Videssence Colorcaster combines primary color lamps to deliver desired color

June 1, 2007

The new Videssence Colorcaster CC162-354T5 provides a smooth, asymmetric wash color for artistic accent.

Using three primary color (RGB) T-5 HO lamps, the Colorcaster eliminates the need for color sleeves. Within the Colorcaster, each lamp is individually controlled and dimmed to allow a smooth, even color range from pure white to a rainbow of colors.

The housing is made from 22-gauge CRS coated material with a TGIC polyester coat finish. The housing’s formed reflector combines white diffuse with .020 high-purity aluminum reflector material with 95 percent reflectance.

The Colorcaster’s three 54W lamps are rated for 20,000 hours of life.

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