It’s All Just ‘Television,’ Or Is It?
I’ve spent a considerable amount over the last few years working on projects that examine what television broadcasting will be like in the future.
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Sunday / 08:32 PM
Peer Profile, Mike Ransome, Presteigne Broadcast Hire
Sports people, in particular, are keen to learn how to use 4k origination, to get more post options and for eventual Ultra HD delivery. On top of that, we will also be looking at new RF technologies like meshes – we provide a complete wireless camera and microphone service for our clients when required, and this is an area which is advancing quickly.
Sunday / 03:09 PM
Vendor View, Warren Arenstein, Primestream Corp.
The amount of content that users are collecting is growing exponentially and content creators are going back to the beginning to examine their digital asset management strategies – with an emphasis on systems that can scale and give access to users from anywhere.
Sunday / 02:31 PM
Vendor View, Shawn Carnahan, Telestream
Customers want to be prepared for 4K although there is limited deployment right now. 4K is especially relevant to today’s production sector, where there is anticipation of a need for delivery at that resolution.
Sunday / 09:27 AM
GoalCam System for Russian Hockey League
The GoalCam system will be installed and maintained by SportsSolutions, a systems integration company that provides equipment and services for stadiums and sports federations in Russia. The company was also one of the major equipment contractors for the Arena Sever Stadium.
Friday / 07:06 AM
Collaborative Production at IBC
At IBC 2014 in Amsterdam, arvato Systems will be providing information about the range of VPMS features. The company will focus on how huge quantities of data, constant pressure on time, and location- independent collaborative working are characteristics of the daily challenges journalists in TV broadcasters and production houses face as they create their content. A flexible and powerful IT structure is needed to deal with these demands, says arvato.
Thursday / 04:23 PM
ADDERLink Infinity in the Spotlight at IBC
The ADDERLink Infinity range enables operators and computing resources to be separated by almost any distance, with no loss in capabilities and no reduction in video resolution or quality. The latest firmware upgrade brings further benefit to users with faster switching, presentation switching, security enhancements and a guaranteed 60 frames per second, full frame video performance.
Thursday / 04:09 PM
Tedial Maximises Efficiency with DPP Compliance at IBC
MAM technology solutions specialist Tedial has announced further enhancements to its workflow with support for the UK Digital Production Partnership (DPP).The availability of DPP support in Tedial solutions is in line with the DPP ‘live’ date of the 15h October.
Thursday / 07:57 AM
New Production Logging Software at IBC
Pronology will introduce ProLogger, a dedicated standalone production logging software application. ProLogger works seamlessly with the established Pronology platform as well as offering a data export pathway into industry-standard NLE systems.

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