04.01.2011 12:00 PM
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Product exposition
In addition to the 150 new products announced in our March issue, this month we're happy to present another 200 products that will be introduced at NAB. Whatever you need, you’ll find it here.


Cisco Videoscape

Cloud-centric video and services platform is designed to help service providers deliver the next generation of TV entertainment; content can be delivered free from the traditional bounds of time, place and platform, bringing it to viewers anytime, anywhere over any screen; it does so while guaranteeing the quality of experience consumers expect, delivered with full protection and opening new opportunities for enhancing profits.
Booth: SU2617


Sony NXCAM camcorder

Uses Exmore Super 35mm CMOS sensor, same as used in the PMW-F3; supports E and A-mount lenses; AVCHD full HD recording; 1080p 60p at MPEG-4-AVC/H.264 and 1902 × 1080p with Slow and Quick Motion.
201-930-1000; sony.com/professional
Booth: C11001


Hamlet DS900

Designed for signal monitoring in busy production or master control areas; the current Hamlet DigiScope performs multiple tests simultaneously, displaying up to four windows on an external display; the DS900 features the capability for four inputs and a multiviewer, so on a large screen there can be four windows for each of the four signals; the unit's modular structure means that the inputs can be different formats: analog or digital, component or composite, or standard definition or HD.
+44 1494 729 728; www.hamlet.co.uk
Booth: C4841



Available in two versions: a 6RU chassis supporting up to eight HD/SD channels or six channels in 3D/1080p mode, or a 4RU chassis supporting up to seven HD/SD channels or four channels in 3D/1080p mode; supports up to 96 audio tracks (16 audio tracks per video channel); for 3D or 1080p operations, the unit offers the flexibility to select between dual-link HD SDI or single-link 3G SDI connectivity with a simple software setting; designed for demanding live and near-live production environments.
818-846-9600; www.evs.tv
Booth: C9508


Harris NEXIO Farad

Online storage system is ideal for large-scale ingest, editing and playout for production, sports, news and live-event applications; designed to deliver the highest levels of bandwidth and storage capacity to support even the most demanding multiplatform media delivery workflows.
800-231-9673; www.broadcast.harris.com
Booth: N2502


Clear-Com Eclipse Digital Matrix System v5.2

Enhancements include the capability to show graphical audio levels in real time; comes with a preset factory configuration; finds matrices and panels connected to the frame via IP; new IP-based audio level monitor card, the LMC-64, enables the Production Maestro Pro to utilize the Clear-Vu Audio Metering; using two standard scaling options, Nordic and VU, users can monitor and adjust audio levels with the click of a mouse.
510-337-6600; www.clearcom.com
Booth: C6647


Schill SL 500

Features four strengthened reel holders; equipped as standard with the MFK cover, so that the connections are protected in the cover for safety and ease of access; adjustable brakes prevent unintentional movement.
517-404-3746; www.schill.us
Booth: C7149


Signiant Content Distribution Management 9.0

Media Gateway module streamlines the transfer and sharing of large files between individuals and organizations; Resource Management module adds new capabilities for queuing delivery of assets and managing network bandwidth; expands integration with directory systems using Enterprise-level authentication servers, resulting in enhanced security and allowing Signiant to be used by up to tens of thousands of employees within an organization.

781-221-4000; www.signiant.com
Booth: SL5229



Transmits high-resolution UXGA, stereo audio, RS-232 and IR signals up to 1000ft over a single Cat 5 cable.

949-777-5435; www.vidovation.com
Booth: C7248


Sony PMW-F3

Uses newly developed Exmor Super 35 CMOS image sensor, providing shallow depth of field, high sensitivity (F11/ISO800) and low noise (S/N 63dB); PL lens mount; provides MPEG-2 long GOP 35Mb/s 8-bit recording with SxS card; RGB & S-LOG output option over HD-SDI dual-link; 3D-link option connects two cameras for synchronized and 3-D operation; S-Log and Hyper Gamma image creation modes support raw negative imagery; uses SxS memory cards; available with or without lens.
201-930-1000; sony.com/professional
Booth: C11001


DaySequerra M2DTV

Designed to keep DTV audio content intelligible in noisy environments on small mobile devices; includes 5.1 surround, stereo and EAS inputs; features DTS DownMix and two codec preprocessing channels, each optimized for 24kb/s, 32kb/s, 48kb/s and 64kb/s to reduce artifacts from lossy compression schemes and low-bit-rate transmission; makes corrections in the program loudness to keep dialog intelligible and playback at a consistent loudness level on the mobile device without users constantly adjusting their volume control.
856-719-9900; www.daysequerra.com
Booth: N3830


Fujitsu IP-9400

Enables HD content to be carried within an existing SD channel; when combined with the optional built-in DVB-S2 modulator, the unit is designed to provide up to 70-percent bandwidth saving compared with older MPEG-2 systems; for DENG and DSNG operations where the best video fidelity is needed within the lowest possible channel bandwidth.

949-855-5543; www.fujitsu.com
Booth: SU7521


Softel Swift vTX

Enables broadcasters to repurpose content regardless of file format; allows users to switch between SD and HD formats easily to facilitate multiplatform and worldwide distribution; supports a large array of files, wrappers and playout formats, facilitating the integration of captioned or subtitled content across a wide range of media servers and editing solutions.

+44 118 984 2151; www.softelgroup.com
Booth: N5829


Harris HView SX Hybrid

Designed for hybrid applications with routing and monitoring of both traditional and IP signals; combines baseband and broadband monitoring, graphics, and optional test and measurement tools for baseband signals in a single chassis; built to reduce integration costs and enable a more efficient use of space; resides within the output section of the Harris Platinum router frame; available as a multiviewer-only or multiviewer/router integrated system.

Booth: N2502


TC Electronic TC TouchMonitor TM7, TM9

Features a touch screen, consistent loudness readout and compatibility with American, European and Japanese broadcasting standards; TM9 comes with 16 digital balanced I/O and a 9in screen; TM7 features eight analog plus eight digital I/O and a 7in screen; can also be expanded by installing optional software instruments.
519-745-1158; www.tcelectronic.com
Booth: SU10217


Polecam Starter Pack

Designed primarily for use with digital SLR cameras; offers low-budget program-makers all the essential features of the Polecam rig; incorporates a newly designed DSLR head and redesigned back-end; can be attached to any standard professional camera tripod or harness mount; includes a counterweight system, mains power supply unit with three four-pin XLR cables (for head, camera and monitor power), three interlocking carbon-fiber poles with a total length of nearly 12ft, control joystick, and pan/tilt head.
+44 1234 855222; www.polecam.com
Booth: C8013


VidOvation HDSDIHDMI-1×1

Converts 1.5G and 3G HD-SDI to HDMI 1.3c to display broadcast video formats on professional or consumer monitors with HDMI inputs; supports video resolutions of 1080p.
Booth: C7248


Harmonic Omneon Spectrum MediaCenter

Features integrated low-cost storage and support for Spectrum MediaPort modularity and scalability; designed for the needs of local and regional broadcast stations, as well as remote playout facilities; includes up to 16TB (more than 600 hours at 50Mb/s) of integrated storage and supports 600Mb/s of real-time channel bandwidth — enough for 12 channels of multiformat record and play for material at 50Mb/s.

408-542-2500; www.harmonicinc.com
Booth: SL2005


Streambox Avenir

Offer up to eight 3G/4G bonded wireless network cellular modems for HD or SD in a fully portable form factor, enabling live or file-based video acquisition over a variety of low-data-rate networks; captures and encodes HD content in 1080i or 720p format, at data rates of up to 20Mb/s, and SD content in NTSC or PAL from 64Kb/s to 8Mb/s.
206-956-0544; www.streambox.comBooth: SU1702


Vinten Radamec Fusion FHR-35

Suitable for remote applications; supports broadcast camera and lens packages up to 35lb, in remote locations where the pan and tilt head needs to be as unobtrusive as possible; incorporates the company's ethernet-technology, which enables simple and straightforward setup in broadcasters' existing structures.
845-268-0100; www.vintenradamec.com
Booth: C6425


Solid State Logic C10 HD

Provides a self-contained console with no additional processing racks and passive cooling for smaller spaces; broadcast production automation option provides support for Ross and Sony production automation systems; a 5.1 upmix option generates multichannel surround output from stereo sources; dialog automix option ensures reliable multimic talk show audio level management.
212-315-1111; www.solidstatelogic.com
Booth: C3310


Integrated Microwave Technologies RF Central microLite HD

Ultra-compact MPEG-4 COFDM digital transmitter is designed for the next-generation of compact cameras featuring full HD/SDI capabilities; has extremely low power consumption; the new 5.8GHz version does not require a license; can deliver 250mW from a package of less than 6cu in; operates in the standard 2k DVB-T COFDM mode; supports the main profile of the H.264 standard.
908-852-3700; www.imt-broadcast.com
Booth: C6432


Ensemble Designs BrightEye Mitto 1F

Brings YouTube, Skype, weather radar and viewer emails to video for on-air use; Macs, PCs, iPhones and iPads can all be used as video sources; features SD, HD and 3G optical out; audio input accepts either AES digital audio or analog audio; audio is embedded into the SDI outputs.
530-478-1830 www.ensembledesigns.com
Booth: N1323


Fast Forward Video sideKick HD

Camera-mountable unit captures video directly from HD/SDI or HDMI outputs at bit rates up to 220Mb/s, with 4:2:2 sampling and 10-bit resolution in multiple codecs starting with ProRes on removable 2.5in SSD drives; records directly to high-quality NLE formats; provides a 4.3in on-board confidence monitor, which offers playback options such as scrub and jog capabilities.
949-852-8404; www.ffv.com
Booth: C12719


LYNX Technik Series 5000

Three CWDM multiplexers/de-multiplexers have been added to the Series 5000 product range; the OCM 5818 card combines up to 18 fiber-optic signals on a single fiber connection and supports CWDM wavelengths of 1270nm to 1610nm; the OCM 5891 card combines up to nine fiber-optic signals on a single fiber connection and supports CWDM wavelengths of 1270nm to 1430nm; the OCM 5892 card combines up to nine fiber-optics signals on a single fiber connection and supports CWDM wavelengths of 1450nm to 1610nm.
661-251-8600; www.lynx-technik.com
Booth: N820


Riedel Communications MediorNet

Fiber-based real-time signal transport solutions for uncompressed multichannel HD/SD video, audio, intercom and data; now available in new MADI and RockNet MediorNet cards as well as the software-based Framestore feature for U.S. markets; combines signal transport, routing and signal processing and conversion into one integrated real-time network; includes signal routing, allowing users to send any incoming signal to any output or even to multiple outputs by just a mouse click or by a router control system; each mainframe provides a router for 32 × 32 720p/1080i signals, 160×160 SD-SDI signals, 27,000 × 27,000 AES signals or any combination of these.

