Microwave Radio Communications introduces a portable transmitter

January 31, 2003

The TXU operates as a stand-alone unit or as part of a solution.

Microwave Radio Communications has introduced the STRATA Transmitter Unit. The portable transmitter takes direct input from the camera or from an external data source.

The TXU operates as a stand-alone unit or as part of a solution. It offers several solutions for local and remote operations. The Front Panel LCD and a single combination Push Button/Rotary Switch is used for local control. To control one or more units from remote control, plug into the RS-232 port from a laptop or PC using the Device Management software.

Other features include:

  • Tripod or rack mountable (1 RU half width)

  • Integrates with STRATA Transmitter Control Unit (TCU), and High Power Unit (HPU)

  • Bands from 2 to 15 GHz

  • Stand-alone or Pre-Configured Models: TXU - Basic RF Unit with 70MHz Input TXU-F - Basic RF Unit with FMT Modulator

  • Auto Sensing Input for RF, 70 MHz IF Input

  • Local Control from Front Panel LCD using Single Rotary/Push Button Switch

  • RS-232 Remote Control from Laptop or PC with Device Manager Software (DMS)

  • Multiple Programmable Presets

For more information visit www.mrcbroadcast.com.

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