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Pentadyne offers clean energy storage system

November 3, 2006

Pentadyne Power uses composite flywheel technology in its second-generation VSS+DC clean energy storage systems. The new model delivers more than 50 percent greater power than the company's original model.

Pentadyne's flywheel power system improves UPS reliability by replacing or extending the life of lead-acid batteries commonly used in most UPS configurations. In comparison to batteries, the VSS+DC improves UPS reliability while eliminating ventilation and cooling requirements and reducing lifecycle cost and maintenance needs. With a much smaller footprint than an equivalently sized battery system, the VSS+DC saves valuable floor space in the data center, allowing higher computing density.

The higher output VSS+DC permits one-to-one integration with UPS systems rated at 225kVA or less. Multiple units are easily paralleled without any communications gear to work with higher-capacity UPS systems and still offer space and energy conservation savings.

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