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Friday / 11:00 AM
TabletTV Planning U.S. Launch on KOFY-TV
TabletTV will be using some of KOFY-TV's digital bandwidth to offer on-demand features.
Friday / 09:46 AM
IBM, Ericsson Collaborate on 5G Antenna Designs
Phased-array design will allow 100 antennas and radios on a single chip smaller than a credit card in size.
Thursday / 04:41 PM
Dejero Releases Live+ NewsBook Software for Mac
The NewsBook software bonds multiple cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite connections to create an aggregated data path for the transmission of high-quality, low-latency video.
Thursday / 03:00 PM
FCC Chairman Warns of Lack of Interest in 600 MHz Spectrum
In remarks for the 2014 CTIA show, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler cautioned, “Whether or not wireless carriers show up with sufficient demand to incent broadcasters to participate is something only you control...”
Tuesday / 10:43 PM
EBU Proposes Safeguards for Broadcast Spectrum
In a report submitted to the European Commission’s High Level Group, the European Broadcasting Union this week expressed concern that spectrum used for broadcasting be protected in light of moves to repurpose portions of the airwaves for wireless broadband.
Wednesday / 03:10 PM
Lyon Video Installs Calrec Console in Newest Mobile Production Truck
Mobile production company Lyon Video has installed an Apollo digital audio console from Calrec Audio in its new outside broadcast truck, Lyon 14.
Tuesday / 11:44 AM
Tablet TV Prepares for San Francisco Beta Tests
Tablet TV will allow users to watch and record live over-the-air HDTV signals anywhere available and will also allow on-demand packages for downloading in conjunction with local broadcasters—all without a cellular connection.
Thursday / 06:00 PM
IBC2014: Second Screen Seachange?
It is still too early to say whether the FIFA World Cup definitively moved the goalposts when it comes to the second screen, but all the signs are that it probably did. The figures associated with everything to do with its online consumption are nothing short of astonishing.

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