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IBC2011 Preview: Making the RIGHT connections

We're only weeks away from IBC2001. Check out some of the hottest products that will be on display at the show. August 15, 2011


Grass Valley MediaFUSE 2.0

Enables TV broadcasters and multiplatform content providers to automatically convert linear content and stream it live using Flash, HLS-5 (for HTML-5) and Windows Media formats; each format can feed multiple streams that can contain unique ads and content, replaced automatically, on the fly; devices such as the Apple iPad, iPhone and Google Android can all have their own customized stream.
Stand: 1.E02, 1.D11, OE301


Thomson Video Networks ViBE VS7000

Fully integrated IP video solution for convergent applications such as Web TV and over-the-top services delivery, traditional IPTV and IP/cable delivery; combines all the major audio/video codecs, the latest adaptive streaming formats, and a resilient IT platform for native redundancy and scalability.
Stand: 5.A17


Dalet Digital Media Systems Dalet Enterprise Edition

Offers end-to-end media management, a powerful workflow engine and multiple integration paths to unify disparate systems; with cost-effective Dalet Brio server technology, the system is designed to provide a substantial business advantage and operational flexibility for managing content across multiple production, distribution and business systems; open platform can be integrated with a wide range of nonlinear editors.
Stand: 8.B77


Avid Interplay 2.4

Increases WAN workflow speed and interoperability; boosts system efficiency with support for third-party media transcode and transport applications; enhancements include support for high-speed transfers; has a scheduled delete function; provides direct streaming speeds of proxy-based workflows by streaming native low-res H.264 files through the Interplay Access media tool.
Stand: 7.J20


DK-Technologies DK Meter

Two versions are available: the DK1, which is ideal for users working in stereo, and the DK2, which is aimed at the burgeoning 5.1 surround-sound market; comes with its own desk mount; features digital audio inputs; is supplied with ITU, EBU and ATSC loudness measurement recommendations, as well as the standard DK-Technologies meter scales.
Stand: 8.E60


Evertz J2K

Encoder and decoder cards offer JPEG2000 SD and HD compression; use variable JPEG2000 compression rate on ASI or IP; 7880DEC-J2K-IPASI decoder supports pass through of up to two AES groups (eight channels) of audio embedded; 7880ENC-J2K-IPASI supports pass through of up to four AES groups (16 channels) of embedded audio; these functions of the card are easily controlled through the Evertz VistaLINK interface.
Stand: 8.B40, 1.A33


BHV Broadcast Video Ghost

Provides a switchable 5V or 12VDC power source for camera accessories using existing video cables; 150m operating distance is achievable for SD and 75m for HD; the system can be used to power a composite-to-SDI converter at the camera, thus avoiding the significant signal degradation suffered by composite video over such distances.
Stand: 10.F35


Wohler MADI-8

In-rack MADI monitor offers simultaneous monitoring of up to eight channels at a time; features both coaxial and optical MADI inputs and reclocked outputs, with high-quality, built-in speakers and a 16-character by two-line display for easy setup and operation.
Stand: 8.D56


ikan iLED 312

Kit includes carrying case, three iLED 312 lights, three light stands, three light diffusers, three A/C power adapters, six Sony “L” series-style DV batteries, three dual battery chargers and three iLED 312 soft carrying cases; features a bright (6580 lux/50cm) wide-angle beam pattern, daylight to tungsten (3200K to 6500K), intensity dimmer, on-board battery life indicator and dual battery life capabilities.
Stand: 9.B47


Sencore TXS 3453

Delivers up to 16 channels of high-performance, reliable transcoding and transrating in a high-density 1RU chassis; performs MPEG-2 to H.264 and H.264 to MPEG-2 SD and HD transcoding and transrating of MPEG-2 or H.264 streams; includes ASI and MPEGoIP transport stream inputs and outputs.
Stand: 1.C36


Neutrik powerCON TRUE1

Designed for 16A, 250V; features IEC 60320 breaking supply, and inlet and outlet couplers for easy daisy-chaining of equipment; provides for high-density requirements with a duplex chassis connector; available for self-termination or as a ready-made cord set; the cord set, with over-molded cable connectors, offers protection class IP65 in the mated condition.
Stand: 8.C94


