10.01.2005 12:00 PM
New Products


FOR-A digiStorm: An on-air graphics system; created with Brainstorm Multimedia's eStudio; Brainstorm tools allow for the creation of 3-D objects, text and animations, multi-pass textures and reflection; text quality is high with edge effects including emboss, shadow and glow; example applications include 3-D character generation, straps, rotating logos and sports scores.
+44 20 8391 7979; www.for-a.com


QuVIS Encore: Master and playback more than 50 video formats, including SD, HD and high-res graphics formats; features 12 independent channels of digital audio, a standard Gig-E network interface and native front-panel access to internal storage; remote editing and playback control is available via RS-422/RS-232 and TCP/IP interfaces.
+1-785-272-3656; www.quvis.com


360 Systems 2470 Broadcast Time Delay: Can be programmed to any time interval required, from 20 seconds to more than 24 hours; includes embedded audio, AES/EBU and analog audio, SDI and composite video, and all VBI data; maintains single-frame accuracy over an infinite time period; multi-drive RAID array guards against program loss; restarts itself in the event of power loss, without user intervention.
+1-818-991-0360; www.360systems.com


Frezzi FLB-100/130/300: Economically priced Li-Ion series of batteries; 14.8V; output ranging from100Wh to 200Wh; is an advanced power metering system; connects to all cameras using V-LOCK or other mounts; lightweight for easier camera balancing.
+1-973-427-1160; www.frezzi.com


Omneon Video ProBrowse: Creates and displays low-res (proxy) versions of full-resolution material contained within the server system; identification and viewing is simplified with automatic proxy generation, coupled with user-selectable thumbnail images and metadata searching; monitors content directories within several networked Omneon Spectrum servers; automatically generates 1Mb/s low-res versions of all material.
+44 1256 884 450; www.omneon.com


IDX Technology VL-4Si: Advanced battery charger system handles up to four Li-Ion, NiCd or NiMH batteries simultaneously; LCD display monitors battery condition; direct USB PC interface; charges NP-style batteries with A-E2NP adapter; quick charge at 3A for one to three channels or 2.3A for four channels.
+44 20 8813 1666; www.idx.tv


Terayon DM 6400 Network CherryPicker: Applications include grooming of custom channel line-ups, rate shaping and statistical multiplexing; designed to deliver superior picture quality for both SD and HD digital video services; now features support for the H.264/AVC advanced codec.
+32 16 38 47 01; www.terayon.com


Barco NG System: Includes a rack-mountable chassis; features redundant power supplies and integrated shelf-management module; is equipped with hot-swappable auto-sensing input boards supporting SD and HD video feeds; one rear-projection module is capable of simultaneously displaying multiple analog and digital video feeds together; two or more modules can be combined into a huge display wall to monitor hundreds of signals.
+44 118 966 4611; www.barco.com


PAG L95 Power Circle: Battery uses advanced Li-Ion cell technology; provides 95Wh capacity with weight of only 745g, meaning extra run-time for cameras; lights up to 35W; two L95s provide sufficient power for a day's shooting with most camera and lighting set-ups; easily stowed in camera bag; available in PAGlok, V-Mount and AB connectors.
+44 20 8540 4116; www.paguk.com


FOCUS Enhancements FireStore FS-2E: Records video to FireWire disk drives in edit-ready, native DV-NLE file formats; features several standard audio and video I/O options; interfaces with standard control protocols such as RS-422, RS-232C, AV/C and GPI; can connect to networks via FTP using an Ethernet interface to copy files and control the unit.
+49 43 07 83 580; www.focusinfo.com


Grass Valley Infinity: Uses IT-based disk drives and IT-based storage solutions; includes removable hard disk-based Iomega REV products as well as Pro-grade CompactFlash; features 14-bit digital imaging; choose between several video formats; SD formats are selectable in either 16:9, 4:3 or letterbox aspect ratios; features JPEG20000 codec, which delivers 10-bit 4:2:2 resolution images and is frame-accurate; Infinity includes the Infinity Digital Media Camcorder and Infinity Digital Media Recorder.
+33 1 34 20 70 00; www.grassvalley.com


