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Jul 21, 2014 / 03:34AM
McAdams On: LPTVs
Low-power broadcast licensees powerful friends on Capitol Hill, for all the good it does them.
Jul 10, 2014 / 10:31AM
McAdams On: Aereo’s Hail Mary
Now that the highest court in the United States has determined that Aereo is breaking the law, it is countering with the clever strategy of claiming it’s not breaking the law because, like, the Supreme Court said it’s a cable system and therefore eligible to negotiate for the carriage of TV signals.
Jun 30, 2014 / 01:00 PM
McAdams On: Regulatory Ripple Effect
There is a willful ignorance in Washington, D.C. of the ripple effects of lawmaking.
Jun 12, 2014 / 02:02PM
McAdams On: TV's Current Transition
FCC rules are forcing TV station divestitures even as the agency kisses the rings of Comcast and AT&T, and their respective multi-billion dollar alliances with TWC and DirecTV. It’s so absurd as to have crossed the threshold of credulity.
Jun 04, 2014 / 08:00 PM
McAdams On: Regulation Fail
Network neutrality is a solution without a problem, a debate of overly simplistic sloganeering and fueled by propaganda planted by digital behemoths like Google, Amazon, eBay and Facebook.
May 16, 2014 / 09:21AM
McAdams On: A Free and Open FCC
At least two people were physically dragged from the open public meeting of the FCC on Thursday. They were not threatening nor trespassing, but speaking up about something for which they clearly had great passion—a “free and open Internet.”
Apr 24, 2014 / 10:40 AM
McAdams On Aereo: Wordplay v. Science
The Aereo controversy is about many things. It’s about the use of language to manipulate public opinion. It’s about how the explosion of IP technology has left media law in the dust. What it is not about is technological innovation.
Apr 22, 2014 / 05:00 PM
McAdams On: Wheeler’s Wheedle
I walked out of Tom Wheeler’s speech beside a broadcast attorney shaking his head, saying, “he seems so nice.”
Apr 17, 2014 / 09:00 AM
McAdams On: Regulatory Coercion
The FCC has been allowing joint and shared service agreements for years. Now it’s suddenly affecting an about-face.
Apr 10, 2014 / 05:38 AM
McAdams On: TV as We Know It
TV is at a threshold of being an entirely different concept, with Comcast the likely impetus.
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