Newport Media develops single-chip system for Japan’s mobile ISDB-T standard

August 7, 2007

Fabless semiconductor maker Newport Media is now shipping samples of a single-chip solution for the mobile version of Japan’s ISDB-T digital television standard.

The NMI320 Sundance J mobile digital TV receiver integrates an RF tuner, demodulator and all required memory in a single monolithic CMOS device. Supporting both one-segment (One-Seg) and three-segment (Three-Seg) operations, it features up to 120dB of variable gain, 50dB of image rejection and greater than 55dB of adjacent channel selectivity. It combines a low 3dB noise figure with a high +20dBm IP3, and consumes 70mW of power. In addition to the One- and Three-Seg demodulators, it includes a dual-band radio.

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