Front Porch Digital DIVAdirector V4.2

Enables operators, using their Web browsers, to search, locate and retrieve stored media assets directly from their desktops; new version adds a revamped and simplified browser interface, support for identification and retrieval of clips with noncontiguous timecode, partial-restore format auto-detection to further simplify user interactions with the complex format/wrapper challenges handled by DIVArchive, and management of remote proxies without the need for their replication specifically for DIVAdirector; offers enhanced integration with SAMMA Solo system.
Stand: 7.C16


Jampro JAT-U

Broadband batwing IV/V 470MHz to 860MHz antenna; radome-enclosed unit can be either top- or side-mounted on a tower; minimum windloading while providing broadband response makes it ideal for applications where either one channel is defined or multiple channels are combined.
Stand: 8.B96


Fischer Connectors UltiMate Original Series

Includes four mechanical codings and visual coding to prevent misconnection; push-pull connector is available in a wide range of body styles, sizes and configurations, including multipole contacts from two to 42 poles; IP68/69K sealed even unmated; tested according to IEC norm 60529; withstands temperature fluctuations from -55°C to 135°C.
Stand: 11.E21



Runs natively on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows; installation-free client and centralized updates; features seamless load-balancing and automatic fail-over; includes editorial tools such as spell check, word blacklist, rundown buddy, rundown stopwatch and rundown time markers; includes plug-in for Final Cut Pro integration.
Stand: 2.B19


Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup NEXUS

Functions as an audio network, a router and an I/O matrix; offers audio format conversion, A/D and D/A converter systems, audio processing, data forwarding, routing interfaces, multichannel metering, power amplifier control and intercom; optical interconnections carry all audio and control data in a digital format; graphical control software application allows any input to be routed to the desired outputs.
Stand: 8.C80


Telecast Fiber Systems TR6442i (CommLink)

Can carry two intercom channels over a single strand of fiber across distances of more than 40km; features auto-nulling hybrid technology, making it easy to interface with industry-standard party-line and matrix-style intercom systems; when in two-wire mode, CommLink will extend two channels of a Clear-Com party-line system or an RTS two-wire intercom system; when no intercom power supply is available, the transceiver will act as a power supply for up to five intercom belt packs.
Stand: 10.B39


Polecam Wide

Accommodates DSLR cameras or camcorders of up 200mm width, 280mm height and 3.6kg weight; fully compatible with Polecam rigs of up to 6m span; features a high-resolution pulse-width-modulated electronic drive, replacing the bipolar direct-current feed used on Polecam's previous joystick control system.
Stand: 10.C49


Doremi Technologies Dimension 3-D

Allows the conversion of any standard 3-D format to another, including changing of the frame rate; standard video formats are supported from high definition to 2K; accepts both dual- and single-stream, as well as HDMI inputs and outputs; enables double-stack 3-D projection; by encoding the left- and right-eye streams into a single HD-SDI stream and back again, the unit becomes ideal for recording 3-D content on standard HD tape and server technologies.
Stand: 10.B10


Lawo mc2 series

Features the addition of loudness monitoring for each channel following EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 specifications, and based on ITU1770; metering is shown in the channel display and the GUI main display; a permanent display of the integrated measurements is provided within the GUI.
Stand: 8.C71



New addition to the PAM product family combines the size and convenience of the original 1RU multichannel audio monitoring unit with a full 16-bargraph display; offers many of the same features as the PAM2-3G16, such as loudness measurement, preset standard switching and advanced monitoring mode selection.
Stand: 10.B41


Avitech International Sequoia 4H

Supports touchscreen functionality; controls up to four HDMI sources, both computer and video inputs, on a single display; Hook Software allows users to control connected computer inputs with a laptop via the Sequoia module; switch computers via hotkeys or via host cursor directly; compatible with USB- and PS/2-based computers; automatic output monitor resolution detection; HDCP-compliant.
Stand: 7.K30


