The Masked Engineer
In 2014…
Every piece of technology in my household became obsolete.
McAdams On: FCC Schism and its Impact on the Auction
Is ATSC 3.0 for Real?
McAdams On: Our Clunky Tech
Auction-Displaced LPTV Costs Could Reach $1 Billion
McAdams On: Caveat Auctor
HBO, CBS Raise OTT Profile
McAdams On: SMPTE
Repercussions of Wheeler's 'Online Video' Blog
What Tom Said: About Appointment TV
IBC Reflections
Forward Thinker
C-SPAN Pay Wall Spotlights Multiplatform Challenge
It’s All Just ‘Television,’ Or Is It?
What Tom Said: Hatching the UHD Egg
Ready for YouTube’s Networks
Jul 21, 2014 / 10:53AM
Recording Pretty Pictures From Above
You might not have noticed, but… these days, things are lookin’ down. Literally.
Apr 21, 2014 / 06:39 AM
What Price Reliability?
You might not have noticed, but… reliability don’t come cheap.
Jan 28, 2014 / 04:00 PM
Card Storage: Speed Writing Trumps Reading
So I’m shoppin’ for accessories for that sweet little helmet-cam I just bought to record all my pie-eating triumphs at the annual Festa San’ Guido.
Jul 16, 2013 / 08:53AM
Do We Really Need the FCC?
You might not have noticed, but… there ain’t much of any TV-related doin’s at the FCC these days. So why are we keepin’ them around?
May 30, 2013 / 08:31 AM
Hunting Disruptors At The NAB Show
You might not have noticed, but… disruptors aren’t just for Klingons any more
Nov 20, 2012 / 07:05PM
Is Television Really Dead?
Mario was chatting with a dog-walking buddy one day recently, when said buddy advanced the opinion that nobody watches broadcast television, or apparently cable television, anymore.
Sep 24, 2012 / 04:00PM
Dreamin’ of Chameleons
You might not have noticed, but... your production gear ain’t what it used to be.
Jun 26, 2012 / 01:00PM
What Spectrum Crisis?
You might not have noticed, but there is a ginormous amount of pressure being applied to broadcasters to auction off their spectrum and consolidate their signals on fewer RF channels.
Apr 25, 2012 / 11:36AM
Tiny Wonders for Big Eaters
While we've been getting fatter and slower, video recorders have been getting faster and smaller
Feb 14, 2012 / 08:04AM
Is CES on Life Support, Down for the Count?
The rap is that innovation is no longer happening in the teevees and stereos that members of the Consumer Electronics Association are flogging

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