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Crawford Media Services, Inc. - Creative Services

From concept, design & production to mass ingest, media management and distribution; the business of getting your content where it needs to be, is the business we’re in. Give the People what they want – your content everywhere:

  • Create for every screen with Crawford’s full array of Creative Services:
     o User Experience & Visual Design
     o Web & Mobile Development
     o 3D Stereoscopic Production Design & Workflows
     o 2D to 3D Conversion
     o HD Conversion & Encoding
     o Creative Editorial
     o Visual Effects & Animation
     o Sound Design & ADR
     o Color Correction
     o Blu-ray/DVD Authoring & Design

  • Manage from anywhere with Crawford’s Web-based Media Asset Management System
     o Mass Ingest for Digital Repurposing

  • Serve to the People
     o Distribution via Fiber from Crawford’s State of the Art Data Center

The Digital Spring has arrived! Come join the Demonstration and Occupy the Screens!


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