Repercussions of Wheeler's 'Online Video' Blog
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is seeking to put broadband/online video onto a level playing field with cable and satellite carriers, including their relationships and requirements to retransmit broadcast channels.
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IBC Reflections
Forward Thinker
C-SPAN Pay Wall Spotlights Multiplatform Challenge
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Monday / 01:05 AM
DPP Is Ready to Roll
Are you prepared for a new U.K. delivery standard?
Sunday / 11:47 PM
BHV Easy-DC Brings Power to Powerless
The series brings a solution to any situation where local powering is difficult or impossible.
Sunday / 12:00 AM
Transvideo 5-inch OLED Monitor Has H.264 Recording
Advanced functionalities include H.264 recording and playback, metadata reports on PDF, and metadata extraction from Sony and ARRI camera (RED coming soon). .jpg snap-shots are also available.
Friday / 01:45 PM
Video Production With UAVs: A Conversation With Tom Hallman
The Federal Aviation Administration recently cleared the way for six companies to use unmanned aerial vehicles for shooting film and television projects. Pictorvision was one of the companies that received approval from the FAA for commercial drone applications, so BE Extra thought it would be good to find out what this means to film and television producers.
Thursday / 04:22 PM
'Wedlock' Shoots with Canon C300 Cameras
When director Ross Partridge and cinematographer Doug Emmett were in pre-production on their nine-episode web series Wedlock, they knew that a cinematic, shallow depth-of-field look would be essential to make their show stand out.
Wednesday / 02:00 PM
Discovery Launches New Audio Edit Suites
As Discovery Communications launches more feeds around the globe, the volume of audio work at the Discovery Creative and Technology Center in Silver Spring, Md. is increasing
Monday / 10:30 AM
ABC's ‘Rising Star’ Is Born Through Social Media
Many singers hope to belt out a tune and raise the roof, but this summer the singers on ABC’s summer reality program “Rising Star” were hoping to raise the wall instead.
Friday / 03:58 PM
Ross Video EMEA HQ Opens at Pinewood Studios
Ross Video announcee the opening of the company’s latest facility, based at the legendary Pinewood Studios to the west of London.

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