Telestream Flip4Mac: Provides file compatibility and direct file transfer into Final Cut Pro systems from Grass Valley servers and Ikegami cameras; browse, import, edit and export content to and from devices not natively supported by Final Cut Pro; transfers can occur faster than real time; features the ability to view keyframes and metadata support.
+1-530-470-1300; www.telestream.net


Chyron Channel Box: Features 3-D motions and effects of live video, clips and graphics; has an intuitive Creation GUI; can customize Event Control GUI; all events in a scene are maintained within a timeline and controlled through the Event Control GUI; includes API and control interfaces; has an HD/SD switchable platform.
+33 1 45 18 4080; www.chyron.com


JVC DR-HD100: Attaches directly on the JVC GY-HD100E camcorder; uses a single FireWire cable to communicate audio, video, timecode and control information; is available in two versions; 40GB-capacity hard disk offers more than three hours of uninterrupted recording; 80GB version offers nearly seven hours of uninterrupted recording; both record and back up DV and HDV video.
+44 20 8896 6000; www.jvcproeurope.com


PESA Cheetah: 128NE offers a 128×128 routing matrix; requires one power supply of fewer than 600W to drive the compact 7RU system; with the 11RU Cheetah 128XE, users can select between a 128×128 configuration with output options, or output expansion up to 128×256 without option slots available; 128WE is housed in 11RU; supports a 128×128 configuration with all output options available and support for Matrix WatchDog.
+1-631-845-5020; www.pesa.com


Sachtler Director II: Has two versions: 575 W fresnel luminaire and a 575 W PAR luminaire; optional DMX module provides remote switching and dimming, compact design and reduced weight; fast setup; operates at any voltage from 90V to 260V; equipped with four-leaf barndoors and filters.
+49 89 32158200; www.sachtler.com


Blackmagic DeckLink Extreme PCIe: Features fully digital SMPTE-259M 10-bit SDI input and output; includes analog component YUV video with pro audio XLR balanced audio in and out; has uncompressed 10-bit and uncompressed 8-bit SDI capture and playback modes; SPDIF/unbalanced AES audio output for monitoring and mastering is included.
+31 75 6572450 www.blackmagic-design.com


Harmonic DviCom Electra 5000: Is 1RU; encode multiple channels in multiple formats using multiple video/audio compression standards; delivers broadcast video services to a variety of devices; basic configurations simultaneously encode two full-resolution SD channels using MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and/or VC-1; can encode a single channel in multiple formats, multiple channels in a single format or multiple channels in different formats.
+1-408-542-2500; www.harmonicinc.com


Quantel Pablo Suite: Combines image processing hardware color correction software; is built on the foundations of eQ and iQ; is a complete digital intermediate system; includies Integrated Concurrent Processing; suite includes three models; eQ Pablo Suite is for HD applications; iQ2 Pablo Suite handles 2K digital intermediates; iQ4 Pablo Suite is for everything up to and including 4K DI working.
+44 1635 48222; www.quantel.com


Exanet ExaStore: Allows data sharing of very high volumes while substantially simplifying systems integration and lowering overall costs; does not require any special hardware or software in the workstation or host computer; is based on off-the-shelf commodity hardware; provides seamless access to data regardless of load on the system, with no downtime; clustering provides total solution reliability.
+972 9 971 7777; www.exanet.com


Kramer Electronics 7408: Part of the Kramer DigiTOOLS line; the compact, multi-standard, adjustment-free, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter accepts an SDI (4:2:2 serial digital video) input; provides a reclocked and equalized looping SDI output; converts the original signal-to-analog outputs in three common signal formats: composite video, s-video (YC) and composite video (YUV); uses 4X digital oversampling to minimize digital artifacts.
+972 2 654 4000; www.kramerelectronics.com


Avid Technology SOFTIMAGE|XSI version 5.0: Includes non-destructive character tools and a comprehensive set of migration tools for Maya users; features the GATOR attribute transfer system for re-purposing properties and animation between models; has native 64-bit support for XSI and mental ray 3.4 software; has a gigapolygon core that leverages multi-processor and multi-core platforms.
+ 44 1753 655999; www.avid.com


