Toshiba, SGI Japan Develop HD File-Based Broadcast System

December 31, 2008
Toshiba and SGI Japan have teamed up to develop a full HD file-based TV program broadcasting system (and core broadcasting system), including master control equipment. The firms said in late December that a terrestrial broadcasting system has already been delivered to Japan's Fuji Television Network—with systems for BS- and CS-satellite broadcasting scheduled for release in early 2009.

The "broadcast station" includes the master control, distribution center, studio (program recording) and editing functions. Also, Toshiba's new "core broadcasting systems" support the final transmission of recorded programs geared to high-speed processing.

Unlike using HD or SD video tape, Toshiba's new equipment incorporates a file-base program broadcast system which supports faster transfers to the play-out server, and greatly improves workflow and efficiency, the company said.

The content server, which typically stores vast volumes of program data for transmissions, was developed by SGI Japan.

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