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Every piece of technology in my household became obsolete.
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Dec 17, 2014 / 03:43PM
Next Fake EAS Alert Could be More Malicious, Warns NAB
After “The Bobby Bones Show” incident in October, in which a recording of a real alert using the EAN event code was used, triggering an alert that was transmitted by stations in several states, the FCC asked broadcasters how to prevent “unauthorized” alerts
Dec 16, 2014 / 02:30PM
Police Body Cameras Draw Interest from Mainstream Press
Body cameras worn by police continue to attract attention in by government officials and are being extensively covered in the general media
Dec 11, 2014 / 04:04PM
Reviving OTA TV:Richard Schneider of Antennas Direct
Most of us are beyond the point of grinning-and-bearing the cost of cable TV. In markets where there is no competition among cable providers, the concept behind setting the monthly cable fees seems to be along the lines of, “Make ‘em pay ‘til it hurts.”
Dec 08, 2014 / 09:00 AM
Branding: Making Your Channel Stand Out
In today’s dynamic media environment, channel branding revisions and customizations come often, requiring agility, design and deployment optimization in both the creative and the broadcast execution phases.
Dec 05, 2014 / 03:57PM
DirecTV Debuts 4K Ultra HD Service
DirecTV recently announced its newly launched 4K video-on-demand (VOD) service, making it the first multi-channel video provider to offer commercial 4K Ultra HD programming direct to customers’ TVs.
Dec 05, 2014 / 03:34PM
KTNV-TV To Pay $115,000 Over Ads Presented as News
The Federal Communications Commission’s Enforcement Bureau has settled an investigation of Journal Broadcast Corp., licensee of station KTNV-TV, Las Vegas, Nevada, for broadcasting purported “Special Reports” that were actually commercials paid for by local car dealerships.
Dec 04, 2014 / 07:00 PM
HEVC vs. VP9: Which Will Win?
Performance depends on who you ask
Dec 04, 2014 / 09:58 AM
GV Expo: Media Producers Share Tips for Gaining Government Contracts
When it comes to doing media production for the federal government, a healthy dose of persistence coupled with the right certification can go a long way towards achieving success.
Dec 03, 2014 / 12:39PM
'Franken FM' Issue Alive in LPTV NPRM
Analog LPTV stations operating as radio stations were thought to have a limited shelf life because of the 2015 sunset.
Dec 03, 2014 / 09:52 AM
Broadcasters Extoll BAS Transition Benefits
The transition of the Broadcast Auxiliary Service, now several years completed, could be viewed by many who it affected as an enormous visit from Santa Claus.

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