PESA Cheetah 128NE, 128XE and 128WE: Designed to meet the specific requirements of broadcast, studio and mobile production applications; feature a small footprint and low power requirements; the 128NE offers a 128×128 routing matrix requiring one power supply that's less than 600W to drive the compact 7RU system; the 128NE also supports PESA's Matrix WatchDog redundant crosspoint matrix; the 11RU 128XE allows users to select between a 128×128 configuration with output options or output expansion up to 128×265 without option slots available; the 11RU 128WE supports a 128×128 configuration with all output options available and support for Matrix WatchDog.
+1-631-845-5020; www.pesa.com


Belden CDT Brilliance CatSnake: Tactical field-deployable Category 5e audio/video cables designed for use in patching Ethernet or other Cat 5e digital audio and video formats; are AES/EBU-compliant; designed for indoor broadcast applications in high-traffic areas and in OB applications; features Belden's Bonded-Pair unshielded twisted pairs with 24AWG stranded bare copper conductors and polyolefin insulation; also available in a heavy-jacket wall version and an up-jacketed version for harsh, heavy-duty applications.
+31 77 38 78 555 www.belden.com


Rohde & Schwarz R&S FSH3-TV: The handheld analyzer is designed for servicing new installations and maintaining or repairing TV cable network or transmitter components; combines the functions and characteristics of a full-featured spectrum analyzer and a TV test receiver; comes equipped with a TV board, preamplifier and tracking generator; supports all common analog TV standards, such as B, G/H, D/K, N, I, L, M/NTSC and M/PAL; can be upgraded at any time for DVB-C, J.83/B or ATSC/8VSB.
+49 89 4129 12931; www.rohde-schwarz.com


eCinema Systems DCM23: Uses custom TFT LCD technology with custom modified optics; weighs 9kg; can be used for color grading and for critical picture evaluation; able to communicate color from set to post; has less than 15ms response time; video displayed at frame rates for all standards.
+1-661-305-9320; www.ecinemasys.com


Digigram ES881, ES1241 and ES16161: The rack-mount AES/EBU to EtherSound interfaces are available in a variety of I/O configurations that connect any digital product to an EtherSound network; all devices offer sample rate converters on each input, as well as World Clock input and output; the ES881 offers four stereo AES/EBU inputs and outputs (eight EtherSound channels for each); the ES1241 offers two stereo AES/EBU inputs and six stereo AES/EBU outputs (four and 12 EtherSound channels, respectively); the ES16161 offers eight stereo AES/EBU inputs and outputs (16 EtherSound channels for each); the ES881 and ES1241 come with XLRs on the digital audio inputs and outputs; the ES16161 features Sub-D connectors.
+33 476 52 53 01; www.digigram.com


Swit S-8770 DV: Designed especially for HDV cameras; has Li-Ion technology; includes built-in multiple protective circuit design; has no memory effect; display accurately shows remaining power within minutes; weighs 10kg.
+86 25 85805295; www.swit-battery.com


Sony XDCAM HD: Combines 1080-line picture quality with the workflow benefits of nonlinear, file-based production; uses MPEG Long GOP encoding at selectable bit rates of 18Mb/s, 25Mb/s or 35Mb/s; offers backwards compatibility; will play back DVCAM material recorded with an XDCAM SD machine.
+44 1256 355011 www.sony.com/professional


Zandar FusionPro+: Features two form factors, a 1RU version providing eight scalable windows and a 3RU version for 26-channel operation; video input is modular and on easily accessible front-loading cards; user display configuration is now provided via the Z-Configurator Layout Configuration software; control remotely over RS-232, RS-422/485 or LAN; accepts all common video formats; supports resolutions up to W-UXGA and 1080p.
+353 1 293 8966; www.zandar.com


Crystal Vision ViViD HD: The HD video delay works with all common SDI and HD formats; provides more than a half-second delay in HD and three-second delay in SD with a minimum setting of a few microseconds and the delay adjustable in time steps; matches the delay of graphics generators for virtual studios; compensates for MPEG encoders and decoders to co-time transmissions; matches the video to audio delays caused by processing.
+44 1223 50655 www.crystalvision.tv


