EVS and DNF controls provide instant clip playout for game show production

October 18, 2004

Two of DNF’s ST450 Shotboxes control the EVS AirBox XT server.
DNF Controls has integrated its stand-alone ST450 Shotbox with the EVS AirBox XT production server to enable rapid clip recall in fast-paced live broadcasts.

The playout technology is being used by La Française D’Images for television game shows such as the French National Lottery and the new European lottery, Euro Millions.

The combination of DNF’s control system with EVS’ server technology allows users to play out prerecorded clips quickly and accurately, even in unpredictable circumstances.

Two of DNF’s ST450 Shotboxes control the EVS AirBox XT server, which, for game show productions, stores a database of all the graphics and animations necessary to display the amount of money that could be won by a contestant. The difficulty is that the operator doesn’t know in advance how much money will be won, and typically there are only two or three seconds in which to play out the clip containing a video animation with the appropriate amount. To meet this challenge, all of the clips are created in advance with the AirBox XT interface, and before the show the operator assigns clips with different monetary values to specific keys on the ST450.

The self-contained Shotbox system gives users instant access to clips, clip combinations, and sequences of clips on the AirBox XT’s six video channels. The controller features 10 banks of 30 buttons to provide instant access to 300 clips or clip combinations. Assignable keys allow clip names to be organized on separate banks, on specific rows, and within rows on the Shotbox for fast and easy recall. Fill clip and key clip combinations may be assigned onto one Shotkey, and played out simultaneously at the touch of a button.

For more information, visit www.dnfcontrols.com and www.evs.tv.

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