914-819-0495; www.riedel.net
Booth: C6737


Sound Devices CL-WIFI

Works together with its companion iOS software app to allow iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches to control a connected 788T digital recorder; turns an iOS device into a simple, portable control surface that allows sound mixers to move around on set, away from the cart, yet still have extensive control and monitoring of their 788T recording system.

608-524-0625; www.sounddevices.com
Booth: C2946


Small Tree GraniteSTOR ST-Vault

Includes the latest LTO-5 tape technology capable of storing up to 3TB per cartridge, all over Ethernet; achieves data transfer rates up to 1TB/hour by matching speed of the host system to keep drives streaming while maintaining data integrity to and from the ST-RAID array; offers advanced configurations and an advanced 6Gb SAS interface.
651-389-9950; www.small-tree.comBooth: SL10505


Miranda Technologies Playout Glass Cockpit

Combines highly automated multichannel content delivery, rich graphics and advanced monitoring systems; integrates the iTX IT-based automated playout with Kaleido multiviewers and the iControl Playout Manager facility monitoring; also incorporates a range of broadcast infrastructure products, including intelligent switching and loudness management.
514-333-1772; www.miranda.com
Booth: N2515


Bitcentral Create

Empowers journalists with the ability to edit their stories within most popular broadcast video formats and without installing a full editing client, creating multiple versions that can be easily distributed to multiple platforms; includes improved logging and viewing, timeline-based editing and the ability to edit while remote contributions are ingested.
949-253-9000; www.bitcentral.com
Booth: SU1917



Part of cProcessor suite; features error detection and alarms, provided through Web interface and SNMP, based on ETSI TR 101 290 for DVB signals and ATSC A/78 for ATSC DTV signals; enables in-depth analysis of signal, services and components, as well as PSI/SI/PSIP table decoding; provides remote supervision and monitoring of up to eight DVB-ASI or SMPTE-310 transport streams and up to 16 IP/Ethernet transport streams; can be set up to detect and initiate alarms as required by the network operator.
+47 22 889750;www.t-vips.com
Booth: SU7807


Ericsson Voyager II

Supports 1080p50/60 and multichannel operations for HD/3-D contribution; front panel provides users with complete control for all settings as well as high-resolution color monitoring of the input video; output options include IP, ASI and an integrated DVB-S/S2 satellite modulator for high-order modulation on both IF- and L-band outputs; scales from SD MPEG-2 4:2:0 to HD MPEG-4 AVC 4:2:2 10 bit; hot-swappable cards allow for instant reconfiguration and servicing.
678-812-6300; www.ericsson.com/television
Booth: SU3308


Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA Connectivity Kit

Connectivity kit is a comprehensive, high-performance connectivity development, debug and demonstration platform for high-bandwidth and high-performance applications in multiple market segments; delivers a fully validated and supported reference design that integrates built-in blocks for GTX transceivers and PCIe, soft IP for XAUI protocol, a high-performance 10G DMA IP core from Northwest Logic and a Virtual FIFO memory controller interfacing to an external DDR3 memory.
408-879-6146; www.xilinx.com
Booth: N3722


Digital Alert Systems Multiplayer

Eliminates restrictions of sharing a single EAS encoder/decoder system with relays and switches by providing multiple, independent EAS switching, playout and control to simultaneously cover the EAS requirements of multiple program streams; configurable for analog or AES switching of up to four program streams and networks to any DASDEC for management and logging; features integrated switching and multiple GPI/Os for each channel.
585-765-1155 www.digitalalertsystems.com
Booth: C2952


Anton/Bauer QRC-MBPA Gold Mount

Enables MacBook users to connect to Anton/Bauer power sources via Apple's MagSafe airline adapter; eliminates the need for users to purchase or carry additional extended-life batteries; computer seamlessly switches to its own internal battery without the loss of data once the power on the Anton/Bauer battery is depleted.
203-929-1100; www.antonbauer.com
Booth: C7032


SPX Communication Technology DLP-V

For mobile broadcast applications; fills gaps in existing networks; features an average power rating of 1.6kW with a 70/30 horizontal/vertical power split; designed to provide broadcasters with a low weight- and wind-load system; features an eight-bay single module design; provides a low-profile slot cover for protection from environmental wear and tear.
207-655-8100; www.spxcomtech.com
Booth: C2222


Florical Acuitas

Commodity-based hardware video server technology provides reliable and affordable HD playout, graphics, effects and frame-accurate switching within the box; allows users to build an entire TV station for a quarter of the cost of traditional hardware and no longer be restrained with an infrastructure at one location; wake up components from anywhere with SMART Central technology that allows control of all channels from any station at anytime.
352-372-8326; www.florical.com
Booth: N5011


RTW 31900/31960 SurroundControl

Hardware/software upgrades support new EBU/ITU loudness regulations; combine control, analysis and monitoring of eight-channel 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound into a single system; feature Surround Sound Analyzer, a display that offers an easy-to-read visual report of overall sound loudness and sound pressure level, phase correlation and level differences among channels.
+49 221 709 130; www.rtw.de
Booth: C1739


S&T (Strategy & Technology) RedKey 3

Supports the execution of interactive applications conforming to the HbbTV specification and various MHEG-5 profiles; integrates NetFront Browser from ACCESS with HbbTV signaling and DSM-CC client; implementation of NetFront is based on the same core API already used in the RedKey 2 engine for MHEG-5 that reduces integration costs for receiver manufacturers requiring support for both interactive application standards.
+44 207 183 1500; www.s-and-t.com
Booth: SU7921


Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems Dugan-MY16

Designed for Yamaha digital mixers and processors; enables control of live mics via real-time, voice-activated Dugan Speech System as a plug-in card for Yamaha mixers; provides up to 16 channels of automatic mic mixing per card at 48kHz and will run at 96kHz with eight channels; patched into input channels using the consoles' setup screens; channels can be partitioned into as many as three independent automixers; internal Web server provides full virtual remote-control panel over a local network.
714-522-9011; www.yamahaca.com
Booth: C1325


Sony PMW-500

Equipped with three 2/3-inch, full HD Power HAD FX 2.2M-pixel CCD imagers, records MPEG HD422 at 50Mbps, MXF on SxS PRO and SxS-1SxS memory cards, provides live and play output, proxy recording on USB memory, Histogram, brightness and DoF displayed on viewfinder, options include; SDI/composite Input and 50-pin I/F, HD color view finder and Wi-Fi and Metadata operation, magnified camera picture (x2) is available in the viewfinder, simplifying precise focus adjustment, automatic lens aberration compensation for some third-party lenses that incorporate compensation data.
201-930-1000; sony.com/professional
Booth: C11001


Bridge Technologies VB12-RF

Designed for engineers on the road; packs every required broadcast and IP interface into a ruggedized chassis with a form factor smaller than a laptop computer; features a wide range of built-in interfaces for RF, ASI, IP, full TR 101 290 alarming and analysis, and support for all media transportation codecs.
+47 22 38 51 00; www.bridgetech.tv
Booth: SU7302


Harris Apex M2X

New plug-in module provides an IP input for ASI streams; module allows users to manage the interface while retaining the existing backup ports in native ASI transport stream format; for DAB broadcasters, the ETI over IP module plugs into the available expansion slot to provide a low-cost, low-profile, high-impact system; new satellite receiver module expands input options via the exciter plug-in slot, allowing broadcasters to download content from a satellite and feed it directly into the exciter without the need for external devices.
800-231-9673; www.broadcast.harris.com
Booth: N2502


Thomson Broadcast DCX Paragon

For high-power UHF and ultra high efficiency operation; uses MSDC-IOT technology that operates up to 60-percent efficient and saves up to 33 percent off current electricity bills; features an internal cabinet oil cooling system and Soft-Arc Technology — eliminating the crowbar — for improved reliability.
Booth: SU4917


Linear Acoustic AERO.one

Designed to manage loudness, upmixing, metadata, signal routing and audio coding; 1RU product is ideal for affiliate stations that need to match local and network content and provide a seamless surround sound experience for their viewers; also well suited as a processor for the backup transmission path; available in three versions — dual stereo (2+2), surround sound (5.1) and both (5.1+2); HD/SD-SDI I/O and dual power supplies are now included as standard features.
717-735-3611;www.linearacoustic.comBooth: SU3326


Singular Software DualEyes

Automatically syncs and cuts audio recordings into clips that match video clips from dual-system audio setups as often used with DSLR camera video; a stand-alone application, it can be used with any NLE software application, from consumer level to comprehensive professional production suites.
Booth: SL3327F


Front Porch Digital DIVApublish mpx

Enables users to extend existing digital file-based workflow from DIVArchive through to publication of content to online communities and VOD systems; supports a wide range of new business opportunities; users can scrutinize content down to the frame level, and then annotate it automatically and precisely using advanced tools such as facial recognition, scene detection, speech recognition, natural language processing, ad-break detection and closed-captioning time alignment; enables customization and enhancement of metadata through manual notation.
303-440-7930; www.fpdigital.com
Booth: N5806



A natural evolution of the PAM1-3G8, this new addition to the PAM product family combines the size and convenience of the original 1RU multichannel audio monitoring unit with a full 16 bar graph display and many of the advanced features of the g PAM2-3G16, such as loudness measurement, preset standard switching and advanced monitoring mode selection.
+44 1628 676 200; www.tsl.co.uk
Booth: N1119


Sonnet Technologies Qio E3

For users who do not require the full feature set of the Qio, the cost-effective Qio E3 enables them to obtain the functionality they need without paying for the features they don't; is a three-slot SxS reader that doubles as a three-slot bus expansion system for ExpressCard/34 adapters; designed for in-studio and on-location use.
949-587-3500; www.sonnettech.com
Booth: SL9605


SeaChange AssetFlow and Web Business System

AssetFlow is an enterprisewide, converged solution for receiving, managing and publishing video content for multiscreen delivery; accessible by a Web-based interface and fully automates asset transformation through rule-driven workflows; Web Business System consists of different tools for broadcasters to introduce a subscription service for online video, to dynamically insert ads based on subscriber data and to promote online video via intelligent navigation and promotional packages.
978-897-0100; www.schange.com
Booth: N4319


