Orad to supply RTS Serbia with 3-D graphics equipment

November 8, 2004

RTS successfully used Orad’s systems during the June 2004 Serbian Presidential and local elections.
Orad Hi-Tec Systems has a contract to supply RTS Serbia, Serbia’s public channel, with its virtual set and 3-D graphics equipment. The gear will be used to broadcast sports, elections and other programming requiring sophisticated digital effects.

Orad will provide the channel with its virtual set system, CyberSet NT, its CyberGraphics Reality system and its sports suite, including CyberSport for the introduction of 3-D tied to the field sport enhancements graphics and the Forum video server.

The decision was made after RTS used Orad’s systems during the June 2004 Serbian Presidential Elections and the Serbian local elections. The station also used the CyberSport system during the Serbian Football League coverage.

RTS hosts three terrestrial channels and one digital satellite channel. RTS broadcasts 108 hours of programming each day with a terrestrial network covering nearly 10 million viewers.

For more information, visit www.orad.tv.

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