Studio Network Solutions globalSAN X-4: Includes 1.6TB of SATA storage in 1U; contains a single RAID controller and two client licenses of SAN software; can connect directly to the X-4 over Gigabit Ethernet and share RAID-protected storage; is based on the iSCSI protocol; offers more bandwidth and far greater distance capabilities than USB or FireWire.
+1-877-537-2094 www.studionetworksolutions.com


Miranda Oxtel Series Imagestore HDTV, Intuition HD and 300: Each of the three systems allows broadcasters to output HD and SD channel branding and promotional graphics with multichannel mixing; the Imagestore HDTV features a dual DVE and integral, four-group audio mixer; the Imagestore Intuition HD's coprocessor extends the graphics capabilities of the Imagestore HDTV to allow the playout of multilevel HD channel branding; the Imagestore 300 offers SDI channel branding and a master control switching processor that features dual 2-D and 3-D DVEs, video and 16-channel audio mixing, eight-channel audio playout, automated character generation, animation and still playout, and EAS support.
+44 1491 820 000; www.miranda.com


Gee Broadcast Geevs MR: Handles compressed or uncompressed HD or SD media; can work independently or as part of a mass-distribution or capture facility; storage options include support for SATA, SCSI or Fibre Channel storage; designed for integration with Ligtworks' Alacrity and Touch NLEs.
+44 1256 810123; www.geebroadcast.co.uk


Calrec System Plus: Technology upgrades of hardware and software are available to existing 100 Series consoles; basic platform includes fully redundant power supplies and 20-second boot time; every card is hot-swappable; consoles are compatible with Calrec Hydra audio network.
+44 422 842159; www.calrec.com


Autoscript Go-Prompt 12: The self-contained prompter is well-suited for on-location programming; can be set up swiftly with file import via a USB Flash Drive; operates without a laptop; incorporates a wireless control that allows a selection of the files to be prompted and controls the speed of the text; accepts Word, RTF and text-only files; presenter setting and font sizes are configurable through the on-screen menu; all languages are supported through Unicode; runs on 12v DC or 110-240 AC; has video output for a second prompter and the option of adding the Autoscript 3in preview screen for operation use.
+44 20 7538 1427; www.autoscript.tv


FOR-A VPS-700 GINA: Includes 2-D DVE for every input, up to 16 SD inputs and outputs, six keyers, six chroma keys and six channels of 2-D or 3-D DVE; offers optional 2-D DVE in every input; delivers up to 32 DVE channels; supports 525/60 and 625/50 SD formats; features eight standard inputs, each of which has a frame synchronizer and still store feature using the F/S freeze and eight standard outputs; outputs can be increased by increments of four up to 16 primary inputs, 16 outputs and six key layers (four keyers and two DSK).
+44 20 8391 7979; www.for-a.com


Leitch ICON: The ICON master control and branding family of SD and HD products includes the ICONMASTER, ICONSTATION and ICONLOGO; the ICONMASTER combines master control functions with multiplayer integrated branding; allows the fexibilty to choose the best configuration and options to create a complete, self-contained channel release system; the ICONSTATION (formerly the Inscriber IncaStation) combines logo insertion with multiple real-time data crawls and a squeezeback DVE; the ICONLOGO (formerly LogoMotion II) features support for crawls and EAS, as well as a new software GUI.
+44 1344 446 000 www.leitch.com


AJA Video KONA LH: The 10-bit uncompressed video capture card is available for OSX and Final Cut Studio; offers HD and SD analog and digital I/O; supports such codecs as DVCProHD, HDV playback and DV50 with hardware acceleration on-board for the playback of DVCProHD, HDV and Apple's Dynamic RT Extreme.
+1-530-274-2048; www.aja.com


Switchcraft StudioPro 6425: The 64-way patchbay of 4×6 jacks is fitted with TT EZ Norm audio jacks, which allow the normals to be set or changed from the front of the panel; internally wired using 110V cable; connections on the rear are 25-way D-Sub; the grounds are bussed to allow passing of phantom power.
+44 23 9266 1579; www.switchcraft.com


