Commission revises latest proposed DTV table

January 18, 2007

The FCC's Media Bureau announced tentative channel designations (TCDs) Jan. 8 for six broadcasters that achieved DTV permittee status after the release of the new proposed DTV Table of Allotments last October.

The permittees include:

  • A new channel (no call letters available) in Derby, KS, with a TCD at 46;
  • A new channel (no call letters available) in Topeka, KS, with a TCD at 12;
  • A new channel (no call letters available) in Duluth, MN, with a TCD at 27;
  • KRBK in Osage Beach, MO, with a TCD at 49;
  • WWJX in Jackson, MS, with a TCD at 51;
  • KOHD in Bend, OR, with a TCD at 51.

The Media Bureau also released specific proposed technical information about the group's post transition operations, including effective radiated power (ERP), antenna height above average terrain (HAAT), antenna radiation pattern and geographic coordinates.

Those wishing to file comments on the matter must do so by Feb. 8. Reply comments are due Feb. 26.

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