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Telestream Extends Episode’s Reach to PC

Telestream has announced the availability a Version 5.1 of their Episode media encoder product for PC users. Heretofore, Episode and Episode Pro use had been limited to those running Mac platforms.

"With the addition of Windows support and watch folders, Episode 5.1 is more accessible and useful than ever," said Nate Caplin, a digital video consultant. "Episode Pro's deep format support and comprehensive set of professional-grade filters make it an essential part of my video transcoding toolkit."

Episode can handle both SD and HD compression chores and allows compression parameters to be fine tuned to help users quickly create high quality output files. The availability of Episode 5.1 means that users no longer have to acquire multiple modeling tools to accommodate both computer platforms. The application simplifies content repurposing for such diverse media channels as Web TV, DVD production, IPTV and mobile viewing devices.

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