cutts, Strategy & Technology (S&T)
It is clear that what consumers want is a common experience: whether they are watching a conventional over-the-air (OTA) linear television channel, an over-the-top (OTT) linear streaming service, or on demand content, they want to select it and watch it the same way on the screen of their choosing.
Thursday / 10:11AM
IBC Conference Day One: Broadcast, IP & the Future
This broadcast/IP interaction has impacts across the creation, management and distribution of content, and Thursday’s sessions will examine where we are in the process while considering the all-important issue of spectrum allocation. Also set for discussion are new opportunities for monetisation, with targeted ads and real-time bidding systems opening up. Sessions also look at innovations in news production, and consider the future of rolling news channels.
Wednesday / 5:17PM
IBC2014: Gearhouse to Show OBLite Built on Ross openTruck Blueprint
The main operational upgrade sees the trailer’s production workflow redesigned using Ross Video’s new innovative openTruck blueprint, ensuring increased efficiency, video quality, and the ability to quickly reconfigure the trailer for different events.
Wednesday / 1:32PM
Harmonic IBC Presence to DSNG DVB-S2X & -CID Encoders
The new Ellipse 3102 and Ellipse 3202 contribution encoders offer a range of advanced capabilities.

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