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Washington Post Online Begins 'HD Podcasts'
4/11/2007, the Web site of one of the highest-profile newspapers in the U.S., has become among the first of the major news groups to offer HD video podcasts--in this case, content which is designed to work in tandem with the new Apple TV device that transfers content from a PC or Mac to a digital TV set.

The Post's podcast content currently consists of TV documentary videos created by the newspaper's multimedia team, which is a unit somewhat separate from the paper's main headquarters in downtown Washington.

Tom Kennedy, the Post's managing editor of multimedia, told the "demand for high-quality video via the Web is surpassing that of the supply. Consumers are eager to adopt HD content to move away from the drab experience of watching it within a small box on their computer screens."

Kennedy dubbed HD "the future of television." The Post's HD content is also currently available on iTunes. (At our deadline this week, HD Notebook was unable to stream or download any HD content from the Post Web site for evaluation.)   Print Page