Harmonic Omneon MediaGrid

New version of active storage system is the combination of the ContentServer 3000, new scale-out storage hardware, and a new version (v3.0) of the Omenon MediaGrid file system software that features integrated software RAID for efficient and smart data protection; ContentServer 3000 hardware comes in a3RU form factor, and houses 16 3.5in SATA2 hot-swappable hard disk drives and has dual active-active controllers for high availability; offers both RAID6 and RAID 4 options, enabling users to balance storage capacity with performance based on their workflow needs.
Stand: 1.B20


TeamCast RQX-1410

Independently measures and monitors DVB-T2 PLP figures such as modulation parameters, IQ constellation diagram and transmission errors; supports per-PLP IQ constellation displays, high level of MER measurement, and output MPEG-TS over IP streaming.
Stand: 2.B51


Guntermann & Drunck DVICenter

DVI matrix switch is designed to optimize studio workflow; offers a centralized configuration through a web interface or OSD; provides multiple users with access to a series of computers using different platforms simultaneously.
Stand: 4.B74


Shotoku TP200

Two-stage pneumatic pedestal has a maximum payload range of more than 80kg; supports a wide range of camera configurations; column and base are designed to offer maximum stability and operational flexibility; one-step foot brake and single-action cable guard enable precise movements and control at all times for fast and easy positioning.
Stand: 11.G30


Utah Scientific UTAH-400 series

Switchers have been enhanced with embedded audio signal processing, meaning they can deserialize and decode a signal into their component data streams without compromising overall operational reliability; audio channels are shuffled automatically without an outboard device or manual intervention; also new is a virtual control panel to provide an easy-to-read display of the video signals.
Stand: 2.B20


Canon FK14.5-60, FK30-300,

FK14.5-60 wide-angle cine zoom and FK30-300 telephoto cine zoom address the emerging 4K production standards; both lenses are more compact and lightweight than contemporary PL-mount lenses; feature a new Canon optical design that virtually eliminates focus breathing; engraved with large, highly visible focus scales for convenient film-style operation; have a common 136mm front diameter for use with industry-standard optical accessories.
Stand: 11.E50


Phabrix Rx series

Designed for environments such as central control booths, studio engineering panels and OB facilities; housed in a 19in 2U standard rack mount; can be configured with one or two modules; two 4.3in color TFT screens display the monitored signal at all times with separate measurement display for generation of patterns and analysis.
Stand: 8.E25


Solid State Logic C10 HD

Provides a self-contained console with no additional processing racks and passive cooling for smaller spaces; broadcast production automation option provides support for Ross and Sony production automation systems; a 5.1 upmix option generates multichannel surround output from stereo sources; dialog automix option ensures reliable multimic talk show audio level management.
Stand: 8.D83


Miranda Axino

Loudness monitoring and correction processor for high program count, IP transport streams; provides continuous monitoring and selective loudness correction across hundreds of programs carried within an MPEG IP transport stream; loudness monitoring and logging is performed using BT.1770 and EBU standards; loudness control can address excessive segment-to-segment and program-to-program loudness.
Stand: 8.D41


Linear Acoustic AERO.air

Updated design in a smaller and lighter 2RU chassis; accepts 5.1-channel and 2-channel audio via AES or HD/SD-SDI inputs, plus a dedicated EAS/aux input; audio is then processed by the multiband, multistage loudness core, resulting in correct audio with appropriate dynamics that is ITU- and EBU-compliant; if available, audio metadata can be used to control upmixing and improve loudness control while better preserving valid source audio.
Stand: 8.D29


Litepanels H2 Hi-Output

LED fixture is capable of throwing illumination over a 6.1m to 7.6m distance, providing HD-friendly light; is 5600°K color balanced, using an array of 72 1W daylight LEDs that are focused to a 10° angle; provides light equivalent to a 1000W legacy lighting fixture, using just 10 percent of the energy; generates no noticeable heat; provides dimming from 100 percent to zero with no noticeable color change.
Stand: 11.D61


