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The move to an IP-based TV broadcast system is a foundation for the future of television.
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500 MHz
Jun 27, 2012 / 01:32PM
A Case Study—Home Depot TV
Dramatically increasing productivity in a corporate media environment
Jun 06, 2012 / 11:28AM
A Case Study—Modern VideoFilm
Modern VideoFilm accelerates high-volume post-production workflow with Omneon MediaGrid storage.
May 12, 2011
Case Study - NBC Beijing Olympics
A really long distance file-based workflow running on Omneon MediaDecks.
May 12, 2011
Creating workflow efficiency in a file-based domain.
May 12, 2011
Shared Production for Avid and Apple Environments

Media production facility managers are battling cost and staffing challenges by adding inexpensive Apple Final Cut Pro edit stations to their traditional Avid edit environments. In such mixed edit environments, the flexible Omneon storage and processing platform eliminates the need

May 12, 2011
Automated Content Verification with Interra

Automated Content Verification The fast pace of digital content today demands multiple formats for new distribution channels. Yet many facilities with file based workflows still rely on manual quality control, which slows delivery and leads to errors and increased costs.

May 30, 2006
Televisión Metropolitana Canal 22, the official television channel of the Mexican National Council for Culture and the Arts, employs an Omneon Spectrum™ media server system in its Mexico City facility for commercial, promo, network ID and program playout. In addition to providing a foundation for tapeless operations, the server system allows Canal 22 to streamline its master control workflow, synchronize essential portions of its national and international channel feeds, and improve interaction between playout and production. The modularity and Smart Scalability™ of the Omneon Spectrum media server delivers a custom fit for Canal 22's current needs and allows for future incremental expansion.
May 30, 2006
SUCCESS STORY: Twin Cities Public Television
Twin Cities Public Television (TPT), is a St. Paul, Minn. non-commercial broadcaster that operates two PBS stations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market. They recently installed a two-terabyte Omneon Spectrum system that functions as a central production server by recording incoming local and network feeds and networking to multiple nonlinear editors. The facility is under the control of Sundance Digital's various automation, archive, and list management systems.

With this installation TPT moved to a tapeless all-digital environment and now benefits from on-line non-linear editing, desktop browse and proxy review capabilities, as well as automated ingest and playout.
May 30, 2006
Southern California's KLCS, a PBS member station known as the "Education Station," is a noncommercial educational television station licensed to the Los Angeles County School District (LAUSD). The facility has installed a 28-channel Omneon Spectrum™ media server system to support multi-channel broadcasting, high definition television, near video on demand, and datacasting services.

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