90 million U.S. TV households have access to HD programming via cable

October 19, 2004

A total of 177 of 210 local television markets are now able to receive HDTV from their cable operators, according to the results of a recently conducted survey from the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA). The survey also found that all of the top 100 Designated Market Areas (DMAs) are receiving HDTV service from their cable providers.

According to the NCTA survey, 454 DTV stations are being carried by cable systems, roughly a 50 percent increase from the 304 carried in December 2003.

The NCTA survey found that 90 million of the 108 million U.S. television households are being passed by a cable system offering HD programming. That represents a 28 percent increase from the 70 million passed by a cable system offering HD programming in December 2003.

The association also reported that 17 cable networks are delivering programs in HD during some or all of their schedules.

For more information, visit www.ncta.com.

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