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52nd Annual Grammy Awards coverage has viewers’ heads spinning

February 5, 2010

After watching the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on Jan. 31, viewers of the preshow television and online coverage could be forgiven if they felt that their head was spinning.

Calgary-Canada-based Immersive Media provided its interactive 360-degree video camera and imLIVE streaming video technology for live coverage on of the red-carpet entrance at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards show on Jan. 31.

The unique coverage allowed online viewers to be their own director, independently controlling the point of view with a click of the mouse. Viewers could look left or right, up or down, or sideways at any time, independent of other viewers.

Highlights of this exclusive video coverage are now available online, where visitors have the opportunity to explore the event at leisure, pausing and stopping the video at any time to linger on each frame, all the while controlling their viewpoint throughout the video.

Immersive Media’s geodesic camera features 11 lenses configured in a ball housing that can be rotated and controlled remotely. The camera has been used for mapping and exploration, monitoring and surveillance, and branding and entertainment applications. (There’s now a unique panoramic view of the devastated streets of Haiti online that allows you to turn the camera view around in a full circle as a car moves down the streets.)

The E! Entertainment Channel used an equally head-spinning technology of its own for its Grammy coverage. The network called it “360 Glam Cam.” Stars on the red carpet were escorted into the middle of a special circular stage that was surrounded with 48 still cameras. The cameras all captured pictures of the star’s outfits; the special software stitched the still images together to create a rotating 360-degree view.

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