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What if this weren’t a hypothetical question: Can a TV station exist as a local news operation without a signal?
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Friday / 01:53 PM
NEP Installs Cobalt Digital openGear for Boxing Coverage
EP has installed 30 Cobalt Digital openGear multiviewer cards in to one of its mobile units. NEP’s NCPXIV B, which is dedicated to supporting boxing coverage
Thursday / 01:40 PM
MTVG to Offer 4K/UHD Mobile Production Unit
Mobile TV Group is getting ready to unveil its 4K/UHD mobile production unit, expected to be ready in mid-to-late 2015
Tuesday / 09:17 AM
Mobile TV Group Picks Lynx Technik Yellobrik Fiber for Outside Broadcasting
Mobile TV Group has purchased two yellobrik CWDM fiber systems from the Germany-based modular interface provider LYNX Technik AG for its high definition production trucks
Thursday / 04:37 PM
Bluebell Opticom Announces ShaxX Hybrid Cable Power Inserter for Broadcast Cameras
Designed to provide full bi-directional signaling and power for broadcast cameras fitted with standard SMPTE 304M hybrid connectors.
Wednesday / 04:19 PM
Dejero Launches HD Version of Live+ for iOS
Dejero has launched the latest version of the LIVE+ Mobile App for iOS devices, turning iPhones and iPads into 'mini-studios'
Tuesday / 03:55 PM
Ericsson: More People Will Watch On-Demand Than Broadcast in 2015
This year will mark the first time consumers will watch more streamed or on-demand video than broadcast TV over a weekly period, according to an interim edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report
Tuesday / 10:25 AM
Danish Broadcasting Corp. Goes Live from the North Pole
In today’s world, freedom of the press often means also having the ability to communicate – to convey the stories that need to be told from wherever they are around the world.
Monday / 01:23 PM
FCC Comments Urge Allocation of Spectrum Above 24 GHz for 5G And More
There’s a lot of interest in 5G from just about every segment of the communications industry, except broadcast and public safety/land mobile.

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