Sony XDCAM Juke

All-in-one compact disc library and archive system; includes dual drives, two bins each with 15 discs and HDD cache; supports quad-layer discs for 120HR online storage; automatic multidisk ingest operation.
201-930-1000; sony.com/professional
Booth: C11001


Alteran Technologies ViTaDi-AutoRoboPack-Betacam

Four-channel solution in double flypacks ingests Betacam tapes; includes ViTaDi AutoPack and RoboPack (Flexicart robot hardware, racks, tape bins for 60 tapes, SDI converters and cable harnesses) loaded with four Betacam VTRs of choice, including Betacam Oxide, Digibeta, SP and SX; preinstalled master control software organizes and monitors the workflow process and also functions as a master database repository for multiple systems; includes installation, first-year maintenance and 24/7 support.
818-998-9100 www.alterantechnologies.com
Booth: N5537


Cobalt Digital Fusion3G

All Fusion3G cards now have Dolby transcoding and EAS audio ducking available; a Dolby E stream can be decoded to baseband (and channel-swapped or optionally loudness-processed) and then re-encoded into Dolby Digital or Digital Plus; for EAS audio ducking, input mixing allows the set up of ducked mixing 5.1 or stereo program audio and EAS audio; custom mixes can be saved on the card and then recalled using the card's GPI input; when a GPI trigger occurs, the card goes to the ducked mix, and when the trigger clears, normal routing is restored.
217-344-1243; www.cobaltdigital.com
Booth: N2512


Avitech International Sequoia 2×2V

Features a switching function for keyboard/mouse, USB hub, speakers and microphone; allows users to control up to two computers and oversee up to two video sources on a single monitor; all input windows are freely adjustable and have full-screen capability; fan-less; takes HDMI, DVI-I and HD/SD-SDI inputs.
425-885-3863; www.avitechvideo.com
Booth: SL9120


Telestream Vantage 2.0

A major new feature includes the Vantage Workflow Portal, which enables creation and deployment of operator user interfaces in minutes for browsing video, entering metadata and forwarding media; a new SDK allows customers and third-party systems to access and control Vantage workflows easily; GraphicsFactory integration allows template-based layered graphics and audio to be applied during a transcode.
530-470-1300; www.telestream.net
Booth: SL3309


Sonnet Technologies RX1600Fibre

Available in 16TB or 32TB configurations; provides direct, high-speed access to assets for up to four users without a dedicated server or an added Fibre switch; employs a four-port 8Gb Fibre Channel interface; delivers aggregate bandwidth up to 1000MB/s read; integrated SAS expanders enable RX1600 Expansion enclosures to be connected; RAID 5 and RAID 6 formatting support, SCSI Enclosure Services 2.0 compliance, and enhanced S.M.A.R.T. data reporting offer increased reliability.
949-587-3500; www.sonnettech.com
Booth: SL9605


DK-Technologies PT0700R Client Panel

Allows broadcast engineers to access the facilities of the PT0760M (and the entry-level PT0710M) from an entirely different location; an engineer in one location can see exactly the same audio and video display as the engineer in the MCR and can access all the facilities of the PT0760M without interrupting its use at the master location.
800-421-0888 www.dk-technologies.com
Booth: C7840


Wohler AMP2-16V

Enhancements include support for SMPTE 2020 metadata monitoring, a menu lockout function that prevents unauthorized changes to the unit's configuration, the ability to cycle through solo monitoring of defined clusters of audio channels at the press of a button, an optical SPDIF input option for monitoring the consumer's STB experience, and improved display of metadata and stream status information.
510-870-0810; www.wohler.comBooth: N2524


Chyron Lyric PRO 8

Features include native support for stereoscopic 3-D, scriptless transitions and touch screen-enabled graphics; ideal for sports and news applications; cloud-based content-creation tools have been extended to Lyric PRO 8 with the introduction of Web-enabled control over Lyric messages and playout.
631-845-2000; www.chyron.com
Booth: SL1520


Crystal Vision Up-Down-AT/ATX 3G

Allows flexible up/down/crossconversion between 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources; can perform two conversions on one board; features motion-adaptive video deinterlacing and downconversion that includes four vertical filter characteristics, adjustable detail enhancement and noise reduction; offers flexible variable video delay of up to one frame adjustable in one-line steps, in addition to the standard minimum fixed delay of one frame minus 16 lines; supports aspect-ratio conversion of anamorphic, letterbox, pillar box and full screen; includes AFD functionality; provides audio routing by stereo channel; can pass ancillary time code from the input to the output and use the data to get the interlace phasing correct when downconverting from 1080p or 720p.
+44 1223497049; www.crystalvision.tv
Booth: N1520


Jampo Antennas UHF RWED-516-U

Cross-coupled design accommodates adjacent channels, meets stringent filtering standards and provides constant impedance performance for adjacent and channel separations greater than 15; provides the high isolation of traditional constant impedance technology and achieves elliptical response without external coupling mechanisms; large cavities handle high power with low insertion loss; filters are temperature compensated for closely spaced applications.
916-383-1177; www.jampro.com
Booth: C2307


Sony XDCAM drive

New dual-head operation provides higher-speed read/write: x2.6(read)/ x1.5 (write); supports quad-layer write-once discs, four-hour recording with HD422 at 50Mb/s; three-layer rewritable disc supported with version-up, USB 3.0 interface, and VFAM interface (Virtual File Access Mode) providing connectivity with major NLEs.
201-930-1000; sony.com/professional
Booth: C11001



Version 9.10 features a new sophisticated metadata automatic insertion system for branding, integrated with Vizrt, Orad, Chyron and VSNCG+ graphic systems; this allows for a customizable parameter editing advanced control thanks to the new ad hoc module VSNLOGGER.
404-474-0040; www.vsn-tv.com
Booth: N1208


Nevion SDI-TD-3GMX-5/SDI-TD-3GDX-5

Transports two synchronous or asynchronous SD/HD-SDI signals; can be configured to transport two HD-SDI into 3G-SDI or four SD-SDI and one HD-SDI into 3G-SDI; by combining SDI-TD-MUX/SDI-TD-DMUX, it is possible to transport eight SD-SDI signals over one 3G-SDI link; modules can be configured with optical transmitters and receivers for different optical schemes — short haul, CWDM or DWDM.
800-515-0811; www.nevion.com Booth: SU7217


PlayBox Technology Remote Playout

Provides a tapeless, file-based operation that has two parts: one integrated with the broadcast center and the other at the remote site; at the broadcast center, it is fully integrated into the current or preferred systems including traffic, storage, MAM, ingest, transcoding and file transfer systems; connects to the remote site's playout equipment via the public Internet.
404-424-9283; www.playbox.tv
Booth: N5835


Snell Kahuna 360

Supports 16 simultaneous broadcast productions and a mixture of SD, HD and 1080p in a single mainframe; has up to six M/Es and seven keyers per M/E, as well as a sophisticated 3D DVE package; includes the company's Make M/E technology, which makes it easy for operators to leverage available mixer power and create a tailor-made M/E — selecting inputs, keyers, stores, DVE and outputs — for a specific output requirement and, as a result, free up resources to users for other productions.
212-481-2416; www.snellgroup.com
Booth: N1820


TV One LM-404HD

Multiformat quad color LCD monitor; monitors a multitude of video signal formats; high brightness, wide viewing angle, excellent contrast ratio and high-definition color; inputs for SDI (either SD or HD) with an active output, analog RGBHV, YPbPr component video, and a composite video and a YC input; supports and automatically detects NTSC and PAL television standards.
859-282-7303; www.tvone.com
Booth: C5647



Features 10-bit uncompressed video I/O, the newest HDMI 1.4a support for 3-D workflows, 16-channel SDI embedded audio I/O, and up to 16-channel AES digital audio I/O (eight with breakout cable or 16 with optional K3G-Box); includes real-time hardware-based up/down/crossconversion for working with a wide variety of SD and HD, 3G, dual-link HD and even 2K formats, and a hardware downstream keyer for compositing graphics without rendering.
530-274-2048; www.aja.comBooth: SL4420


Shotoku CMC

Enhancements make the self-contained head, height and lens controller even more flexible in terms of remote configuration and support for interfaces to all types of lenses; customers may use any type of, any age of and any manufacturer of lens; regardless of the interface used, the CMC is easily configured to match the installed lens and can be customer-adjusted to support a change of lens in the future.
310-782-8491; www.shotoku.tv
Booth: C8528



Latest software release adds a number of key features, including Aux Input Mixer, which allows users to mix an auxiliary audio feed such as an intercom signal into their monitoring output — ideal for use in any environment where headphones are worn during production; also adds a Split Mono Scroll Mode and a new monitoring setup, which enables operators to access monitoring functions such as Downmix, DRC, LtRt, phase swap and mono mix without the need to access any secondary menus; the update is free to new and existing PAM2-3G16 owners.
+44 1628 676 200; www.tsl.co.uk
Booth: N1119


Avid Media Composer 5.5

Works with practically any media format; captures, monitors and outputs with AJA Io Express; edits HDCAM SR Lite footage natively; accelerates AVC-Intra workflows with Nitris DX AVC-Intra; better search capabilities; finds video clips based on a spoken word or phrase.
978-640-6789; www.avid.comBooth: SU902


Linear Industries

Gap-filler series for ISDB-Tb and ATSC standards; designed to improve DTV coverage in areas obstructed by terrain and buildings — or in areas where higher signal strength is needed for indoor reception; mobile DTV ready; offer automatic power limit, automatic linear and nonlinear precorrection, gain-margin monitoring, echo cancellation, and automatic gain control; range of models and output power is available.
847-809-5885; www.linear-tv.com
Booth: SU4905


Marshall Electronics V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT

Allows camera operator to pass through the HDMI video input from the monitor to another monitor for a client, director, focus puller or crew/talent member to view on-location; includes composite and component inputs, HDMI pass through, DSLR ratio adjustment, adjustable backlight and markers, HDMI auto color space and ratio detect, manual gamma adjustment, image flip, 1/4in-20 mounting on all sides, and a power switch; 7in screen.
310-333-0606; www.lcdracks.com
Booth: C6419


DVS Digital Video DVS-SAN

Storage solution is custom-tailored with the latest technology to provide optimum performance in high-resolution post-production workflow; in addition to entry-level and midsize storage systems, SAN delivers powerful enterprise storage solutions to meet the highest performance demands; powers workflow while reducing energy costs and offering more storage capacity per unit space.
818-846-3600; www.dvs.de
Booth: SL3305


