Triveni Digital, Terayon deliver all-digital HD distribution system for broadcast networks, affiliates

May 17, 2004

Triveni Digital and Terayon Communication Systems jointly have developed a highly integrated, multi-functional, HDTV broadcast distribution system.

The Advanced Network Distribution Enhancement System, ANDES-HD, enables networks and affiliates to seamlessly switch between national and local digital feeds and to implement various business rules for branding programming with logos and program-guide data. The system has the flexibility to implement complex and dynamic targeting of regional programming content, and provides highly accurate and automated switching between a large number of national and local HDTV streams. FOX Broadcasting Company will use this system to power its HD broadcast delivery system.

ANDES-HD combines SkyScraper data distribution and GuideBuilder products from Triveni Digital and the BP 5100-HD Broadcast Platform from Terayon. This combination is designed to provide a cost-effective solution for the delivery, splicing, branding, monitoring and management of the different components of HD broadcast content, including high-quality video, audio, logo and program-guide content.

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