Rhozet Carbon: Designed for broadcast, mobile, IPTV and post production; support all popular media formats in HD and SD, such as WindowsMedia, 3GPP, MPEG, IMX, MXF and QuickTime; also interface to popular video servers.
+1-408-432-3333 www.rhozet.com


Belden CDT Brilliance DigiTruck 197DT: The lightweight RG-179 Type 75V coaxial cable weighs 60 percent less and requires 40 percent less space than standard Mini RG-59/U type cables; designed for use in broadcast production trucks for analog, SDI, HD video and AES/EBU digital audio transmissions; has an outer diameter of 2.54mm and weighs 11.8kg per 1000m; has a guaranteed return loss of 21dB and is sweep tested to 3GHz.
+31 77 38 78 555 www.belden.com


Harris H-Class: Provides broadcasters and content providers with the means to integrate disparate processes into a single, modular system; handles all content management and delivery enterprise-wide from creation to consumption; based on open standards.
+1-513-459-3400 www.broadcast.harris.com


JDSU Uniphase DTS-200 and DTS-330: The digital and IP video test and measurement analyzers can now analyze Sony's Passage technology; offer MPEG-2 analysis and stream code capability; perform capture, accurate playback, as well as table, PID and PCR timing measurements; the Passage technology allows equipment from different vendors to operate concurrently on existing digital CATV networks
+1-408-546-5000; www.jdsu.com


Eyeheight keyEyes: TComes with background, fill and key inputs; generates HD matte overlays; comes with fill and key inputs with adjustable timing; features include matte generators, wipe, independent main and preview keyers, and EDH reinsertion for the main output; has an integral GPI interface card, which provides key on and off as well as six user-definable control sequences.
+44 1923 256 000 www.eyeheight.com


Telairity Semiconductor AVClarity: Works with the Telairity-1 processor architecture to create next-generation H.264 HD broadcast video encoding systems that cuts bandwidth use in half compared with MPEG-2 encoders; supports AVC level 4.0 for broadcast encoding at HD resolutions of 720p60 and 1080i60.
408-764-0270; www.telairity.com


Scopus IVG-7100 Video Gateway: The scalable headend-in-a-box solution for advanced headend services allows operator to extend video, data and voice services; deploys broadcast services over emerging broadband networks; supports IP-over-GbE networks; uses dejittering mechanisms to overcome network connectivity discrepancies; supports the processing of such SD and HD services as grooming, remultiplexing, rate shaping, scrambling, digital program insertion and ad insertion.
+972 3 9007777/609-987-8090; www.scopus.net


Euphonix Max Air V1.4 and System 5-B V2.8.1: Software and hardware upgrades for the on-air digital audio mixing systems include live control surface module resynchronization, configurable aux sends, Image Video TSI-1000 integration, ergonomic improvements to the surface and faster embedded processors; individual control surface modules can be removed and reintroduced without the need to reboot and with no loss of audio; can be configures with 24 aux send busses or the original 16.
+1-650-855-0400; www.euphonix.com


SeaChange MediaClient 5000: Expanded architecture with HDTV capabilities; provides frame-accurate record and playback, multi-codec support and MXF compatibility; the MediaClient 5110 HD Single Encoder and 5102 HD Dual Decoder are 2RU with Gigabit IP connectivity to centralized storage.
978-897-0100; www.schange.com


Leitch Platinum: The line of multiformat routing switchers for large routing applications provide signal routing up to 256×256 in 15RU and 512×512 in 28RU; support a mix of most types of signal within the same frame, including HD; features redundant, load-sharing power supplies and fans that are individually replaceable without taking the system offline; scales in increments of eight inputs or outputs, limiting the number of signals affected by any one module; is a front-loading, hot-swappable module.
+44 1344 446 000/800-231-9673; www.leitch.com


Leitch Videotek PTM-305: The handheld test and measurement device offers multiformat functionality; is battery-powered and well-suited for monitoring field production camera setup and equipment installations; also helps troubleshoot signal path issues related to analog and SD digital formats; includes a video test signal generator, color monitor, waveform monitor and vectorscope, and an audio analyzer and monitor.
+44 1344 446 000/800-231-9673; www.leitch.com

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