Stratos BGAN

High-speed wireless IP data (up to 492kb/s) and circuit-switched network; streaming IP data rates up to 384kb/s on demand; data and voice can be used simultaneously; GAN-standard 64kb/s ISDN, Fax and 4.8kb/s voice to fixed, mobile and any other MSS.
709-748-4844; www.stratosglobal.com
Booth: OE2346


EditShare Ark

Offers media protection for broadcast and post, providing hard disk and tape-based options for backup and archiving; enhancements include a new partial file restoration capability that supports virtually any codec, letting users move only a portion of the media file whether it be 20 seconds of a 10-hour piece or several sections within the file; helps facilities convert their videotape archives into a file-based archive; retrieves tape information from the station's archive database, sends out digitized assignments, performs the QC process and migrates the files to the file-based storage.
617-782-0479; www.editshare.com
Booth: SL4728


Linear Acoustic LQ-1000

Employs the ITU-R BS.1770 method for measuring loudness; displays the results in a logical, easy-to- understand format; a colorful, long-life OLED display groups critical loudness parameters, such as three adjustable integrated loudness measures, loudness history, current peak level, maximum peak level and the loudness target; adds as standard features a simple “gain apply” scaling function and HD/SD-SDI I/O.
717-735-3611; www.linearacoustic.com
Booth: SU3326


Broadway Systems Version 7.0

Features significant enhancements including a newly engineered Deal Management Cockpit, as well as Broadway IQ, a module that leverages real-time operational data to help improve advertising yields; supports advertiser demands for targeted spot placement and reporting transparency; Unsold Units Analysis dynamically analyzes potential revenue from unsold inventory; users can create multiple revenue scenarios based on different rate card and sellout assumptions.
616-454-4400 www.broadwaysystems.com
Booth: N3421


MARVIN Technologies MARVIN 2.0

Automates the creation of backups, LTO tape masters, QuickTime proxies for offline editing and DVD dailies, as well as shot logging; new stereo 3-D support allows the system to ingest left- and right-eye images simultaneously, archiving to two LTO tapes — one for each eye; renders stereoscopic content to side-by-side, interleaved or checkerboard QuickTimes for Final Cut Pro or MXF files for fast import into Avid systems; available in 400GB, 800GB and 1.5TB per day configurations.
+44 1279 758285; www.marvintech.com
Booth: SL1716


Thales Angenieux 19 × 7.3 HD Video Lens

Offers precision optics and a focal range of 7.3mm to 139mm; weighs 4lbs with 2X extender; 19X zoom range allows close-up images with optimized definition and clarity; wide-angle capability is ideal for panoramic wide shots not possible with conventional ENG lenses.
973-812-4326; www.angenieux.com
Booth: C6037


Optical Cable Corporation QuadBox

Pre-terminated 4-channel systems uses Keystone outlet jacks and bundled 4-pair cable; options include Cat 5e, 6, and 6a allowing multiple protocol options from 10Mb/s to 10Gb/s; each jack available in unshielded and shielded versions; each cable option available in CMR and CMP.
540-265-0690; www.occfiber.com
Booth: C10345


Eyeheight KA-2

Hardware solution based on geNETics processor with KARMAudioRT allows real-time, unattended adaptive loudness and true-peak correction of stereo, 5.1-surround, dual-stereo or dual 5.1-surround audio; KARMAudioRT monitors the amplitude of incoming audio and makes gradual adjustments to ensure that content complies with predefined loudness targets.
623-328-5800; www.eyeheight.com
Booth: N3719


TV One LM-1920R, LM-1520R

Rack-mount housings tilt up or down to optimize viewing angle; high-brightness, active matrix LCD displays with wide viewing angles and excellent contrast ratios; two composite video (automatically terminated), one YC and three stereo audio inputs; HD-15 and DVI-D PC inputs can accommodate resolutions up to SXGA (LM-1920R) or XGA (LM-1520R); dual built-in speakers driven by two 1W amplifiers to provide stereo audio monitoring.
859-282-7303; www.tvone.com
Booth: C5647


Thinklogical SDI Xtreme 3G+

Designed for the transmission of 3G, HD and SD/HD-SDI signals with or without embedded audio and data; uses SFP duplex small-form-factor pluggable modules; offers broadcast-quality coax-to-fiber transmission from 3280ft up to 24mi via single- or multimode fiber optics; features advanced, integrated reclocking circuitry and equalized and redriven SDI loop through; transmitter options include dual channel, which provides two multiplexed signals transmitter and received over a single fiber.
203-647-8725; www.thinklogical.com
Booth: SL10023


SintecMedia OnAir

Combines all major operations — including sales, traffic, programming, promo management and billing — into an integrated all-in-one system that facilitates communication across the organization, eliminates duplicate data entry and enables media companies to leverage their assets and airtime to increase profits; supports multiple channels, including complex network structures; configurable with an extensive customization toolkit.
917-606-5310; www.sintecmedia.com
Booth: N5315


Egripment TDT Encoding System

Tracking interface provides information obtained from all measured axes via a simple interface; position data is sent via Ethernet; multiple interfaced electronics can be operated on one network; tracking data can be integrated with the graphics software of leading manufacturers of virtual studio systems and graphics systems; gives existing owners of Egripment cranes the possibility to upgrade their crane arms.
818-787-4295; www.egripment.com
Booth: C8312


Quantel QTube

Enables anyone involved with the production process, wherever they are in the world, to view, log and edit material itself located anywhere in the world; engineered to operate in the conditions provided by public Internet connections, where bandwidth, latency and availability are continuously variable; useable workflow will operate at bandwidths as low as 300kb/s and with latency in the range of hundreds of milliseconds.
212-944-6820; www.quantel.com Booth: SL2014


VidChecker VidChecker

Allows enormous QC processing throughput by using multiple processors and multiple cores on individual PCs; links many PCs to function as one giant QC system, automatically and transparently scheduling QC processing tasks; checks file, video and audio parameters but can also automatically apply intelligent automated correction to video levels that are out of specification; supports additional codecs, including VC1, DNxHD, ProRes, M-JPEG; multiple audio tracks each with up to eight channels can be checked in just one pass, and audio levels checked and automatically corrected to ITU-R BS.1770, ATSC A/85 and EBU R128 recommendations, including Tech 3341 audio loudness windowing and gating modes.
+44 117 959 6423; www.vidcheck.com
Booth: N3719-3


Dolby Meter 2

Accurately and objectively measures loudness as viewers subjectively experience it; features include user-selectable algorithms, a high-quality peak limiter, level meters, a warning setting with a user-selectable function and threshold, and a real-time graphic function.
415-558-0200; www.dolby.com
Booth: SU3117


Digital Nirvana MonitorIQ

Multichannel signal monitoring, logging, compliance, QC, archiving and content repurposing for TV; accepts HD/SD-SDI, ATSC/QAM, DVB-T/C/S2 or ASI, recording audio, video, VANC metadata and captioning in both full resolution HD and low-res; control is via Web or iPad interface, offering search functionality, cut/clip, and export to a wide range of file formats; now offers loudness monitoring and logging to the ITU BS.1770 standard.
510-226-9000; www.digital-nirvana.com Booth: N3834


Net Insight Nimbra 380

Provides full Ethernet switching capabilities between the eight physical ports and up to 119 logical ports (channels), including support for private line/LAN/tree services, to fit nearly all services carried over Ethernet; supports redundant power supplies, in-service hardware swap, various protection-switching mechanisms and extensive fault and performance monitoring; offers QoS with zero packet loss and the low jitter and wander, even at full network utilization; Ethernet, ASI, SDI, AES/EBU, E1/T1, DS3/E3 and STM-1 can be transported on the same platform.
866-217-9705; www.netinsight.net
Booth: SU3323



Features built-in LTO-5 drive with 1.5TB of recording capacity; can be used as a material/program exchange server; uses high-quality MPEG-2 codec with HD/SD-SDI I/O and MXF (OP-1a) wrapper/unwrapper; MXF files on LTO-5 tape can be used directly by other NLE systems.
714-894-3311; www.for-a.com
Booth: C5219


Optibase MGW Micro Premium

Offers real-time, low-latency streaming of HD video sources or four SD video sources; supports built-in AES 256-bit encryption of video and data signals, KLV Metadata insertion, HD/SD-SDI, 3G, HDMI, DVI and composite inputs from a single unit; can be remotely managed via integrated HTTP interface or controlled by third-party applications with its developers' SDK.
800-451-5101; www.optibase.com
Booth: SL4508


Analog Way Eikos

Offers up to 12 inputs, including four fitted with SDI and two fitted with DVI-D; outputs digital and analog signals in DVI and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously with a selection of many formats from HDTV to computer 2K; offers three different operating modes: Multi Layer Mixer, 12 by 2 Seamless Native Matrix and QuadraVision modes; integrated audio stereo switcher features 12 inputs (eight analog and four from embedded SDI) and two outputs.
212-269-1902; www.analogway.com
Booth: SL1511


Thinklogical Velocity T-4200

Supports two single-link DVI displays, PS2, full-duplex stereo audio and serial (RS-232); model options are either USB 1.0 HID (only) and/or USB 2.0 (up to 480Mb/s) device ports as well as a variety of video features, including dual link, RGB support and dual and single displays; allows users to locate DVI monitors and peripherals via fiber from just a few feet to up to 24mi away from the controlling computer securely without the loss of resolution or performance; provides hot-swappable, current-sharing power supply modules; can be configured as a transmitter, receiver or transceiver.
203-647-8725; www.thinklogical.com
Booth: SL10023


Sony SR Memory

Compact and removable storage cartridge; guaranteed transfer rate of 5Gb/s; storage capacity comes in three sizes: 256G, 512G and 1TB; supports HD, 3-D and 4K recording, and multichannel high frame-rate recording; cards include data security features.
201-930-1000; sony.com/professional
Booth: C11001



Provides a compressed MPEG-2 output, no additional encoding required; module attaches to the back of the GY-HM790U or GY-HM750U ProHD camera without external wiring or adapters; HD video and audio are compressed using the camera's built-in encoder (running at either 19.7Mb/s or 35Mb/s), which creates an MPEG-2 signal and then provides lossless transcoding to DVB-ASI; module outputs the live signal from the camera, even while recording, via a standard BNC connector; when the camera automatically detects the presence of the module, it switches to low-latency mode;
973-317-5000; pro.jvc.com
Booth: C4314



