Central Florida church network uses digital signage for interaction between five sites

April 12, 2007

Northland, A Church Distributed, is a network of five churches based in the central Florida. The group now uses a new video transport system to enhance its worship services and encourage interaction between its 7000 members.

Supplied by Media Visions, Streambox’s SBT3-7400 and SBT3-7100 systems enable Northland to stream up to six channels of audio and one channel of video from its production facility to and from smaller flight packs at its other campuses. The full duplex SBT3-7400 video transport system is installed at Northland's main campus in Longwood, while the SBT3-7100 system is moved from church to church, as required by the schedule of services.

Northland provides real-time bidirectional streaming of sermons and songs by distributing different parts of each service throughout its sites.

For more information, contact www.streambox.com/products/products.html.

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