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Linear Acoustic ships

April 6, 2009

Linear Acoustic has started shipping its DTV audio/loudness manager. The audio processor addresses loudness discrepancies between 5.1-channel network audio and local stereo programming and commercial insertions by reformatting local stereo insertions to match the network’s six-channel audio feed. It also applies loudness and metadata control in order to maintain a consistent, high-quality and seamless surround-sound experience for viewers.

Linear Acoustic’s UPMAX algorithm operates in tandem with its new AutoMAX-II auto-detection algorithm to generate downmix-compatible 5.1 surround audio where appropriate. AutoMAX-II implementation ensures that UPMAX processing is bypassed automatically and seamlessly when a 5.1 stream is detected, without switching artifacts or loss of dialogue. Switching may alternatively be controlled through GPI contact closures and the application of metadata.

To guard against loudness variations, the applies multiband, multistage processing to manage discrepancies between network and local programming and local commercial insertions. When an incoming 5.1 audio stream is automatically detected, loudness control processing is bypassed and only protection limiting is applied.

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