Functions as an audio network, a router and an I/O matrix; offers audio format conversion, A/D and D/A converter systems, audio processing, data forwarding, routing interfaces, multichannel metering, power amplifier control, intercom; optical interconnections carry all audio and control data in a digital format; graphical control software application allows any input to be routed to the desired outputs.
888-782-4391; www.usa.stagetec.com
Booth: C2452


Vaddio ClearVIEW HD-20

Features 20X multi-element motorized zoom lens; new slip-clutch robotics system enhances performance with smooth pan/tilt operation for accurate camera movement and control; HD resolution.
763-971-4400; www.vaddio.com
Booth: C8808


TSL PsiMon

An SQL server-based system with a dashboard display that takes full advantage of the power distribution unit's many features; adds new “Blast” function that implements preconfigured power maps with a single button press; applications include managing energy consumption during out-of-hours work when the facility is not operational.
+44 1628 676 200; www.tsl.co.uk
Booth: N1119


Lawo mc2 series

Addition of loudness monitoring for each channel following EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 specifications, and based on ITU1770; metering is shown in the channel display and the GUI main display; a permanent display of the integrated measurements is provided within the GUI.
+49 7222 1002 0; www.lawo.de
Booth: C2628


Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 7.1

Adds clustered multi-GPU processing to Mac OS X systems; improved support for Tangent Wave control panels; support for the JL Cooper Eclipse CX control panel; new file formats and codecs including support for Arri Alexa ARRIRAW, Phantom Cine, high dynamic range OpenEXR and more.
978-337-0991 www.blackmagic-design.com
Booth: SL220


Nevion 3GHD-CHO

Intelligent changeover feature provides the ability to change input based on input signal loss, loss of lock, EDH errors or a combination of all three; offers media distribution for signal formats from 19.4Mb/s to 2970Mb/s in studio and broadcast applications; configurable for cable equalizing and re-clocking of DVB-ASI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signal formats in a 1 × 8 or 1 × 6 distribution amplifier (DA); passive bypass function included with backplane board versions C2 and C4 enables full redundancy in case of main or card failure.
800-515-0811; www.nevion.com
Booth: SU7217


Doremi Labs Dimension3D

Converts any 3-D format to another including changing of the frame rates; allows for any 3-D input stream format to be used with all types of display components currently available; converts stereoscopic camera rig output to recorders and displays; encodes left- and right-eye streams into a single HD-SDI stream and back for recording 3-D content on standard HD tape and server technologies; USB connection provides for remote operation.
818-562-1101; www.doremilabs.com
Booth: C9515



Features H.264 encode/decode hardware that delivers digital video images at low data rates; dual digital video channels operate as either encode or decode; includes built-in TV automation interface, HD-SDI video I/O with support for embedded audio, and highly compatible audio interface that supports direct connections for digital audio as well as balanced analog signals.
800-243-5589; www.leightronix.com
Booth: C9105


Canon BU-51H

A new 2X digital extender doubles the image size of distant objects captured with the camera's 20X Canon HD zoom lens; includes a newly designed Night Mode feature that works by slowing down the shutter speed to a minimum of ¼ (60i, 30F) or 1/3 (50i, 25F, 24F), allowing frame accumulation that elevates camera sensitivity; features a built-in mic with adjustable settings; designed for environments where quiet operation is essential; equipped with pan/tilt/zoom focus position information output for integration with virtual studio systems and other specialized applications.
516-328-5000; www.usa.canon.com
Booth: C4325


GlobeCast WorldTV

Aggregates and distributes international content for all types of platforms, including DTH satellite, IPTV, cable and more; booth will feature a show reel of just some of the 170 channels in 35 languages being distributed by WorldTV.
212-332-2178; www.globecast.com
Booth: SU911



Supports up to eight high-resolution inputs in a single rack unit; allows users to customize their on-screen display of graphics, including borders, labels, fonts, tally LEDs, clock faces, logos, audio meters and A/V alarms; displays up to 16 audio meters per window; supports DVI/HDMI/VGA outputs at resolutions up to 2048 × 1080 (50Hz/60Hz), including support for 1080p.
Booth: N2530


Vislink News and Entertainment ADVENT NewsLite

Portable, IP-enabled satcom terminal designed for use with current and new lightweight antenna systems; combines the performance of high-bandwidth broadcast contribution feeds with the flexibility of BGAN-type newsgathering and creates new remote connectivity applications; design is IATA weight-compliant for airport baggage handling; modular electronics support a broad range of satellite antennas.
978-671-5700; www.vislink.com
Booth: C6019


Sennheiser MK 4

Features a 1in condenser capsule, optimized for project studio and home studio applications; designed to provide maximum sound quality at a competitive price point; additional features include a 24-carat gold-plated diaphragm, full metal housing, and low inherent self-noise and high maximum SPL; is capsule shock-mounted internally to minimize structure-born noise.
860-434-9190; www.sennheiserusa.com
Booth: C2055


Thomson Video Networks ViBE VA5004

Features modular chassis with dual power supplies and four slots for any combination of encoding or decoding hot-swappable modules; includes JPEG 2000 compression for high-quality SD, HD or 3G transmission over IP links; requires only 150Mb/s for one HD channel or 40Mb/s for one SD channel; combines low latency and excellent AV synchronization with powerful tools for IP transmission error correction, advanced clock recovery and jitter removal.
+33 2 99 27 30 30
Booth: SU4917


Blue Lucy Media Miura File Logger

Designed to enable metadata to be easily appended to file-based content using configurable templates; operators can review media in real time, including the playback and review of Windows Media files, while the ingest process is ongoing and add metadata as required; results in metadata text delineated by time code that is then easily stored in a MAM system for later use.
+44 7802204373www.emotion-systems.com
Booth: N3719-D


DSC Labs Pilot 3D Chart

Features runway-like extension and corner LED lights; offers neutral grayscales, accurate color bar patches and zone plates, camera synchronization, multiple scales, geometric webs, and 18 percent gray patches, ensuring critical precision.
866-372-5227; www.dsclabs.com
Booth: C10215


TVLogic TDM-243W; TDM-473W 2D/3D

TDM-243W (24in) and TDM-473W (47in) 2D/3D LCD broadcast monitors feature a micro-polarizing filter attached to the LCD panel in concert with polarizing 3-D glasses for seamless 2D or 3-D viewing of one or multiple monitors; full 12-bit processing delivers smooth greyscale and color transitions; can accept multiple 3-D signal formats (3G, dual link L/R, field sequential and side-by-side HD-SDI).
818-567-4900; www.tvlogicusa.com
Booth: SL1526


Fujinon XA20sx8.5 BRM

20X zoom for 2/3in cameras; focal length of 8.5mm to 170mm; maximum relative apertures of 1:1.8 (8.5-113 mm) and 1:2.7 (170 mm); features QuickZoom, Innerfocus, and Digital Servo.
973-686-2405; www.fujinon
Booth: C7525


Myers Information Systems ProTrack TV

Integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructures such as automation, archive, accounting, PSIP and Web distribution platforms to optimize workflow efficiency and preserve current investments; crossplatform sales environment enables for unified contracts, invoices and affidavits across the entire range of station media offerings; provides accurate forecasting, availability monitoring, sophisticated spot placement and a full array of yield management reporting.
413-585-9820; www.myersinfosys.com
Booth: N3434


Vaddio ProductionVIEW MV

HD/DVI-HDMI production switcher features integrated camera controller and multiviewer; touchscreen control panel allows production operators to see and switch all live video feeds and create “video thumbnails” of preset camera shots; comes in two sizes, an 18.5in rack-mount style or a standard 22in screen.
763-971-4400; www.vaddio.com
Booth: C8808


Nevion FCS250-IP

Compact, high-density video in-service monitor for video over IP that installs in any Ventura chassis; provides full monitoring of integrity, presence and activity on each channel; allows users to pinpoint QoS issues along the transport path and proactively correct problems; provides automated SLA compliance monitoring, a built-in Web interface for monitoring and configuration, and SNMP and XML for remote access and reporting; performs wire-speed monitoring of up to 512 IP flows on an electrical or optical network interface at the Ethernet, IP, UDP and RTP layers, as well as the monitoring of different formats.
800-515-0811; www.nevion.com
Booth: SU7217


Dashwood Cinema Solutions Stereo3D Toolbox v3.0

Outputs media to a wide range of stereoscopic 3-D formats and manages the demuxing of side-by-side, interlace and over/under formatting; capabilities include subpixel precision, pixel-precise straight or angled floating windows, high-contrast “ghost toasting,” intuitive preview tools, fine control of image exposure and color balance, and 2D+Z-depth-to-stereoscopic conversion.
413-374-7655; www.dashwood3d.com
Booth: C10514D3


Photon Beard Nova Spot

Power consumption is 273W and can be powered by mains or battery; no fans required; daylight color temperature with near continuous spectrum; produces similar amounts of light as a 2000W tungsten Fresnel.
+44 1525 850911; www.photonbeard.com
Booth: C3346


Snell MV-Series

Designed for a range of applications, including control rooms, studios and OB trucks; accepts up to 64 video inputs, in a range of analog and digital formats including 1080p, which are complemented by audio metering and monitoring of up to 16 channels per tile; other audio monitoring enhancements include the ability to monitor discrete AES, analog audio or Dolby AC3 inputs.
212-481-2416; www.snellgroup.com
Booth: N1820



Developed to automate monitoring and error diagnosis at digital headends at both teleports and cable system master control rooms; supports most broadcast video compression standards and video and audio formats; provides a real-time overview of multiple services coming from multiple transport streams; accepts 10 to 40 or more services: DVB-ASI or IP transport streams (SD/HD, MPEG-2/H.264), subtitles, images, etc.
858-613-1818; www.dveo.com
Booth: SU6911


Sony portable solid-state recorder

Multipurpose field recorder; DC-powered; fits onto standard camera battery mounts; provides HD-SDI 1.5G/3G dual link connectivity; formats include 1080/24p@60p RGB or 1080 30p/60i@4:2:2 3-D; handles timecode in/out.
201-930-1000; sony.com/professional
Booth: C11001


Ikegami HDK-77EX

Designed for 1080i HD production applications; employs three 2/3in, 2.2-million-pixel IT CCDs, 14-bit A/D converters and Ikegami's Chip C4 advanced digital signal processing ASIC; offers advanced network control features that can enable video operators to adjust and shade cameras from virtually any location; can be used with 9in LCD 16:9 HD or 5in CRT viewfinder for traditional studio HD camera configuration.
201-368-9171; www.ikegami.com
Booth: C5108


