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HD DVD Content Soon Will Include 'Deep Throat'

We saved this item for last.

It’s no big secret that adult content often will drive new technology (i.e., VHS tape, DVD, VOD, PPV, broadband) and with the new HD DVD format barely out of the starting gate comes word that a company called model HDHE is quickly readying its initial HD DVD releases.

Early releases will include three formats on two discs. Disc One will include regular old NTSC playable on any standard DVD player, along with one HD version using Windows Media 9--playable on a powerful PC. Disc Two is the new HD DVD format. (No doubt Blu-ray will be out soon, as well. These guys don’t miss much.)

The infamous adult classic "Deep Throat" will be among four releases coming in the next few weeks, followed by monthly releases of additional adult-oriented HD DVD titles. And be warned: HDHE is also planning on-site marketing and a promotional tour to key stores around the U.S. to show off HD and help explain it to customers. (This could be, uh, interesting.)

According to published reports, although "Deep Throat" was shot on film (they don’t say if it was 16mm or 35mm), new HDHE titles were produced using "professional-grade HD cameras" (and not the compact HDV units). The company said it’s also teaming up with to soon offer HD movie downloads online.

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