IDX to debut LED-based on-board camera light

February 13, 2005

The new IDX X-3 uses LEDs to provide high-intensity, low-power light for ENG/EFP video production situations.

IDX System Technology, a manufacturer of batteries, chargers, and power supplies, will introduce at NAB2005 the LED-based X-3 professional on-board camera light.

The new cool-burning light uses LEDs to provide high-intensity, low-power illumination for ENG/EFP video production situations. The LEDs offer about 10,000 hours use before replacement. The lamp produces 35W output of daylight color temperature lighting while requiring only 11W of power.

The new LED lighting unit, which weighs less than 1lb was developed by the same IDX engineers who created the Endura Lithium Ion battery system.

Because the X3 light is solid-state, the LEDs eliminate the need for extra safety glass, a diachronic filter, and spare filament bulbs. With its heatless LEDs, the X3 ensures that camera operators, subjects, filters and gels remain free from the effects of the heat from a hot burning light source.

The new lighting system will be shown in the IDX booth in the Central Hall, Booth C-3036.

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