Haivision Makito

Designed to offer efficient and affordable distribution, capture and rebroadcast of HD video; combines the efficiencies of H.264 video compression and the image quality of full HD video within a very small form factor; recently upgraded to revision 1.5; now supports CBR encoding to assure transport and systemwide compatibilities and, optionally, real-time metadata capabilities; provides H.264 encoding at up to 1080p60 with the lowest available end-to-end latencies.
Booth: SL9112


Neutrik powerCON TRUE1

Designed for 16A, 250V; features IEC 60320 breaking supply, and inlet and outlet couplers for easy daisy-chaining of equipment; provides for high-density requirements with a duplex chassis connector; available for self-termination or as a ready-made cord set; the cord set, with over-molded cable connectors, offers protection class IP65 in the mated condition.
704-972-3030; www.neutrik.com
Booth: C8137


Artel Video Systems DLC410

An ASI- and SDI-over-IP gateway that enables the transport of two bidirectional streams across a single Gig-E connection; includes multicasting, making it suitable for CATV operators and video service providers with inter-city video connectivity requirements; design based on the SMPTE 2022 encapsulation and forward error correction standard provides interoperability with other standards-based VOIP products.
978-263-5775; www.artel.com
Booth: N6129


Broadcast Pix Granite v1.3

Adds Fluent Clip Store, which holds up to 120 hours of HD clips and supports 1920 × 1080 MOV and MP4 files; provides stereo audio output for both Fluent Clip Store and Animation Store through XLR connectors; clips can be instantly accessed from the control panel with file names displayed on the PixButtons; can store up to 2TB of clips, animations and graphics; available in a RAID array.
978-600-1100; www.broadcastpix.com
Booth: N4506


SPX Communication Technology DCR-XL

1kW power rating; low-power FM antenna is designed to be competitively priced for both domestic and international low-power markets; ideal for small market stations, auxiliary antennas and college stations.
207-655-8100; www.spxcomtech.com
Booth: C2222


Obor Digital Zeus Broadcast

Manages the service department; provides help desk communications; tracks all asset activities, changes and configurations; handles multiorganizational, multilocation or multigroup topologies; provides fully searchable and sharable information while maintaining the separation and control that each organization, location or group requires.
407-352-6501; www.zeusbroadcast.comBooth: N705


Elma Electronic Type E37

Features a dual-concentric inner shaft and outer pole (allowing it to act as two encoders), threaded or nonthreaded bushing, vertical or horizontal mounting, various shaft dimension and shape possibilities, operating temperature range of negative 40 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius, and a rotational life of up to 1 million revolutions; comes with 16 or 32 indents in standard resolution and an optional integrated push button and IP68 front-panel sealing; includes a rugged metal housing and shaft; enables the user to change channels or frequencies in precise intervals without having to look at the switch indicator.
510-656-3400; www.elma.com
Booth: C8228



Can be used to simultaneously fast-charge lithium-ion batteries manufactured by PAG, Sony or IDX, via four V-Mount or PAGlok battery mounts that connect to the charger via its four XLR-4 outputs; designed to be mounted in a half-width racking system; measures 1U high; output of about 100W (6A at 16.8V); all stages of the charging process are indicated on the unit's backlit LCD screen.
+44 20 8543 3131; www.paguk.com
Booth: C9921


Small Tree GraniteSTOR Archive

Features LTO-5 tape technology capable of storing up to 3TB per cartridge, all over Ethernet; achieves data transfer rates up to 1TB/hour performance by matching speed of the host to keep drives streaming while maintaining data integrity to and from the RAID array; designed to reduce editing downtime for Final Cut and Pro Tools users while providing a safe and reliable method for safeguarding content.
651-389-9950; www.small-tree.com
Booth: SL10505


NewTek TriCaster Virtual Set Editor (VSE)

Allows TriCaster TCXD850 and TriCaster TCXD300 users to customize specially designed TriCaster VSE sets to fit their production needs; VSE Sets produce real-time reflections and specular highlights, and provide users with a wide range of elements that they can edit; users can also add their own artwork to Layer Sets to create custom virtual sets for use in VSE; once a TriCaster VSE Set has been customized with Virtual Set Editor, users can export it for immediate use in their TriCaster live production.
210-370-8000; www.newtek.com
Booth: SL4514


AJA Video FS1

Simultaneously works with both HD and SD video in 10-bit broadcast-quality video and 24-bit audio; supports eight-channel AES, balanced analog, or embedded audio with full flexibility and audio processing controls; supports closed captioning and the conversion of closed captioning between SD and HD formats, including full conversion of CEA-608 captions to the CEA-708 standard; supports Web-based and SNMP remote control.
530-274-2048; www.aja.com
Booth: SL4420


SGT VEDA Automation

A flexible platform to manage playout; comes with an automation server and an entirely new customizable interface; provides versatile playlist editing, multichannel playlist viewer, content management, drag and drop playlist management, actionable playlist preview, and frame-accurate browsing.
+33 164 73 74 74; www.sgt.eu
Booth: N1402


Sony SR Memory Deck

Multichannel solid-state recorder includes four input slots for SR memory cards and four configurable I/O ports; supports HD, 3-D and 4K resolutions, MPEG-4 SStP, uncompressed DPX operation, and 16 channels of 24-bit PCM audio; each HD video channel is 3G SDI dual-link capable; internal memory capacity is 8TB, providing a total storage capacity of 12TB (100hr of SR-Lite material).
201-930-1000; sony.com/professional
Booth: C11001


ProConsultant Informatique CINDY

Offers the full range of account management, automated and manual scheduling, invoicing, and financial reporting; new version extends these capabilities to new media environments, adding the ability to target advertising in nonlinear programming; includes automated invoicing of nonlinear advertising; can operate as a stand-alone application or be integrated with other advertising systems and databases.
404-920-0786; www.proconsultant.netBooth: N5812


Evertz EQX

Can route up to 576 × 576 signals in a 26RU frame, or up to 288 × 288 in the 16RU frame; supports signals from 3Mb/s all the way up to 3Gb/s, including SD-SDI, HD-SDI, DVB-ASI and SMPTE 310M digital video formats, as well as optical formats and other high-data-rate signals; provides extensive signal monitoring of both inputs and outputs, power supply voltages, interior temperatures and fan speeds; all monitored data is available through SNMP for facilitywide monitoring systems.
905-335-3701; www.evertz.com
Booths: N1602, SU4307


Avitech International Rainier-3G

Features eight HD looped inputs and an internal cascade architecture allowing for output to two monitors; six modules can be cascaded together, allowing for the display of up to 48 HD/SD-SDI inputs; 1RU size; draws less than 60W.
425-885-3863; www.avitechvideo.com
Booth: SL9120


Signiant Media Exchange

Browser-based application enables IT and non-IT managers and staff to send content bigger than e-mail can handle to where it needs to be faster and more easily than before; users can exchange content with others, regardless of location and size of digital assets; media and project files can be moved across WAN, DSL or cable; new notification features allow users to track workflow benchmarks, confirmations and alerts for other departments.
781-221-4000; www.signiant.com
Booth: SL5229


TV One C2-2375A

Provides up/down/crossconversion; inputs and outputs can be SD/HD/3G-SDI, DVI, composite video, YC, YUV, YPbPr or RGB; one SD/HD/3G-SDI input with re-clocked out; digital/analog inputs include two DVI-U (DVI, analog RGB/YPbPr/YUV/CV/YC); one tri/bi with loop-through genlock input; two SD/HD/3G-SDI outputs (duplicated); two DVI-U (DVI, analog RGB/YPbPr/YUV/CV/YC) digital/analog outputs, and the second digital/analog output can be a different format; supports NTSC, PAL-M, PAL-N and SECAM.
859-282-7303; www.tvone.comBooth: C5647


Rohde & Schwarz R&S FS-K130PC

Allows users to characterize and linearize amplifiers; compensates for memory effects exhibited by many of today's amplifiers; test setup consists of a spectrum analyzer, a signal generator and a PC; measures the amplifier's characteristics and calculates the correction required to attain a linear output signal.
410-910-7800; www.rohde-schwarz.com
Booth: SU3721


Utah Scientific MC-4000

Integrated system for handling the most demanding on-air operations in live, automated or automation-assisted operating environments; offers built-in capabilities to handle all of the most commonly required on-air operations, including still and animated logo presentations, audio and video clip playback, and foolproof EAS message presentation; features new internal squeeze and graphics capabilities.
801-575-8801; www.utahscientific.com
Booth: N4511


Norwia OC-4B-SDI

A 3G-SDI optical video distribution card that can be populated with Norwia SFPs from one to four channels as user need expand; one card can be used for transmit, receive or both; provides transmit and receive functionality depending on the optics inserted; Flexi I/O redistributes I/O functionality when it is needed.
+47 97 19 82 93; www.norwia.no
Booth: N829


Vislink News and Entertainment AMG/ASG2100

Enables file-based workflow to and from the field by providing mobile IP routing and wide-area connectivity between the studio and remote ENG/OB resources; always-on connectivity to the OB system allows remote control and monitoring of the OB equipment, allowing engineers in the studio to configure or diagnose any issues occurring in the field from the studio; AMG2100 unit maintains mobile data connectivity over 3G/4G/WiMax cellular networks.
978-671-5700; www.vislink.com
Booth: C6019


Thomson Video Networks Sapphire

Channel-in-a-box solution with advanced capture, playout and regionalization capabilities operates frame-accurately in the compressed domain; provides all the functions needed to ingest, process, brand and generate TV channels ready for air; includes frame-accurate clip editing enhancements, advanced logo insertion features (with support for H.264 and new scheduling capabilities) and BXF support.
+33 2 99 27 30 30 www.thomson-networks.com
Booth: SU4917


QTV/Autocue Autocue Video Server

Linux-based video server previously sold as part of an end-to-end newsroom and production system is now available as a stand-alone product; features bidirectional HD/SD ports, a range of storage capacities and a dedicated user interface; supports a range of capture and playback formats, including DV, DVCPRO25/50/100, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4; both analog and digital connections are available and a range of additional features can be added, including creating a sequence of clips for playback; can be used as a VTR replacement, a simple network storage device or a more traditional video server.
212-929-7755; www.autocue.com
Booth: C8525


Telemetrics TG3

Features a redesigned low-profile trolley and track, which minimizes space requirements; constructed of lightweight aluminum components and steel rods for bearing contact; trolley is a fixed platform with straight-track operation only; rigid design provides increased stability and can be mounted on the floor or ceiling; provides accurate preset positioning and repeatable motion; available with custom track lengths and cable management systems.
201-848-9818; www.telemetricsinc.com
Booth: C9529


