Gepco debuts hybrid fiber-optic cable for HD production

November 15, 2004

Gepco’s new SMPTE 311M-compliant HDC120P production cable features a 12mm polyurethane jacket while each fiber includes a Kevlar wrap and PVC covering for added protection.

Gepco's HDC120P heavy-duty hybrid fiber-optic cable for high-definition camera-to-CCU connections is now available.

Fully SMPTE 311M compliant, the HDC120P features a 12mm polyurethane jacket that is puncture-resistant and significantly aids in the reduction of cable kinking. The cable has a special nylon-based polymer with three times the tensile strength for the fiber coatings and a 16-gage steel strength member cabled at the cable core. In addition, each fiber includes a Kevlar wrap and PVC jacket for added protection.

The HDC120P features heat-resistant insulation for operation in high-temperature environments.

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