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Sony Unveils Next-Gen Pro HDV Products, New High-End Cinematography Camera

Sony has announced the launch of its latest HDV products, which include two new camcorders that feature interchangeable lens systems, native progressive recording, increased sensitivity for low-light conditions, hybrid solid-state recording and other features designed for video production professionals and pro-sumers.

The new models are the HVR-Z7P/HVR-Z7N (handheld) and HVR-S270P/HVR-S270N (shoulder-mount) camcorders. Sony is also introducing the HVR-M35P/HVR-M35N playback and recording deck. These new products expand Sony's line-up of HD production technologies, which includes the recently introduced PMW-EX1 XDCAM EXTM solid-state memory camera and the soon-to-be-available HVR-HD1000P/HVR-HD1000N shoulder-mount HDV camcorder.

"These new tools enhance the versatility of our professional HDV line up, and open up a world of possibilities for HD digital video production", said Shunichi Fujioka, division manager of the Content Creation Products Marketing Division at Broadcast and Professional Pacific Asia Co., a division of Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd. "Sony's new HDV camcorders and decks are ideal for documentaries, electronic newsgathering, independent production, music videos, web streaming, and a wide range of industrial applications".

Sony also recently announced that it had reached an agreement with Omnibus Japan Inc. to supply Sony's high-end F23 line of CineAlta digital cinema cameras, as well as the F35, which was only recently launched in Japan. More on the F35 next month.   Print Page