Atlona Technologies AT-DIS7-PROHD

7in testing monitor designed for those looking to test cabling and installation of different components; portable display recognizes any HDMI, DVI, VGA or component video source at resolutions up to 1080p or 1920 × 1200 (including a huge variety of other HDTV and computer resolutions); allows integrators to observe both audio and video signals in real time; can also be used to test 3-D sources.
408-962-0515; www.atlona.com
Booth: SL7706


Pilat Media IBMS Performance Dashboard

Operational tool ties together workflow processes and business information to monitor and display the status of a large number of business processes; at-a-glance visuals and graphic displays quickly and efficiently highlight exceptions and alert key business executives to items needing attention.
+972 3 5775080; www.pilatmedia.com
Booth: N4429


CISTECH iAutomation

Maximizes interface with any device through a three-tier diversified environment; provides device, signal and network backup; features multichannel playout, flexibility in system expansion, redundancy, frame accuracy with real-time embedded O/S, powerful user interface, simplicity in processing events, dynamic device allocation and management, and integrated ingest features.
+82 221 068 540; www.cistch.com
Booth: SL9109


Broadcast Microwave Services UL5820TX-HD

Features low power consumption, one-frame latency, COFDM 2K transmission, 100mW operation, 8MHz bandwidth, rugged, lightweight design and frequency range of 5.725GHz to 5.875GHz, with other frequencies upon request.
858-391-3050 www.broadcastmicrowave.com
Booth: C4837


Norwia miniHUB

Includes control functionality into the frame as standard issue; provides monitoring and control functions via a Web interface; “click and go” card locking system allows for positive locking of cards without the need for screws, springs or locking panels; 1RU chassis.
+47 97 19 82 93; www.norwia.no
Booth: N829


Digital Rapids Transcode Manager 2.0

Features new dynamic workflow capabilities and extends scalability within facilities and beyond; provides efficient management, automation and performance for media transformation between acquisition, production, archive and distribution formats; supports multiscreen distribution opportunities with output format support for viewing platforms from mobile phones and tablets to game consoles and connected TVs.
905-946-9666; www.digital-rapids.com
Booth: SL6010


Matrox Convert DVI Plus

Creates broadcast video from computer applications such as Skype, YouTube, Google Earth, video games, and web browser sessions, as well as citizen journalists' mobile phone videos; DVI-D input up to 1920 × 1200; HD/SD-SDI digital output; HD/SD analog component, S-video, and composite analog inputs; SD analog black burst (bilevel) or HD trilevel genlock with timing offset controls; simultaneous analog and digital video output; stereo audio input can be embedded into the SDI output signal; real-time hardware upscaling and downscaling with proper color space and aspect ratio conversion.
800-361-4903; www.matrox.com
Booth: SL2515


NewTek LightWave 10

Gives artists ability to interact directly in the viewport and see changes to lights, textures, volumetrics and more, to view updates to their stereoscopic work in real time, and to deliver realistic environment walkthroughs; data interchange tools enhance pipeline integration; new user interface.
210-370-8000; www.newtek.com
Booth: SL4514


Axcera Innovator CX

Feature-rich, compact, air-cooled UHF TV transmitter, translator and echo-canceling gap filler/repeater offers a high level of performance and reliability; available for most any current analog or digital standard, including ATSC, DVB-T/T2/H/SH, ISDB-T/Tb and more.
800-215-2614; www.axcera.com
Booth: SU2908


Dashwood Cinema Solutions Stereo3D CAT

Simplifies the calibration of left- and right-eye cameras; scans 3-D footage and calculates the correct camera alignment points; feedback guides illustrate the depth of the 3-D shot and provide directors and cinematographers with a visual aid for making convergence adjustments and proper interaxial separation; supports all 3-D single or dual input and output modes, flip/flop left- and/or right-eye orientation, automatic or manual disparity correction, and HIT convergence adjustment with automatic scaling.
413-374-7655; www.dashwood3d.com
Booth: C10514D3


Brick House Video Video Ghost

Provides switchable 5V or 12V auxiliary power for camera accessories using the existing video cable; under certain conditions a 656ft operating length is achievable.
+44 1962 777733 www.brickhousevideo.com
Booth: N6531


Front Porch Digital SAMMArobot

Provides up to 1000 hours a week of videotape content conversion; loaded with batches of between 48 and 80 videotapes, depending on the format, and migrates up to seven tapes simultaneously — each with their own settings for error detection and multiple digital file outputs; system can be configured as a single-format solution for 60 Betacam or VHS, 48 U-matic or 80 DVCAM/DVCPRO cassettes handling NTSC, PAL or SECAM.
303-440-7930; www.fpdigital.com
Booth: N5806


Triveni Digital StreamScope MT-40 4.6

Provides end-to-end MPEG-2/MPEG-4 transport stream analysis and monitoring for DTV services carried by broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV or mobile networks; while the MT-40 already offers monitoring capabilities including dialnorm, the new software release extends these capabilities by allowing users to monitor audio loudness according to ITU-R Recommendation BS.1770 (as required by A/85) and, in turn, meet the requirements of the CALM Act.
609-716-3500; www.trivenidigital.com
Booth: SU3202


Beat the Traffic Beat the Traffic 3D

Integrates real-time traffic data for main and arterial roads; displays live streaming video feeds directly into its 3D maps, enabling reporters to illustrate their reports with live video footage from actual traffic locations; facilitates the setup of traffic reports ready for air in a matter of seconds; features 3D graphics, familiar landmark icons and fly-through transitions; available in SD or HD; provides simple ways to add custom elements for branding and sponsorships.
408-777-6601; www.beatthetraffic.com
Booth: SU2302


Avitech International Sequoia 4H

Allows up to four HDMI inputs and one HDMI output; standalone multiviewer integrated with a switching function for keyboard/mouse, USB hub, speakers and microphone.
425-885-3863; www.avitechvideo.com
Booth: SL9120


ViewCast Osprey 710e HD

Includes AES digital audio; high-powered PCI Express (PCIe) technology for maximum performance; acceptance of both SD and HD inputs; automatic adaptation between SD and HD signals; on-the-fly HD-to-SD downscaling; low-profile architecture for form-factor constrained environments; professional broadcasting features, such as loss of video detection, color space conversion, automatic telecine detection and processing, and automatic optimization for changing motion content; comes with premium driver that provides the ability to generate multiple simultaneous streams from single video input.
800-540-4119; www.viewcast.com
Booth: SL5010


Emotion Systems Emotion File Finish

Automatically analyzes and fixes audio loudness violations in file-based media; ensures compliance with latest ITU-R BS.1770, BS.1771 and EBU R128 standards; uses accurate modeling of analog peak program meters and loudness detection parameters.
+44 7802204373 www.emotion-systems.com
Booth: N3719-D


Visionary Solutions AVN Series

New order fulfillment scheme enables the customization of AVN series encoders, providing greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness for many IP streaming applications; firmware gives users the flexibility to upgrade as needed; adds H.264-over-IP encoding at full 1080p60 in the AVN443, AVN441 and AVN422 modules.
805-566-5811; www.vsicam.com
Booth: SU5602


Fischer Connectors UltiMate Original Series

Includes four mechanical codings and visual coding to prevent misconnection; push-pull connector is available in a wide range of body styles, sizes and configurations including multipole contacts from 2 to 42 poles; IP68/69K sealed even unmated, tested according to IEC norm 60529; withstands temperature fluctuations from -55°C to 135°C.
678-393-5400 www.fischerconnectors.com
Booth: C10948


SAN Solutions ArtiSAN 5400 series

Designed for high-capacity requirements; holds 192TB of 2K/4K content, as well as all types of video media, including HD and 3D material; is offered in a 2RU, 12-bay, 3.5in drive enclosure form factor; comes standard with SAN Solutions' dual active RAID controller; point in time volume images, remote volume mirroring and replication services are optional features in this product series, enabling an effective disaster recovery storage implementation.
866-661-7144; www.sansolutions.com
Booth: SU3725


EEG MPEG-2 Caption Legalizer

Designed specifically for batch-based compressed file workflow; ensures captioned video assets are in full compliance with CEA-708, ATSC and CableLabs standards; processes HD MPEG streams at rates of 15X real time, enabling quick standardization and full quality control for VOD libraries and other high-throughput post-production and distribution workflows.
516-293-7472; www.eegent.com
Booth: N4029


Softel ScheduleSmart

Workflow technology uses proprietary heuristics and algorithms to determine the optimum point in the workflow at which to bind captions, subtitles and ancillary data to content; automatically assesses whether there is time to ingest data to media servers or a digital asset management system; if the system determines early or late binding is not possible, live systems are automatically directed to perform the bind at time-of-air.
+44 118 984 2151; www.softelgroup.com
Booth: N5829


Digital Rapids StreamZ Live IP

Supports single- or multiprogram transport stream inputs with H.264 or MPEG-2 compressed video; features the same flexible output capabilities as StreamZHD Live ABR adaptive streaming encoder for reaching devices from mobile phones and tablets to PCs and connected TVs; can be combined with Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager software for enterprise-class management, automation, monitoring and failover.
905-946-9666; www.digital-rapids.com
Booth: SL6010


Sencore MRD 3187B

Adapts to almost any contribution, distribution or backhaul environment; new features include IP turn-around configurations, PID filtering and DVB-S2 / ISSY support; other important features include SCTE-35 to SCTE-104 DPI message conversion for commercial insertion applications, DVB-Common Interface for conditional access, multiservice descrambling, and advanced DVB-S2 capabilities such as 16ASPK and VCM support.
605-335-6379; www.sencore.com
Booth: SU7213


Sonnet Technologies Qio

Professional universal media reader/writer is designed to be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to standalone card readers; features dual P2, SxS and CompactFlash slots; can transfer data from two cards concurrently, enabling users to offload files more quickly and efficiently; an included adapter handles SDXC cards; moves files between any cards, attached drives or host computer with aggregate bandwidth up to 200MB/s.
949-587-3500; www.sonnettech.com
Booth: SL9605


Screen Service Broadcasting Technologies SDT Ark 6 Series

Can be used as a transmitter, a heterodyne transposer, a regenerative transmitter and single frequency echo canceller; implements DVB-T/T2, PAL, ATSC/MH, NTSC and ISDB-T modulations; allows selection of transmission modes in various ways: remotely, using a dry contact, via SNMP commands, via TCP/IP using the Web graphic interface, or even via a dedicated command inserted into the transport stream.
888-522-0012; www.screenservice.net
Booths: SU6321, OE1371