Riedel Communications MediorNet

Fiber-based real-time signal transport system for uncompressed multichannel HD/SD video, audio, intercom and data; combines signal transport, routing, signal processing and conversion into one integrated real-time network; includes signal routing, allowing users to send any incoming signal to any output or even to multiple outputs by just a mouse click or by a router control system; each mainframe provides a router for 32 × 32 720p/1080i signals, 160 × 160 SD-SDI signals, 27,000 × 27,000 AES signals or any combination of these.
Stand: 10.A31


Teranex Systems VC1-3DTK

3-D software application runs on the company's dual-channel VC100s; can flip the right or left eye horizontally and vertically, adjust for Inter-Axial Distance with separate horizontal and vertical adjustments, change the axial and toe-in rotation angles, and zoom or crop and adjust all video parameters to accurately match right- and left-eye camera streams; includes all the features of the VC1-3D-SYNC with +/-1 frame synchronizing capability, frame rate conversion and the ability to reference R/L eye signals to an external source or to the left-eye signal.
Stand: 10.D21


Autoscript CuePlus

Tally accessory provides both a selectable color range and multiple color states; the ability to select from a range of colors addresses the needs of talent with color vision impairments, such as color blindness; can be mounted on and powered directly from Autoscript's LED line of prompters.
Stand: 11.D61a


EVS Sports360°

System features enhanced live production with high-end replays, on-the-fly editing, new ultra-motion control capabilities, overlay graphic analysis or 3-D replay and super-motion operations, sports highlights and immediate media access and exchange with post production, logging and statistics integration, and second screen applications; offers mobile, Web streaming and multichannel delivery.
Stand: 8.A96, 8.B90


Quantel Qtube

Links remote studios to headquarters to support frame-accurate editing over the Internet — all with low latency and full security; supports SD and HD; local and remote media can be mixed on the same timeline.
Stand: 7.A20


SGL FlashNet 6.4

Now supports LTO Program Linear Tape File System; specific to the LTO-5 tape format and all future LTO tape formats, LTFS enables interoperability between what were once disparate systems; as well as the broadcast sector, this approach has applications for post production and acquisition workflows, where content can be acquired to disk on location, dragged and dropped to data tape and then the tape transported back to a facility; adds support for Avid Interplay 2.3.
Stand: 7.J15a


Genelec 1238CF

Includes drivers, multiple power amplifiers and digital signal processing (DSP) circuitry; is compatible with proprietary Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) control software and can be combined with Genelec 8200/7200 series products in the same control network.
Stand: 8.D61


Tektronix WFM5200/WVR5200

WFM5200 waveform monitor and WVR5200 rasterizer can monitor up to four 3G-SDI signals simultaneously; color gamut monitoring features include Tektronix's Spearhead and Luma Qualified Vector displays for color correction and grading applications; feature closed captioning, subtitles, AFD decode/display and full ANC data support for quality-control applicationss.
Stand: 8.C75


Rohde & Schwarz R&S DVMS

Two new options allow network operators to monitor both the DVB-T2 transmitter and the signal feed via the T2 modulator interface (T2-MI) without additional equipment; supports monitoring of single-frequency networks (SFN) and of the RF spectrum (shoulder measurement).
Stand: 8.D35


Snell Morpheus ICE 2.2

Introduces additional branding tools for visually enhancing HD and/or SD channels; operators can generate vertical and horizontal crawls via automated URL or RSS feed, or from manually created source information, and multiple DVE per mixer effects allow them to squeeze different on-air content while inserting graphics and audio effects.
Stand: 8.B68


NewTek TriCaster 850 EXTREME

Includes NewTek IsoCorder multitrack recording technology, which provides the ability to record up to eight channels of video from either inputs or outputs; offers direct support for any Apple AirPlay-enabled app or device and EQ and compressor/limiter capabilities on every audio input and output.
Stand: 7.K11


Volicon Observer TS

System gives broadcasters, networks and cable operators the ability to handle MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 transport streams natively and efficiently over the WAN with a low-res proxy, retaining the content and associated metadata within the stream; simplifies signal flow; allows for great signal density and flexibility; enables full-quality content logging.
Stand: 7.J16


