World Radiocommunications Conference 2007 Underway in Geneva

October 26, 2007
The World Radiocommunications Conference 2007 (WRC-07) opened in Geneva on Monday. More than 1,500 delegates were present on opening day and a total of 3,000 are expected to participate before the conference ends Nov. 16. WRC-07 is important to all users of RF spectrum as it will coordinate worldwide spectrum allocations.

“This conference will influence the future of international wireless communications.” said Francois Rancy, chairman of WRC-07, at the opening session. “The objective of WRC-07 is to allow each country to use the spectrum for its own needs, as long as it does not affect the capacity of other countries to share the resource.”

Some of the topics to be discussed at WRC-07 include the introduction of HDTV services, an urgent requirement for worldwide harmonization of user requirements and spectrum usage of electronic news gathering equipment, and third generation and broadband wireless systems.

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