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What Tom Said: About Richard Friedel
Imagine being able to combine the two things you love most at a young age: summer at the beach and tinkering with broadcast technology.
Ad Tech Integration Shifts Expectations
Closing FCC Field Offices Could Lead to ‘RF Anarchy’
NAB 2015: Notes From the Floor on Three-Sensor 4K Cameras
McAdams On: The Ongoing Transition
What to Expect at 2015 NAB
McAdams On: TV Stations With No Signal
Gearing Up for the 2015 NAB Show
What Tom Said: Hollywood Stays In Control (For Now)
Remembering the Early Days of L.A. Television
Amazon’s Agenda Fits Streaming Expectations From Researchers
500 MHz
What Tom Said: The Push for Drones
Locating Shows Becomes a Cross-Platform Challenge
McAdams On: Title II Overkill
Broadcast’s Future Depends On Consumer Electronics
Apr 14, 2015 / 07:00 AM
McAdams On: The Ongoing Transition
Television is undergoing a radical transformation that is conceivably more of a quantum leap than the digital transition.
Mar 13, 2015 / 04:34AM
McAdams On: TV Stations With No Signal
What if this weren’t a hypothetical question: Can a TV station exist as a local news operation without a signal?
Feb 19, 2015 / 11:00 AM
500 MHz
If I were a betting woman, I would avoid eye contact with broadcasting.
Feb 05, 2015 / 05:43 PM
McAdams On: Title II Overkill
Reclassifying broadband access under Title II is like pounding in push pins into a cork board with a sledgehammer. The intent is to impose network neutrality rules—no blocking, throttling or fast lanes—of which there have been a total of two incidents.
Jan 15, 2015 / 01:00 PM
McAdams On: 2015
Two-thousand-and- fifteen will be the year of the drone. Drones will be everywhere.
Dec 17, 2014 / 04:00 PM
In 2014…
Every piece of technology in my household became obsolete.
Dec 12, 2014 / 02:37 PM
McAdams On: FCC Schism and its Impact on the Auction
The monthly open meeting of the five FCC commissioners this week was three-hour affair of protests, exposition and verbal pugilism according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
Nov 26, 2014 / 01:25 PM
McAdams On: Our Clunky Tech
It’s probably a form of sacrilege to refer to technology as “clunky” under the banner of a technology publication, but I refer primarily to what I use on a daily basis and how I’ve watched it evolve.
Nov 14, 2014 / 08:18 AM
McAdams On: Caveat Auctor
This is directed to anyone thinking about selling their TV spectrum based on the $45 billion in auction proceeds projected by the FCC.
Nov 06, 2014 / 03:58PM
McAdams On: SMPTE
Hollywood was recently overrun with unsung stars; non-celebrities whose contributions to 21st century communications are not fully appreciated.

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