Matrox MXO2 2.2.3

Update enables support for Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium, capture support for Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder and presets for new H.264 encoding parameters in Adobe Media Encoder; other additions include full-resolution, full frame rate, multilayer, real-time video editing via Matrox RT technology and advanced real-time Matrox Flex CPU effects to all MXO2 devices.
Stand: 7.B29


Harman International/Studer Vista 5 M2

Now has an upgraded M2 version with the optional addition of a new, integrated TFT metering system introduced on the Vista 9 console; when the TFT meter bridge is fitted, the console's external GC screen becomes an integral part of the chassis; available in two frame sizes, 32 and 42 faders wide.
Stand: 8.D60


OASYS Player

Operates on a single standard IT server, fitted with video cards; software on each machine is configurable; two live feeds and AV file playout, copying from local or remote storage; holds all data on video, audio and graphics files, enabling fast search; frame-accurate SD or HD SDI program and preview playout feeds.
Stand: 8.B38d


MediaGeniX WHATS'On Generation 4

Fully integrates VOD in the companywide multimedia scheduling process; new transaction system, based on active change propagation, automatically updates user screens in real time; provides chat functionality, presence registry, collision detection and transaction merging.
Stand: 3.C59


Streambox Live Pro

Takes advantage of uncapped bandwidth to provide full D1 resolution and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC); with emerging 4G cellular networks, the encoder will use more available bandwidth on cellular networks to send professional quality video; this will enable broadcasters to enhance breaking news stories with ad hoc broadcasting content supplied by a variety of contributors.
Stand: 5.C45


Sony BVM-E250

Employs Sony's Super Top Emission OLED technology to deliver deep black with high dynamic range, quick response with virtually no motion blur, and a wide color gamut and accurate picture reproduction; 24.5in monitor offers full HD 1920 × 1080 resoluton, 100cd/m2 brightness and 89/89-degree viewing angle;.
Stand: 12.A10


AJA Video Ki Pro Mini

Supports all four types of Apple ProRes 422; simplifies the link between production and post by unobtrusively fitting in small spaces and acquiring on the best codec for use with Apple Final Cut Studio, from any SDI or HDMI camera, regardless of format; records edit-ready SD/HD files from any camera to Compact Flash cards.
Stand: 7.F11



Supports LTO-5; features 1.5TB of recording capacity and LTFS portable file system; can be used as material/program exchange media server; using high-quality AVC-Intra codec with HD-SDI input/output and MXF wrapper/un-wrapper, the MXF files on LTO-5 tape can be used easily by other NLE systems.
Stand: 11.A70b, 2.A51, 2.B59


Nevion VideoIPath

Designed to reduce user expertise requirements through an easy-to-use graphical interface and functions that simplify provisioning of video services; enhancements include an MVPN control infrastructure, a network topology modeling capability and an application for inventory management.
Stand: 8.B70


Clear-Com HME DX210

Wired intercom interface now compatible with Clear-Com's or RTS' 2-wire systems and provides two separate 2-wire and 4-wire interconnections; 1RU base station supports up to 16 full-duplex and 44 half-duplex beltpacks and/or wireless headsets by linking four base stations.
Stand: 10.D29a


Signiant Content Distribution Management 9.0

New version includes Media Gateway module, which streamlines the transfer and sharing of large files between individuals and organizations; Resource Management module adds new capabilities for queuing delivery of assets and managing network bandwidth; expands integration with directory systems using enterprise-level authentication servers.
Stand: 13.341


Fujinon WL-325A

Includes a transmitter and a receiver; available for all Fujinon Digi-Power 2-D and 3-D lenses; can operate a lens smoothly and quickly from up to 91m away; receiver automatically synchronizes to the transmitter after plug-in; the control operates the lens in the same way as if the operation were wired, with the same speed and smooth motion.
Stand: 11.C20


Sonnet Technologies Fusion F2-SSD

Two-SSD RAID storage system features two high-performance 2.5in, 256MB SSDs side-by-side in an aluminum enclosure about the size of two stacked CD cases; silent-running system is designed to offer editors uncompromising performance in the field and on location; with its two-port 6Gb/s eSATA controller card, the system delivers up to 385MB/s sustained read speeds and can be bus-powered via a FireWire power cable.
Stand: 7.G03


