Ultra-Wideband Companies File for Part 15 Waivers

September 28, 2004
Two companies have filed requests for waivers of Part 15 rules to permit use of their Ultra-wideband (UWB) equipment. Wavebounce asked the FCC to permit higher power operation of UWB non-contact horn antenna ground penetrating radars (GPRs). These radars are often used to check for flaws in highways, railroad beds and runways. SafeView, Inc. requested a waiver of Section 15.31(c), which requires swept frequency measurement systems to be measured for compliance with the emission sweep stopped. The SafeView radar is a swept frequency radar that could be used at secured locations such as airports to identify weapons or contraband on a person.

According to the FCC Public Notice DA-04-3039, "Wavebounce states that a waiver of the regulations is necessary to permit its GPRs, which are situated at least 12 inches above the test surface, to be pulled at highway speeds. Wavebounce believes that these GPRs must operate above 960 MHz at the levels specified in Section 15.209 of the Commission's rules to be viable. Wavebounce agrees to limit production and sale within the U.S. of such GPRs to no greater than 25 units per year. It also agrees that the GPRs should be registered with the Commission, pursuant to Section 15.525, and that the GPRs should not be operated within 500 meters of a major airport without advance coordination."

FCC Public Notice DA-04-3038 states, "The SafeView radar consists of two vertical masts containing 192 transmit antennas. Each antenna element in turn sweeps from 24.25 GHz through 30 GHz, taking 6 microseconds per sweep. The masts rotate around a subject over a 2 second interval. SafeView requests a waiver of Section 15.31(c), which requires swept frequency systems to be measured with the emission sweep stopped. When measured in this fashion, SafeView indicates that the equipment will comply with the average emission limits in Section 15.209. Safeview also requests a waiver of the peak emission limit in Section 15.35(b)."

Refer to the Public Notices for information on how to file comments and the deadlines for filing.

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