Designed to receive satellite and terrestrial RF signals and transform them into streams that are best-suited for customers; relies on an Intel six-core CPU; acts an as MPGE-2-to-H.264 or H.264-to-MPEG-2 transcoder or MPEG-2/4-to-MPEG-2/4 scaler; receives transport streams several ways, transcodes them and outputs them to an IP network; demultiplexes and streams channels using UDP, RTP or HTTP via IP networks and either IP mutilcast or unicast streams; transcodes streams into H.264 up to a maximum bit rate of 12Mb/s and MPEG-2 streams up to a maximum of 15Mb/s; provides PID filtering of all unwanted traffic.
858-613-1818; www.dveo.com
Booth: SU6911


TBC Consoles IntelliTrac

Front and rear device tracks allow unlimited lateral positioning of critical monitors; rack bay turrets may be easily upgraded or relocated, allowing quick, user-friendly modifications; full range of articulating arms for distance, height and tilt control may be used for mounting flat-panel monitors, speakers, phones and task lighting.
631-293-4068; www.tbcconsoles.com
Booth: C12419


VidOvation VidLink 1.5G

Transports SDI, HD-SDI and DVB ASI video formats; transport pure uncompressed HD video; supports two channels; 3-D HDTV with a left- and right-eye transport is available when combined with the NuMedia Technology Dirac-Pro Near Lossless Compression System; can be used for ad hoc or permanent installation; 1.485Gb/s uncompressed HD-SDI video; 820ft range; operates at 60GHz.
949-777-5435; www.vidovation.com
Booth: C7248


NVerzion Keep It Simple Scheduler

Features an intuitive and simple interface; operates with, or independent of, NVerzion Automation; includes a host of additional options, such as a QuickBooks interface; provides ownership and ongoing support for the software without recurring monthly and annual fees.
801-293-8420; www.nverzion.com
Booth: SL2505


Telecast Fiber Systems CopperHead 3000 series

Provide a single fiber-optic link between any professional camera or camcorder and the broadcaster's truck, control room or “video village” position; can handle all vital camera signals; includes the CopperHead 3050 for ENG and SNG, and the CopperHead 3200 as a multicamera solution for a range of HD broadcasting applications; the new CopperHead 3400 pulls double-duty as the new standard fiber link for 3D production, as well as for live high-speed HD sports coverage.
508-754-4858; www.telecast-fiber.com
Booth: C8925


Pilat Media IBMS Traffic Management Console

Offers a single point of control to drive business and traffic operations from schedule creation to reconciliation; introduces the concept of streams, a matrix of channels or networks across regions, to define the span of actions and visualize the status of processes; ties together workflow processes and business information to monitor and display the aggregate status of large numbers of business processes.
+972 3 5775080; www.pilatmedia.com
Booth: N4429


Ross Video NK series

Family of router and control products ranging from fixed sizes of 16 × 4 1RU routers to 320 × 320 19RU utility routers; are fully modular and redundant facility routers with a variety of levels and matrix types, including 3G, HD and SD-SDI, balanced and unbalanced AES/EBU digital audio, analog video, stereo analog audio, and RS-422 data/machine control; control of the router matrices are handled using a selection of flexible control panels — from simple button panels to panels with reconfigurable LCD buttons.
613-652-4886; www.rossvideo.com
Booth: N3807


Blue Lucy Media Miura Ingest

Offers file-based content acquisition for SD and HD sources; using the Blackmagic Design DeckLink capture card, accepts an HD/SD-SDI signal at any standard of frame rate and resolution and writes a full-resolution master file at a high bit rate with a lower-resolution, frame-locked, browse-quality proxy at the same time in real time; features intuitive software control client running directly on the host machine or any remote client PC on the network and a control panel that provides VTR deck emulation, allowing operators to preview material and build an ingest manifest or clip list.
+44 7802204373www.emotion-systems.com
Booth: N3719-D



Integrates each field of the broadcast work process and automatically verifies and integrates interfacing components of each field into the system; supports a series of processes, including production, scheduling, digital assets, copyright, commercials and traffic; copes with workflow changes on the basis of a module-by-module configuration and proactively responds to any changes in market environment or technology; features multichannel programming, integrated asset management, optimized interfacing among systems, and support for multichannel and other channel services.
+82 221 068 540; www.cistch.com
Booth: SL9109


FOR-A VFC-7000

Features 700fps full-frame (1280 × 720) recording, variable frame rate of 50fps to 700fps, high-sensitivity CMOS color sensor, F-mount (with PL-mount option) lens, electronic high-speed shutter, internal recording memory that can be expanded to four times, two channels of HD-SDI output, simultaneous output of live and recorded video, genlock capability, and a DC drive.
714-894-3311; www.for-a.com
Booth: C5219



Designed for environments such as central control booths, studio engineering panels and OB facilities; housed in a 19in 2U standard rack mount; can be configured with one or two modules; two 4.3in color TFT screens display the monitored signal at all times with separate measurement display for generation of patterns and analysis.
+44 163 5276302; www.phabrix.com
Booth: N325


Extron Electronics IPCP 505/305

Integrate Ehternet connectivity into AV systems, giving users the ability to remotely control, monitor and troubleshoot AV equipment, including display devices and switchers; feature high-performance embedded Web server, multiple bidirectional serial ports, relays and flex I/O ports, including Ethernet and an eBUS port; configurable with Global Configurator software; can interface with other network-enabled devices.
714-491-1500; www.extron.com
Booth: SL10920


TC Electronic LM2

Displays EBU R128- and ATSC A/85-compliant loudness numbers, as well as true-peak level; connect to Mac or PC to get full real-time radar picture; front panel displays the numbers that reveal whether a certain broadcast standard is being met; enables precision normalization and optimum use of dialnorm metadata in AC3 transmission in order to avoid level jumps between regular programming and promos or commercials.
+45 8742 7000; www.tcelectronic.com
Booth: SU10217


Studer Vista 5

32-fader unit consists of 20 channel strips and 12 additional versatile strips for operating output and input channels.; up to 240 channels can be accessed from the desk, and the total I/O capacity may exceed 1700 inputs and outputs, depending on the additional cards and configurations.
818-895-3496; usa.studer.ch
Booth: C2619


FX Group motion graphics

Motion graphics packages, 3-D animation, show graphics packages and branding; FX Group and Giant Octopus are now one company, creating a one-stop shop for motion graphics/branding packages, as well as set and lighting design; specializing in HD for news, sports and entertainment shows appearing on broadcast, cable, Web and mobile.
407-877-9600; www.fxgroup.tv
Booth: C7222


Dalet Digital Media Systems Dalet Sports Factory

Offers new, fast sports production tools fully integrated within an enterprise MAM platform; highlights and replay components cover logging, play-by-play highlights and playback, and instant replay with multiple camera angles and slow motion; logs media once and makes it immediately available for use in programs and packages; designed on the open Dalet MAM platform; integrates with industry-standard broadcast systems.
212-269-6700; www.dalet.com
Booth: SL6014


Snell Sirius 830

15RU router offers a more compact 288 × 288 frame size for mid- to large-scale studio or OB productions, with the ability to add an additional 140 independently controllable outputs for connection to any Snell or third-party multiviewer solution; features high-performance modules for flexible routing of SD, HD, ASI and 3Gb/s signals as standard; also includes a touch-screen interface and Snell's Catsii technology, which provides immediate indication of router input and output status.
212-481-2416; www.snellgroup.com
Booth: N1820


Tektronix PQASW

Addresses the need to scale picture quality measurements in terms of the speed and portability of the analysis platform, the picture quality scores and the analysis depth; for advanced analysis, the Advanced Option (Option ADV) offers designers a 10-bit measurement execution for evaluating emerging 10-bit encoding algorithm, and a color PSNR measurement with vector display; for evaluation and trials of transcoders with an IP interface, the PQASW includes an embedded reference decoder and IP interface (with option IP).
800-833-9200; www.tek.com
Booth: N1929


DSC Labs Dashwood 3D Chart

Automates the display of accurate 3-D rig calibration; when integrated with Dashwood Cinema Solutions' new calibration software or the new Stereo3D Toolbox v3, the chart's visual code trackers work alongside the applications to automatically track to 1/1000 of a pixel; offers live feedback to assist in automating camera alignment, sync testing and slating, and color and gamma calibration.
866-372-5227; www.dsclabs.com
Booth: C10215


TMD Mediaflex v4

Features new user-configurable screen layouts along with significant data model enhancements enabling users to design their own metadata schema; workflow developments include new integrations with broadcast technologies, including Amberfin iCR, Rhozet Carbon Coder and Harris NEXIO servers.
512-600-3133; www.tmd.tv
Booth: N3716


NVerzion NCompass

Helps stations manage the processing and playout of file-based content being received through Pitch Blue, Pathfire and other content delivery systems; allows stations to manage each platform with a single, common user interface that provides access to program metadata and helps them take the content directly from the provider to the on-air video server; automatic or manual mode enables the operator to choose specific media to move to the server or to create user-defined rules to simply move content from the delivery system to the proper destination; automatically updates metadata and, in most cases, automatically segments the program.
801-293-8420; www.nverzion.com
Booth: SL2505


Nevion AV-3G-XMUX

Offers simultaneous embedding and de-embedding of eight AES-3 stereo digital audio channels from digital 3G, HD- or SD-SDI; can be configured with optical transmitter and receiver for different optical schemes — short haul, CWDM or DWDM; can de-embed and embed all groups of audio from HD and SD video, or de-embed all eight groups and embed four groups of audio with 3G video, and copy or move audio groups without additional delay.
800-515-0811; www.nevion.com
Booth: SU7217


ESE HD-488

Reads and generates Linear Time Code (LTC) and RP-188; inserter mode provides the ability to superimpose time and/or user bits onto video with alphanumeric characters; video input and output are accessible via rear-mounted BNC connectors; time code input and output connectors on the rear panel are XLR.
310-322-2136; www.ese-web.com
Booth: C6437



Captures video and audio in real time to create a single, high-quality live video stream that requires less than 500Kb/s of outbound bandwidth; automatically directs the outbound stream to the PEG Stream live media delivery service; available as a low-cost, stand-alone live streaming solution or can be combined with PEG Central streaming VOD solution; designed for easy integration with NEXUS series digital video servers.
800-243-5589; www.leightronix.com
Booth: C9105

Note: Booth numbers are provided by NAB and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of these listings.

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