Thales Angenieux Optimo 45-120

PL mount 45-120mm T2.8 zoom lens has been designed for 35mm film cameras and new generations of digital cameras; available in meters or feet, its focus ring has a 320° focus rotation with over 50 precise focus witness marks and minimal breathing; small and light enough for handheld cameras, steadicam or crane, long enough for close-ups.
Stand: 11.F30


Optical Cable Secure LC

Fiber-optic connector provides an extra layer of security to network ports through a lock-and-key style solution; uses a special extraction tool to help prevent unauthorized release of the connector from the network panel; includes secure LC patch cables available in eight color options, extraction tools and port plugs; installs easily in any industry-standard LC fiber adapter.
Stand: 10.F29


PlayBox Technology TimeShiftBox HD

Provides accurate program time delays from one minute to a week or more and fulfills all program time delay requirements; includes logo insertion as standard; as an option, TitleBox can be added to offer full interactive CG, text and graphics keyed over the time-shifted video.
Stand: 8.C30


Isilon Systems S200

Accelerates business performance and time to market with ultra-fast primary storage for mission-critical, highly transactional and random access file-based applications; scales with the most demanding workflows and applications; uses enterprise SSDs to accelerate namespace-intensive metadata operations.
Stand: 7.H10


Harris HView IP

1RU multiviewer provides all the monitoring capabilities of a baseband multiviewer but functions in a networked environment where the feeds being monitored are primarily compressed video or audio; supports multiple compression formats and resolutions; supports virtual network connection (VNC) control, which allows the user to view and control PC-based devices.
Stand: 7.G20, 7.G23


Crystal Vision Safe Switch-L 3G

Provides clean 2 × 2 switching between two 3Gb/s, HD or SD sources; a full framestore synchronizer on each input allows it to correct for any timing difference between the two inputs; ideal for planned maintenance switches to manually reroute a good signal around broken equipment.
Stand: 2.B11


Cobalt Digital 9257

Card-based system, developed for openGear, transports audio between vehicles without the need for fiber and without degradation; allows multiple signal copies to be reclocked, preserving signal integrity and enabling a longer cable run.
Stand: 8.A94


Screen Service Broadcasting Technologies SDT ARK-6 Series

Can be used as a transmitter, a heterodyne transposer, a regenerative transmitter and single-frequency echo canceller; implements DVB-T/T2, PAL, ATSC/MH, NTSC and ISDB-T modulations; allows selection of transmission modes in various ways: remotely, using a dry contact, via SNMP commands, via TCP/IP using the Web graphic interface, or even via a dedicated command inserted into the transport stream.
Stand: 8.C41


Panasonic HDTV Producer

Includes two AG-HMC80 AVCCAM HD/SD professional camcorders for video capture, an AG-HMX100 HD/SD AV mixer with MultiViewer for video and audio mixing with digital effects, an AG-HMR10 compact AVCCAM recorder for recording of up to four hours of content, and a 42in TH-42LF20 LCD monitor with 1080p resolution; also features SDHC cards and all the audio/video accessories and cabling necessary to begin producing HD content immediately.
Stand: 9.C45, 9.D40


LYNX Technik CHD 1812

Features two electrical SDI outputs, and an optional fiber-optic output; incorporates an integrated frame symchronizer with full cross lock capability to any sync reference standard; ideal for ingesting HDMI signals into a broadcast facility from an external asynchronous HDMI source; audio in the HDMI signal is embedded into the SDI output, and the two external analog audio inputs can be embedded into any AES channel.
Stand: 8.E24


Ensemble Designs Avenue

Made of a highly flexible matrix that allows users to configure the number of inputs and outputs that are needed for the installation; the basic size is 8 × 2; user-configurable input or output ports can be added; any size from 8 × 2 up to 28 × 2 or 8 × 22, or any sizes in between, such as 10 × 5 or 15 × 15, can be configured; supports SD, HD and 3Gb/s SDI, DVB-ASI and 310M signals.
Stand: 8.B91


