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Dalsa Digital Cinema

April 15, 2003

Dalsa Digital Cinema demonstrated a single chip 4:4:4 RGB uncompressed data camera that captures images at 4,046x2,048 resolution, designed for high-quality imaging and digital cinema applications.

Their “Palomar” motion picture camera uses pixels arranged in a mosaic pattern. The one-CCD architecture has several advantages over 2- and 3-CCD cameras, such as compatibility with existing 35mm cinematography lenses, elimination of optical aberrations resulting from optical alignment and thermal stability.

The one-CCD Palomar camera employs a sensor with a 1.5-inch image diagonal in a 2:1 aspect ratio. The camera resolution is 1,600 L/PH (lines per picture height), which is approximately 60 percent greater than a high-end 3-CCD digital HD camera using 2M photosite count 2/3-inch CCDs. Digital processing inside the camera corrects CCD anomalies with photosite gain/offset, crosstalk, amplifier non-linear gain and charge transfer correction. Proprietary digital processing circuitry can be used to add a film-like quality to the resulting image.

The camera was shown with a Zeiss Ultra prime lens (with focal lengths of 35mm, 25mm and 18mm) and its rotating shutter angle is said to be 180 degrees.

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