Ross Video Vision Series

Feature the addition of selectable user layouts for internal MultiViewers, which offer flexibility and cost savings while simplifying control room design, integration and cabling; switchers have been enhanced with the addition of the new eight-keyer MultiDSK module, doubling the layering power of program outputs; new module is backward-compatible with existing Vision switchers.
Stand: 9.C20


Hamlet DigiScope DS900

Allows users to monitor multiple simultaneous tests on up to four signals on the same display; includes an optional built-in test signal generator and space for up to four input modules, which can be of mixed formats: analog and digital, composite or component, SD, HD or 3G; embedded audio can be decoded from any input; an option is available for surround-sound monitoring.
Stand: 9.D10


Jünger Audio T*AP

A wideband 8-channel processor (8 × 1, 4 × 2, or 5.1+2) primarily designed for TV playout, studio and ingest facilities; provides Jünger Audio's LEVEL MAGIC algorithm (ITU-compliant), which is designed to adjust the level from any source at any time, with no pumping, breathing or distortion; Spectral Signature offers dynamic filters so that the sound can be “colored” much more easily than one can achieve with a traditional multiband sound processor.
Stand: 2.C49


Videssence ExceLED 225 - Nine Light

High-performance LED fixtures at low wattages; suitable for large production studios, theaters and other areas that require a long throw and high light levels; produces over 5200 lux at 9m; light has nine cubes with nine LED optical modules in each; the left and right row of cubes pivot outward to adjust or separate the beam spread; also offered in 25W, 50W and 100W versions.
Stand: 11.B10


Digital Rapids Transcode Manager 2.0

Features new dynamic workflow capabilities and extends scalability within facilities and beyond; provides efficient management, automation and performance for media transformation between acquisition, production, archive and distribution formats; supports multiscreen distribution opportunities with output format support for viewing platforms from mobile phones and tablets to game consoles and connected TVs.
Stand: 7.G41, 13.293


Axon Digital Design Cortex

Provides intuitive tools to configure, monitor and maintain the complete range of Synapse products as well as various other devices; enables multiple users to take control over numerous complex routines; has been enhanced with additional features, a hardware control panel (CCP1601) and client (redundant) server option.
Stand: 10.A21, 10.B21


Calrec Apollo

Dual fader audio console relies on Bluefin 2, which gives Apollo up to 1020 channel processing paths, 128 program busses, 96 IFB/track outputs and 48 auxiliaries; features a second dynamics section in each channel, more than 70 minutes of assignable delay and three independent APFL systems for multiple operator use.
Stand: 8.C58


Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 8

New features include multilayer timeline support with editing, as well as XML import and export with Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro; now includes OpenCL processing to allow use on Apple iMac and MacBook Pro computers; new advanced processing tools enable curve grading, advanced multipoint stabilization and automatic stereoscopic e-D image alignment.
Stand: 7.H20


Chyron AXIS World Graphics

Cloud-based system empowers broadcast production staff to access prebuilt templates that they can leverage for quick creation of graphics for multiple outlets, including websites, mobile devices and print publications; integrates with broadcasters' existing workflows or with Chyron's BlueNet workflow; new features include fully integrated electronic order management; now supports Chyron's Lyric PRO 8 software as a template creation tool.
Stand: 7.D11


Apantac TAHOMA-Multicaster

Functions as a multiviewer, router, up/down/crossconverter, audio router and audio embedder; available in 16 × 8 and 16 × 2 configurations; upgradable to 3G via software; output resolution up to 1920 × 1200 (including 1080p); built-in Cat-x extenders for each output; passive short distance receivers up to 9m; active long-distance receivers up to 35m; automatic input aspect ratio detection; 1RU with optional redundant power supply.
Stand: 7.K21


Sennheiser MKH 8060, 8070

Can be used as analog or digital microphones; compact MKH 8060 is a versatile short shotgun microphone, equally at home on or off camera; long MKH 8070 rifle microphone is a specialist for more distant sound sources and is better suited for sports reporting and nature recordings; both feature off-axis sound attenuation without coloration; RF condenser principle makes both microphones extremely weather-resistant.
Stand: 8.D50

Note: Stand numbers are provided by IBC and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of these listings.

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